My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 822

Vol 5 Chapter 822: Comprehensive Strengthening Anti Suppression

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Chapter 822

Level 6 Phantom Rune consumes lower rune energy and can create five Phantom avatars with strength equal to the body, and the avatar has a certain self-healing ability to withstand more damage!

And the reason why Lin Chens five avatars are different in appearance is because of the Thousand Illusion Mans Skin Mask in the orange crystal treasure chest obtained by Lin Chens chance coincidence.

The reason why the Phantom Doppelganger can support for so long, or even stop them all, is largely because the +13 "Infinite Dark Step" body is extremely fast, plus the use of rechargeable runes and heart +12 reconfiguration from time to time. Only on the'Ultimate Moment' and'Strike' talents can this result be achieved.

If the genius of the genius list is desperate, the avatars will still have a high probability of losing. With the current avatars, there is still a line of difference with them.

However, this first-line difference will begin to disappear at this moment!

Lin Chen's series of points open [enhancement function], which converts 230,000 blank attributes into enhanced points, and there are 250,000 enhanced points at hand!

[Consumed 130 strengthening points, failed to strengthen the Wulong Dynasty Imperial Gun...]

After another round of failure.

[Consumed 180 strengthening points, strengthening the five dragons dynasty gun +13 success, power increase: 70%.

[Consuming 320 strengthening points, strengthening the Hundred Spear Fighting Technique +13 success, power increase: 70%.


Ji Qingming's pupils were trembling, and he tried his best to almost suppress the black robe boy in front of him. His shooting skills continued to grow stronger, and his gunpoints were a blue light!

"His gun power has increased! And even the marksmanship is becoming stronger. How is this possible?"

Ji Qingming was stunned. The fiercely-stricken five-color dragon gun came again and strangled again. The speed was very fast. The light of the gun was all the key to stab him. He did not give Ji Qingming too much time to think!

Next, Lin Chen almost released his hand to strengthen, hundreds of thousands of strengthening points in hand, he already has enough capital to comprehensively enhance a wave of strength!

[Consuming 185 strengthening points, strengthening the three-inch robbery method +13 success, power increase: 70%.

[Consuming 590 strengthening points, strengthening Longyao War Blade +13 success, power increase: 70%.

[Consumed 890 enhancement points, enhanced the Golden Prison Dragon Armor +13 success, power increase: 70%.

[Consumed 330 strengthening points, strengthening mirror moon moon power +13 success, power increase: 70%.

"Eh, his sword technique is actually improving its power? Here, what is this skill?"

Drunk Yijian lost his gaze for the first time, and his drunken appearance disappeared completely, replaced by a shock!

In front of the young man in black, the swordsmanship was raised to a new level, and finally there was a tendency to oppose him mainly to suppress him!

"I have put out all my strength, and his knife can still keep up with me..."

Drunk Yijian's pupils were frightened, the blades were crossed, and the sword qi was vertical and horizontal, and once again collided with the bright moonlike mirror light!

+13! +13! +13!

Lin Chen's crazy enhancement is simply unstoppable. The five geniuses who dealt with the phantom avatar gradually began to discover anomalies. The people in the dark horse club have once again increased their attack by more than one grade!

When the reinforcement failed, Lin Chen didn't blink, it was crazy reinforcement, just take the reinforcement point and smash it out!

After 250,000 reinforcement points were exhausted, Lin Chens +13 exercises were more than one. He then converted 200,000 blank attributes and opened a new round of reinforcement!

[Consumption of 3350 strengthening points, strengthening the life-saving skills +13 success, power increase: 70%.

[Consuming 899 strengthening points, strengthening the wind king bow +13 success, power increase: 70%.

The juvenile boy who smiled like a jade face smiled slightly, and when pulling the bow string, the arrow light flew, the **** controlled the spirit cat, and the arrow gas exploded into the smallpox. Spirit cat!

Its power is not reduced, so that the young man's face in pink powdered jade is suddenly shocked!

[Consumed 665 enhancement points, enhanced meridian sword +13 success, power increase: 70%.

[Consumed 595 strengthening points, strengthening the seven-star sword spectrum +13 success, power increase: 70%.

The sword flashes like a star, a series of seven stars, one sword is faster than one sword, Su Qing, who was about to suppress the young Qingpao, his face changed suddenly!

[Consuming 3180 strengthening points, strengthening the seven unique strength methods +13 success, power increase: 70%.

[Consumed 3450 strengthening points, strengthening annihilation skills +13 success, power increase: 70%.

Bang ~! boom! boom! boom!

The most tragic thing is Gu Tianxie, who had been beaten and beaten by a white-shirt boy, and now the strength of this round of reinforcement has skyrocketed, and he has begun to be suppressed!

The terrifying mystery of the Dragon Force slammed into force, and the annihilation energy released by the strange and powerful spiritual force was suffocating to spit blood!

"Fuck, what's the situation?"

"I've seen combat skills soaring, but the power of this particular weapon class has suddenly soared. I am really the first time he saw his mother? Is it my country gangster, when did the Holy Realm have this secret method? Now!"

"But their fighter grades have not improved!"

The sectarian arrogants always pay attention to the battle of the genius list, and this sudden reversal of the drama makes them dumbfounded!

A snap of the deputy director's finger can make all geniuses' combat power soar, and then they can break through the original grade of the weapon from the battle? This is crazy!

The dark horse club's cards are endless, making them awe and even fearful!

"This... this is too fierce, the Dark Horse Club has even repressed all the big names in the genius list!"

"My genius, the geniuses in the genius list have used a lot of top-level combat skills, blood power, or their own special physique? Are they still suppressed by them?"

"The dark horse club is really terrible! Each of them has the strength to challenge the genius list."

"But I remember the characteristics of the top 100,000 geniuses in the genius list. Why have they never seen them as the number one, they are hidden too deep!"

The sectarian arrogance was awe-inspiring, watching the'deputy director' on the stage still tasting tea with ease, and the corners of his mouth were air-conditioned!

The Black Horse Club's first battle today will definitely be called moving mountains and rivers!

What makes the genius list even more tricky is that the offense of these people in the dark horse club is like not to be fate. When the two sides have the same fighting power, the desperate side must take the advantage!

However, the geniuses of the dark horse club are still so strong. Every time they can go around and engage with them. Every time they attack from the back, the power is always amazing, and they have to resist!

450,000 reinforcement points were exhausted, Lin Chen still had the last 100,000 blank attributes, which just strengthened all his existing exercises, weapons, and all to the highest level of +13, except that the last mentality left was +12 of!

The strengthening of its mental points is more than 10,000 strengthening points, which is extremely expensive. This is the most difficult and the most critical step. Lin Chen expects that at least 500,000 strengthening points will be able to impact the +13 mental method!

In terms of weapon strengthening, it is not that the higher the rank, the more beneficial it is to Lin Chen at the current stage. On the contrary, if the rank of the weapon held is too high, Lin Chen cant afford to strengthen all the weapons to 13 .

Strengthening the price/performance ratio of +13 is extremely high. For example, the Meridian Sword of Tier VII top grade +13, the overall power is increased by 240%, which is no less than that of most Tier VII top grade weapons.

If Lin Chen can afford the 7th-level top-grade warcraft to be strengthened to +13, I am afraid that the warcraft can only be strengthened by two pieces. The current warcraft grade is just suitable for Lin Chen.

Bang ~! In Lin Chen, who tastes tea, because of the constant absorption of the light ball of the ancient altar, there is a huge roar in his body. The pure strength of Lin Chens meat shell has broken through to 9.8 million dragon power!

After the blessing of the talent of divine man, it is 9.99 million!

The Ten Thousand Dragon Power belongs to the level of a warlord. The talent of the most critical divine power can only bless the body refining below the Ten Thousand Dragon Power, and does not support breaking through this limit!

At this time; what everyone can't think of is that the ghost operator Mo Qingsuan has acted!

Holding a scroll in his hand, he walked slowly to the ancient altar of blood red and walked straight towards Lin Chen!