My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 824

Vol 5 Chapter 824: Another Snap Finger?

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Chapter 824 !

The three-headed red flame burning dragon suddenly recovering from a deep sleep has broken all existing situations!

These three red flames burned the dragon, each of which exceeded 30 million dragon powers, and the strength was comparable to the two robbery warlords. If singled out, among all the people present, only the genius list genius had the power to stop them!

If three heads go together, at least three genius list geniuses will respond!

This is the reason why all the geniuses suddenly put force on Lin Chen Phantom Doppelganger, because these three red flames burning dragons will be enough to change all existing trends!

And Lin Chens Dragon Emperor, after refining the two false gods incomplete bodies, opened 3.9 million dragon veins and 39 million dragon power. According to the cultivation base, it should be regarded as the peak of the second robbery battle emperor.

However, because of the uniqueness of its three blood lines, it has the ability to surpass the same level, even if it faces the genius list of the late nineth layer, it can beat one and three!

Of course, those geniuses who ranked before 90,000 and broke through to the emperor's list are not included.

"Oh? The three-headed red flame burning dragon slept in a very mysterious way. I didn't even find my Zijin pupil. Well, they should use the energy of this ancient altar as energy. Now I have taken away the attribute light ball of the ancient altar. , Energy loss, causing them to wake up from a deep sleep..."

Lin Chen thought a little bit and understood the ins and outs of the dragon. He didnt panic when facing three fierce red flame burning dragons, but he smiled with interest, and Chi Yan burning dragon stretched his head over, revealing obscure Human language.

"Human race, you...damn..."

The dragon's head was very close to Lin Chen, as if a roll of heat wave was rolling, Lin someone sipped the tea lightly and gently raised his right hand.

Many people have a chuckle!

Damn, this familiar gesture would make him want...

Fuck~! Crisp finger sounds all over the world!

grass? You still come!

All Tianjiao's mouths are whizzing wildly, they now have a psychological shadow on the deputy director's "finger"!

[The host launches the blue order nirvana: Tianyin Bingsha Prison. Applicable goals: three. The three hostile targets closest to the host have been locked.

Bang ~! Boom!

The three-headed red flame burning faucet suddenly burst into ice and cold, frost and snow, and a burst of ice burst hurricane. The cold and cold atmosphere made everyone on the scene change the color and urged the defense of war!

Fortunately, this ice hurricane was not directed against them, otherwise it would not be dead!

Roar roar!

The three dragons burst into miserable wailing and growl, and their red flames rushed to resist the counterattack, but the power of Yinsha Frost surpassed several grades above it, which completely suppressed the riots of Red Flame!

Click! Click! Click!

Countless ice flowers rose from the body of the three-headed red flame burning dragon, and the huge red flame dragon body began to cover the layers of ice crystals. Under the crystal clear ice crystals, they reflected the fear in their dragon pupils!

This chill is enough to suppress their red flame dragon breath, and even threaten their lives, it is completely suppressed in all aspects!

They didn't understand it at all. Why is it that such a weak human being can perform such an attack!

Lan Ruoxue's ice pupil shuddered, and saw the terrible cold flooding the entire underground world, shaking and losing his voice!

"This is the sky of Yinsha, and it is a very high power of Yinsha. It is terrible. Even my two rituals can't resist a moment..."

Lan Ruoxue knows well that if he is involved in the mass of sky and ice, he will die if he is not dead, even if he runs out of cards, he will most likely fall! Unless she stepped into a battle to repair the emperor's behavior, the hope of survival is slim!

All the genius list geniuses stopped their hands at this moment and stepped aside, staring at Lin Chen with a stunned look.

This guy is still hiding such a terrible killer?

The originally hot and scorching underground world is now cold and cold. Even the fighting spirit seems to be frozen into ice crystals. Countless people shuddered. When those sectarian disciples saw the three huge ice sculptures in front of them, they stayed completely in place!

The three-headed red flame burning dragon has been frozen into ice?

The most terrible thing is that the deputy director is still drinking tea with just one snap finger...

A sect called Tianjiao swallowed and shuddered, "The Dark Horse Club, what a terrible thing..."

"It is worthy of being a king, a young man with an overbearing ambition, and it really is hidden!"

Mo Qing shuddered, his mouth slightly twitching, but fortunately he didn't take the risk just now... otherwise he didn't know how to die!

A ringing finger freezes three flames of 30 million dragons and burns red flames?

"How could he be so strong?"

Ji Qingming was shocked. On that day, he and Lin Chen played against each other. This guy is far less powerful than he is now!

The remaining true disciples of Bingxin Palace couldn't help but twitch. It's no wonder that Lin Chen dare to swear in the face of Elder Gu that day, he didn't fear the other party at all!

"Damn, pretend to be a pig and eat a tiger. This kid hides too deep. This is still a fart!"

"Slip it out, this kid is so perverted, plus the lifeless guys in the Black Horse Club, the precious pieces of crystals are not as important as my life..."

"Uncle also asked me and Ji Qingming to work together to make this guy, this is a wool, grass!"

The genius list genius is not good, hurry up, this is a fart!

Later, if Lin Chen came back to God, he would give them a snap, that sour, even if he didn't die, he would have to lose his skin!

However, only Ji Qingming's pupil with "Sword Eye" trembles, and he suddenly finds that the energy of the **** ancient altar is almost lost to nothingness, which is far more vigorous and intense than it was at first!

"Is it because the alien crystal fragments were taken away? No, it's not that simple, can't you say...!"

Ji Qingming's pupil shuddered! The energy loss in the ancient altar is by no means so rapid. According to the original observation of his sword eyes, even if the fragments of the alien crystals are removed, it may take several months to run out.

Someone has extracted the energy of the ancient altar! But with so many people present, the only ones who set foot on the ancient altar were Yan Jinghong and Lan Ruoxue who blocked their actions, Mo Qingsuan, and Lin Chen!

"Damn it, got pitted! Grass, Lin Chen's **** wasn't drinking tea on it at all. He didn't know what method he used to steal the energy of the ancient altar without knowing it!"

Ji Qingming was badly angry; he gritted his teeth and hated him, but he couldn't get it!

"This child's wings are growing, I can't deal with it! Only the cousin who joins the Jue Tian Pavilion can shoot!"

Ji Qingming looked at Lin Chen's back bitterly and flew away!

Other sectarian disciples even saw their brothers and sisters run away, and hurried out of the underground world.

Blue rank nirvana; Tianyin Ice Shark Prison, requires 250,000 special attribute value: Yin Sha Cold Power. And 5 million points of heavenly value before they can be made.

This Yinsha cold power attribute value was obtained by Lin Chen decomposing the crystal fragments dropped by the false god.

The main system of the Tianyin Amorphous Fragment is Yin energy. After the decomposition of Lin Chen, he gained a total of 5 million Yinsha cold power. He only made two moves "Tianyin Bingsha Prison".

This nirvana can only be used on three targets. It can kill most of the second-robber warlords in seconds, and seriously injure the three-robber warlords. It also has a good effect on the fourth-order warlords.

The remaining Yinsha cold power attribute value, Lin Chen is used to make the blue level advanced nirvana: Tianyin ice erosion storm above, this nirvana has a magical effect on the Holy Realm!

Lin Chen is one of the few killers who can threaten the Holy Land at this stage!