My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 825

Vol 5 Chapter 825: The Real Treasure

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Chapter 825

Lin Chen is not brainless to use the killing technique of Tianyin Bingsha Prison. Since the three dragons were awakened, Lin Chen could see the rich attribute values in their bodies!

"So many attribute values?"

Lin Chen's eyes lit up. After freezing Red Flame and Burning the Dragon, there were hundreds of attribute light **** dropped by him!

"Emperor Dragon, swallow them!"

Lin Chen didn't say anything, let the Dragon Emperor change out of the body, display the omnipotent swallowing magic power, and directly swallow the three-headed red flame to burn the dragon!

Seeing this scene, Lan Ruoxue and Mo Qing are frowning...

"Your Excellency Lin Chen, I will wait a step ahead, and hope that the ancient temple in seven days will be able to cooperate with the dark horse clubs."

Mo Qing counted a fist, Lin Chen raised a brow, "Oh? Ancient Temple?"

Seeing Lin Chen's doubts, Lan Ruoxue nodded and said, "Yes, the Ancient Temple is one of the most critical areas in this Cangyue trial. At that time, most of the genius list geniuses will be gathered, and even the top 90 thousand genius list The genius of the name will come, and the purpose of many monks is to come for the ancient temple."

Lan Ruoxue's answer brightened Lin Chen's eyes. If so, maybe Yue Qi would appear in that place.

"This is a map."

Mo Qing calculated to throw out a jade scroll, which recorded a map of some areas of Cangyue's Secret Realm. Both of them wanted to make a good deal with Lin Chen, and informed Lin Chen of the information of the ancient temple.

"The ancient temple, the genius list gathered together..."

Lin Chen raised his corner of the mouth, jumped down the ancient altar, and quickly charged the attributed light ball dropped by the three red flames.

[The host obtains 100 million points of Qi and blood energy, 50,000 ignition energy, 100,000 ignition energy, 80,000 ignition energy, 300 million Qi blood energy...]

Lin Chen, who had originally taken away the light ball of the ancient altar, has reached the limit of 9.99 million dragon power. Even the divine talent can no longer bless this dragon power, which is beyond the talent bonus!

And now, Lin Chen is ravaging the attributed light ball dropped by the three dragons, the fire energy has skyrocketed, and more than 10 billion intermediate qi and blood energy is injected into the body!

Bang ~~!

The terrible momentum like the roar of the dragon roared, and the moment the three attributed light **** dropped by the three dragons were received, Lin Chens pure power suddenly broke the strongest line, breaking through to the 10 million mark, and finally stopped at 10.5 million dragons. force!

"Huh, my fighting strength is only eight-fold war emperor. I can't think of the realm of refining as the first breakthrough. The 10.5 million dragon power is already equivalent to the battle power of the early emperor!"

Lin Chen's eyes crossed a little bit of excitement.

After the emperor's ninth heavy war, the five robberies were broken; every realm breakthrough in the five robberies had to go through the baptism of the skyjacket. After the five catastrophes were completed, they could set foot in front of that holy gate.

If divided by pure power, 10 million to 1999 million dragon power is a realm of warlord emperor.

20 million to 39.99 million for the second robbery, 40 million to 59.99 million for the three robbery, 60 million to 79.99 million for the four robbery, 80 million to 99.99 million for the five robbery!

And billions of dragon powers are both holy bodies!

The path Lin Chen has to take is the three cultivations of spirit, physical training, and fighting spirit, destined to be much harder than most people!

Just as Lin Chen was about to leave, when he urged Zijin Tong, he suddenly discovered that there were a few colorful glows wandering in the void, which was the harbinger presented by the huge'wonderful' chance!


Lin Chen's eyes widened, there are treasures in this underground world?

But he looked around, except for the rocks and cliffs, which was completely empty!

"No, it's inside!"

Suddenly, a flash of aura came to mind, Lin Chen suddenly looked at the position where the three dragons had recovered!

"Yeah, why didn't I think that the three big guys perched and slept in it, unless they were extremely good at hiding breath, how could it not be exposed in front of so many genius list geniuses."

Many of the previous geniuses, not only Lin Chen possessed the mysterious treasure-treasure technique of "Zi Jin Tong".

Similar to Ji Qingmings sword eyes, Lan Ruoxues ice pupil, Yin Qingyuns eyes, and Su Qings Red Moon Mystery, they all have the ability to discern different treasures, and they can hide so many geniuses. Easy! Unless it is suppression by strength or level!


Lin Chen was simple and rude. He went up with a punch, hitting the earth and shaking the earth, and the gravel fell.

The destructive power of tens of millions of dragons and nine million dragons is completely at two levels, and the destructive power erupted is like the gap between a child and an adult!

After repeated beatings, Lin Chen made a nearly two-kilometer passage after striking the cliffs of the three dragons, and gradually appeared a forest like a paradise, Lin Chen dumbfounded!

The vegetation is lush, the mountains and rivers are beautiful, the flowers are blooming, the vitality is abundant, the spirit is abundant, and there are several rivers in the vast forest, which are like a land of peach.

"This, this is an independent space plane?"

Lin Chen was shocked. When he stepped into the forest, an ancient and obscure spiritual idea came into his ears.

"Later, this is the luck capsule of the old man Taohua, and the latecomer remembers the name of the old man.

The spiritual idea was too crippled, almost intermittently, Lin Chen dissipated in the world without hearing the content clearly, perhaps because the time passed by too long, and the residual spiritual idea of his master was already crippled.

"No wonder there are two pieces of alien crystals in the ancient altar outside. It turned out that there was once an ancient power..."

"This is actually an independent space plane, which is propped up by an open air transport capsule!"

Lin Chen breathed heavily!

Luck transplantation! It is used for cultivating Qiyun Lingzhi, and its value is no less than half orange rank combat skills or even real orange rank combat skills!

"Here, the Hechi here is actually Tianyi Shengshui!"

Lin Chen looked at a small river pond in the middle of those rivers and couldn't help but sigh the air!

Tianyi Shengshui, which has an effect similar to Ziqing Wudao fruit, is second only to Wudao fruit, and contains the essence of Shengyuan, which can enhance the understanding and spirituality of the soul. A small pot of Tianyi Shengshui is worth thousands of silver holy coins, here Tianyi Shengshui has a total volume of about five cubic meters. If it is placed outside, it can cause a mad robbery!

"Good guy, it turns out that the things here are treasures!"

Lin Chen was ecstatic, flying into the forest. Above the top of the forest, there was a Xuanyu crystal, which was the control center of the air transport capsule.

Lin Chen unimpededly completed the recognition of the blood.

"The spiritual thoughts of the previous master were too crippled, and the recognition of the Lord was completed without any pressure."

Becoming the master of this air transport capsule, Lin Chen saw the name of this air transport capsule: Taoyuan Township. He couldn't help laughing, and his heart closed, and the air-transplanted vesicles became a slap-sized pouch that hung around his waist.

After this object recognizes the Lord, it can follow the shadow, and only Lin Chen can open it.

There are so many wonderful uses of luck transplanting capsules, it can also store souls, and it can connect with the aura of the outside world and the luck of the world, and even powerful fierce beasts can be included. These are all breakthrough uses that can not be completed by the Naruto.

But the best use for Lin Chen is that he can finally cultivate his luck to plant Qingyao trees, and he no longer needs to rely on Jinshengyuan coins to feed it.


The violent shaking caused the mountain to be turbulent, and the entire underground world began to shake. Lin Chen looked at the large empty space in front of him, the cliff was covered with cracks, and his face could not help changing slightly!

"Oh my god, something happened. The air-transplantation vesicles I took away led to the loss of a large chunk of space that was already open!"