My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 823

Vol 5 Chapter 823: Romantic Figures And Look At The Present

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Chapter 823

"Well, the energy of the Intermediate Fire Department has also exceeded 13 million points, and it has been very rewarding."

Lin Chen nodded in satisfaction, watching the attribute light sphere in the ancient altar absorbed by him for more than half. At this moment, Mo Qing finally took a picture scroll and walked slowly to his side.

Mo Qing's move has attracted everyone's attention. If anyone has the power to disrupt the situation, only Mo Qing, who is also a genius list!

Even his actions will determine the next decision and action of other geniuses!


Lin Chen showed great interest. With a wave of his hand, a green chair appeared on his opposite.

"Thank you, Deputy Director, for your seat."

Mo Qing counts a fist, Lin Chen pours tea, pushes the cup to him, Mo Qing counts his head slightly.

Lin Chen raised an eyebrow, "Why, what advice does your Excellency have?"

Moqing counts the tea, with three sips at the entrance, and exclaims: "Good tea, aromatic aftertaste, bitter first, sweet afterwards, mellow but not strong."

Then, Mo Qing counted with a smile on his lips: "I came here to invite the deputy director to appreciate a painting."

The picture rolls out, slowly revealing, the first sight is the vast mountains of the thousands of birds flying, the sun is born, the pen is strong and powerful, the ink is full, the shape and spirit are available, the charm can be described as three points into the wood!

"Well, what a great ink painting, you can't meet it"

Lin Chenpincha nodded approvingly for a moment. This painting is like a pen, and the portrayal of the form and spirit can perfectly describe the mood in the scene, which is the top work!

Suddenly, as soon as the scroll stopped, Mo Qing pointed to a magnificent and majestic mountain in the painting.

"This is the most famous celestial mountain in the Holy Realm Sword Territory. It was when the Emperor Xuan Tianji was defeated by Qingtian Sword Saint Jingtai A, the East Emperor Tai Ten Thousand Miles borrowed his sword, and Jing Tai A Sword divided the heavens and earth. Before the death, the supreme sword opened 90,000 miles at a stretch, and the sword shook the ghosts and ghosts!"

But seeing the vast and everlasting mountains and peaks, there is an immortal torrent, which crosses between many magnificent mountains and peaks.

Those who can taste carefully, but there is a bit of vicissitudes of ancient times, seems to have a short-lived charm.

The Tianjiao outside the blood-red ancient altar can glance at this picture with a little urgency, and when they see this picture, they can't help but express a feeling of emotion and sigh.

Mo Qingsuan refers to the other side; the scroll on the other side, which is completely different from the withering and falling flowers, is a spooky and ghostly mountain river, which is magnificent but restrained, and the miles of rivers merge into a winding dragon with a middle The vast abyss across the world!

"Looking at this abyss again, it is called Guiming Abyss. Since the ancient Mingsheng and Guisheng were decisively left, the Guisheng slaughtered the entire Shengsheng tribe, and the Mingsheng came to the top, and under the sect of the Ming Emperor, he went under the denomination of the Guisheng. , For a hundred thousand years of forbearance, since the breakthrough of the Holy Saint, the twins launched a life-and-death showdown until the death, and finally the death battle until both fell!"

Mo Qingsuans eyes flickered, but the painting came from the hand of his grandfather. He had a hint of mathematics and the calculation of heaven and earth. He could measure one persons energy, courage and mind.

At first glance, mortals can only be impressed by the spirit of the sword saint who devoted a sword before his death. At the second glance, he will be moved by the mind and courage of 100,000 years of sacred death. Only those who truly have the fearlessness and wisdom can see the farther sight!

He Mo Qing is a genius, and he has never met any character. Once he appeared, his fate was muddled, he was not convinced, and he was not willing to!

He is by no means a man who simply relies on force. Even if he surpasses the young man with his strength, he will still live under his shadow in his life. He wants to see if this young mans courage and courage have the ability to affect his life. Ability!

The fighting around seemed to be still. At this moment, Mo Qingsuan only has the young man in front of him. How will he react?

Suddenly, Lin Chen laughed freely!

"Hahaha, thousands of universes, stars like the sea. Forever seeing the rise and fall, this sword is only one hundred thousand miles!"

"Jiangshan is so charming, attracting countless heroes to bow down. Xijian Saint Demon Venerable, slightly lose the literary talent. Double ghosts of ghosts and ghosts, slightly less coquettish. Let's all go forward, count the fashionable characters, and look at the present."

Lin Chens laughter was awe-inspiring, full of humility but without losing his absolute self-confidence, and touched the hearts of everyone present. He was shocked by Mo Qings calculation, and his mind seemed to explode in an instant!

What a measure, what a boldness!

He actually bluntly counted the flamboyant figures and looked at the present! Sword Saint Demon Venerable, Hades and Double Saints, each of which is a legend of the Holy Realm, can't it get into his eyes?

"This man... not only was not impressed by the sword saint's spirit, but was not convinced by the sage of the sage saint, but also said that he could succeed or fail through the ages, and laughed at the rise and fall of the ages, his vision, far beyond the sacred realm, his ambition, these are Tianhuanyu is the sea of stars!"

Mo Qing was in a daze and stayed in place.

The sectarian arrogance heard, such as the initiation!

The more you can taste Lin Chen's words carefully, then look at Tianshan Mountain and Ghost Underworld in the painting. Compared with the stars and the sea, what is this?

His journey is the sea of stars! It is the universe of the heavens and the vast world!

At this moment, the cynical smile that Lin Chen hung, became so unfathomable in everyone's eyes, so mysterious and charming!

"This person not only has the power of a king, but also the courage of an overlord!"

Mo Qing is afraid of trembling, his pupils show unprecedented shock and fear, he actually deliberately confronts this kind of person, and attempts to deduce the fate of these characters. It is a fool's dream!

Isn't it natural for this character to change his life?

When Mo Qing shuddered and put away the scroll, he even stood up, bowed deeply, and clenched his fists: "Your Excellency is really the leader of the dragons. Today, I will not interfere with Mo Qing, dare to ask your name?" "

Such a person must make friends!

Seeing Mo Qingsuan's attitude, Lan Ruoxue, who procrastinated Yan Jinghong outside the ancient altar, showed a rare smile, and even Mo Qings kind of genius and mathematician expressed their views, she was right!

"Do not change the name and sit or change the surname, Lin Chen."

Lin Chen smiled, before his words, all from the heart of the heart, there is no half true and false, his goal, from beginning to end more than holy realm!

"It's really my honor to be able to meet people such as Lin Chen. If you have the opportunity, I also hope that you will come to my Mantra Palace and will entertain you with the highest etiquette!"

Mo Qing is sincere in his tone, Lin Chen nodded and smiled; "It depends on whether you have this sincerity."

"What is Mo Qing doing?"

"He actually left, shit, is this a fool!"

"That's it! We won't be involved in this breaking incident, and we will desperately fail to compete with the dark horse club life and death.

When the genius list was about to retreat, the whole underground world was shaken, from the east of the blood-red ancient altar, the rock wall cracked and opened a shocking crack, a brutal and fierce breath from the sleep Wake up!

Roar ~~!

The stone wall cracked, three heads were covered with red scales, and the huge dragon body with flowing red flames broke out of the wall. The dragon head was grim and the dragon teeth were like swords.

"It's three flames that are comparable to the two robbery warlords. They are sleeping here?"

When the three-headed red flame burned the dragon to wake up, they immediately locked in to the nearest Lin Chen, making the genius list geniuses ready to evacuate appeared ecstatic!

"Hurry, drag the people in the dark horse club, don't let them support the guy!"

"As long as Chi Yan burns the dragon to attack him, we still have a chance!"