My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 821

Vol 5 Chapter 821: 1. Make A Cup Of Tea In Your Backhand

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Chapter 821

"I am Buddha!"

"I also served!"

All the denominations were so proud that they shook their heads and marveled, dispelling the last thought in their hearts. There was no other non-divided thought!

A snap of fingers; reversing all situations can transform a genius's strength subversively! Unseen, unheard!

"No wonder he can recruit so many talents in the genius list. The name of the deputy director really turned against the sky!"

"He is so young that he can become the second in command of the whole force. I now suspect that this is a genius force similar to the Peerless Pavilion!"

"Yes, I also doubt that the whole force can give birth to so many young geniuses, and the second-in-command of the force is so young, maybe this is another great pavilion!"

Juetian Pavilion is the sect belonging to Xuanyu, which is the closest to Qiyu. This sect ranks as second grade, but no third grade sect dares to underestimate it, because his founder is a group of third grade sects, and even individual fourth grade sects. Decided to be created by genius!

This sect, except for a representative of a saint, has almost no named or peripheral disciples. Only the core characters, who can join the Jue Tian Pavilion, are all genius characters on the nominated genius list!

This is a force composed entirely of the best genius!

Today's World War I, the dark horse club will be famous!

Xuanyu has a Peerless Pavilion, and Qiyu has a dark horse club!

Under the eyes of all eyes, Lin Chen walked to the very center of the ancient blood-red altar. Two gorgeous and splendid fragments of crystal shimmered in front of him, and Lin Chen stretched out his hand to take it away.

Boom~! A remnant of the murderous sky swept away, Yan Jinghong!

He used all his cards to get rid of the "Dragon Emperor" interception and rushed to the ancient altar.

Lin Chen's face did not change color, and Yun Danfeng took away two pieces of abnormal crystal lightly.

"Dare not defend, find death!"

Yan Jinghong was mad if he was crazy, wielding a knife and slashing behind Lin Chen!


The ice is raging, the cold is coming, and an ice shield is crossing the Yan Jinghong, it is Lan Ruoxue!

On the premise that the denominations of Tianjiao dared not take action, Lan Ruoxue shot out in minutes; Yan Jinghongs hidden technique and body technique may be very clever, but he could not avoid Lan Ruoxues'intuition ice pupil'!

"Lan Ruoxue, you stinky ladies also want to blend in. I advise you not to look for trouble!?"

Yan Jinghong spurred Jin Feng's short knife to stab chaos, and Binglan's vertical eyes at Lan Ruoxue's eyebrows made his movements clear.

Lan Ruoxuelian stepped lightly, Qianying shimmering ice flowers drifted away, easily avoiding his attack, on the other hand he lingered the ice, drove him back to thousands of kilometers, shocked the ancient altar!

"You should know that threats are useless to our level."

Lan Ruoxue sneered arrogantly, the femininity was cold and glamorous, and even the sneer had a certain charm.

"Damn, I must kill you!"

Yan Jinghong gritted his teeth and ate his teeth again and again in Lin Chen's hands, and he ran away with anger and lost his mind!

"Oops, this guy has taken away the crystal fragments!"

"What should I do if I can't fight?"

"Looking at Mo Qing's situation, we still have a chance to go up and stir up the situation. If he doesn't, no one of us can stop him!"

"Give me another quarter of an hour, and I cant stop my opponents weapon!"

Many geniuses communicated secretly, and when most people's eyes were cast on Mo Qing, he was still unmoved!

But this time, what was more shocking was Lin Chen above the ancient altar!

He transferred the blue wooden round table and rosewood soft stool from Najie, and sat down easily from the blood red ancient altar?

Then he took out a tea table, a cup of spirit water and a spoonful of tea.

Boiling the spirit water and pouring it into the coffee table, the fragrance of the tea was filled, and several geniuses suddenly blushed with anger!

Tianjiao of various denominations opened their mouths even more, and they were about to lay an egg!

He is making tea?

After he got the fragment of the crystal, he didn't run away, and came back to the ancient altar to make tea with his hand? !

How arrogant this is! It's so crazy, it's so arrogant!

Everyone here has never seen such madness!

Here is a back tea tasting, what is this concept? This is to despise all the geniuses present!

This move is totally provoking the geniuses in the list of geniuses present!

This is obviously: Lord is not in a hurry now, I just have absolute strength to suppress all of you!

All the geniuses on the list, except Lan Ruoxue, deeply felt a sense of shame that was absolutely despised. They were blushing with thick necks, gritted their teeth and burned with anger!

From the day they appeared on the list of geniuses, it represented that they were above the hundreds of millions of geniuses in the Holy Realm.

"Damn, today I said I would beat him up!"

"Still put it on, I was playing your dark horse club today, grass!"

"Don't cut this person, I swear not to be a man!"

Several geniuses roared, and the offensive rose again. Some of them finally began to take out the real hole cards; the heroes who began to counterattack the Black Horse Club, all used a rare and rare secret method, treasures, crystal fragments, special physiques, saints The blood and all kinds of supernatural powers are dazzling!

Someone Lin himself took a small drink of tea and sipped hot tea, and could not help sighing, "Life is really good."

Many of Tianjiao's eyelids twitched and twitched at the corners of your mouth. You raised your hand and took away two pieces of alien crystals. The top-level treasures valued in gold holy yuan coins are of course a wonderful life!

[The host gains 36.6 million points of qi and blood energy, 20,000 ignition energy, 98 million points of qi and blood energy, 100,000 talent points, 45 strengthening points, 78.5 million points of qi and blood energy,]

Lin Chen seems to be tasting tea, but actually absorbs all the attribute light **** scattered in the ground of the ancient altar!

And almost no one found that the ancient altar at this time, after Lin Chen took away the attribute light ball, the energy began to gradually decline.

It's just that the crystal fragments have been taken away by Lin Chen, and the act of'tea tasting' itself is too inductive and provocative, and almost no one has paid attention to the energy dissipation in the ancient altar.

Even if it is found, it is only taken for granted, because the crystal fragments have been taken away, the energy cover of the ancient altar is also lifted, and its energy dissipation is also taken for granted!

And Lin Chen, while sitting on the top tasting tea, began to make a fortune!

His pure power continued to rise, his blood became stronger, and he began to soar in 100 million units. The pure power continued to rise from 9 million to 9.3 million. After the blessing of the "divine power" talent, the actual power was even higher!

"Well, the energy of the intermediate fire system is also growing very fast. It seems that I have time to find a volume of fire combat skills to match my high amount of fire energy."

Lin Chen was secretly happy and cast a satisfied eye on the five avatars, then clicked on [Enhance Function]!

That's right, it's five avatars!

Everyone in the Dark Horse Club is someone's phantom avatar!

Before Lin Chen entered the underground world, he had just enough 60 Rune Evolution Stones to upgrade the second level 6 rune, and specially chose to upgrade the Phantom Rune!

"My avatar is still a line away from the real genius list genius, but this interval will disappear after a while."

Lin Chen smiled and opened the [Enhancement Function], and chose the Strengthening Series!