My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 826

Vol 5 Chapter 826: Lin Lin's Soaring Strength

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Chapter 826

Seeing the empty cliff start to falter, Lin Chen launched the ultimate moment, stepped on the infinite dark steps like a shadow shuttle, the body retreated, stepped like a star pill jumping, and ran fast!

boom! boom! boom!

The entire underground world is collapsing and begins to burst. Lin Chen decisively put away all the avatars, put the Dragon Emperor into the body and flapped the Purple Phoenix Wings, and at full speed, he made an infinite dark step towards the exit!


Bang ~! Accompanied by the earth-shattering sounds of the earth's crust displacement, thousands of miles are clearly audible, and many people's faces changed.

Lin Chen escaped from birth and successfully merged with the two sisters Su Lan.

"Squad leader, you scared me to death, I thought you would never come back!"

Su Lan grabbed Lin Chen's arm, and the pretty face felt a lingering fear.

"Relax, how could your squad leader have such an easy accident."

Lin Chen smiled and comforted, and then said: "We will go to the ancient temple next, hurry and look over."

Lin Chen released the "Dragon Emperor" again, and changed the Baizhang dragon body that belongs to the Wanzai Xuanqing Dragon. After all, the dragon body of the Shuanglong bloodline is too conspicuous.

The Dragon Emperor flapped the purple phoenix wings, Lin Chen jumped on the back of the dragon, and set up the second daughter; skimmed south of the Shengqing Mountain Range on the standard map!

This trip was a huge gain, and Lin Chen should take advantage of the time to digest the rich resources at hand!

[Using level 6 phantom runes, consuming 180,000 rune energy.

Lin Chen once again released five avatars to protect him, and the second woman seemed to be influenced by him, and took out a batch of silver holy yuan coins to work hard to cultivate, and did not slack in a second.

Lin Chen first opened the high-level apprenticeship with Qingyao saplings, which was connected with the Taoyuan planting sacs around his waist, inspired by his spirit!


Lin Chen was rooted in soil and moved the seedlings to the center of Taoyuan Township!

During the time of the Cangyue trial, Lin Chen has never stopped putting Jinshengyuan coins. There are only two remaining 10 Jinshengyuan coins, and Qingyao saplings have grown to a height of 19 meters. The foliage is lush and there is no treasure. Flashes.

After moving to Taoyuan Township, the Qingyao tree magically accelerated its growth rate, it is absorbing the luck of the world!

But seeing the branches and leaves bloom slowly and continue to grow to a higher height, it is like a sapling that has rich soil and sufficient water to obtain the first sunshine, the combination of the three, the growth rate climbs to the fastest, almost visible to the naked eye The speed grew to 22 meters high!

A magical scene appeared!

The lush branches and leaves of the Qingyao tree began to glow with brilliant silver light, and the surface of the leaves began to condense silver and silver holy yuan coins!

"The lying trough, here, has begun to enter the growth period, just entered the growth period, there are so many silver coins!"

Lin Chen was very excited, and the Qingyao tree was still growing fast. The energy of the Jinsheng Yuan coin had already made it thick and thin. What it lacked was the heaven and earth luck. Now the Taoyuan capsules are completely connected to the world's heaven and earth luck. Its growth rate is terrible!

This time, two thousand silver holy yuan coins were produced. The green and green branches and leaves were now full of silver holy yuan coins!


After the silver holy yuan coins produced grew to a uniform size, they began to fall to the ground one after another and piled up into a small silver mountain. Lin Chen shouted excitedly!

"Scattered money! My little baby has sprinkled money, shit, this is really a cash cow!"

Lin Chen was ecstatic; it was so powerful just after entering the growth period. If it entered the peak period, wouldnt it be like the ancient books recorded, a large number of silver holy coins and massive heavenly treasures?

"I heard that Tianyi Shengshui can also accelerate the growth of Qi Yun Ling Zhi, give it a try!"

Suddenly, Lin Chen remembered the records in the ancient books, manipulated his mental thoughts, and pumped a small amount of Tianyi Holy Water from the pool into the soil of Qingyao trees.


The clatter of branches and leaves began to grow vigorously, the branches continued to extend, and quickly broke through to 30 meters, 35 meters, and 40 meters high!

A large number of silver holy yuan coins came out again, Lin Chen looked ecstatic, as if he had won the lottery!

He quickly mobilized these silver holy yuan coins, operated his mind, and absorbed it at the fastest speed!

Time passed by one minute and one second, this time the Qingyao tree produced a total of 28,660 silver holy yuan coins. Lin Chen used only one day to absorb all the refining into the body, and cultivated into a hurricane! The soaring speed of the essence of mid-level combat is entirely in 100 million units!

This time, Lin Chen's breakthrough through the eighth and mid-eighth stages of the eighth and the eighth and the last stages of the eighth layer only stopped in front of the nineth-level repair!

"Nearly 30,000 silver holy yuan coins have allowed me to harvest more than 200 billion yuan of medium-level fighting spirit. With a few more batches, I will be able to impact the nineth-level warlord!"

Lin Chen sighed with all his heart. He fully felt how perverted this luck was, no wonder he could support the entire sect!

The heaven and earth luck that Qingyao Tree has absorbed is now temporarily full, up to 51 meters. It is initially entering the growth period and is steadily improving. It is not far from the next round of maturity. Lin Chen is not in a hurry to join Tianyi Shengshui first. Let it grow naturally for a while.

This wave of strength soared more than a star, and the strength has doubled!

Now that the ultimate moment and the seven changes have been opened, Lin Chen is confident, and then picks up the genius list similar to Ji Qingming's genius, he will be able to easily suppress, instead of 55 or 64!

"However, this strength alone is not enough. I must surpass the genius list by one hundred thousand geniuses!"

In Lin Chen's eyes, he showed perseverance. When he arrived at Bingxin Palace, he had searched the ancient books about the ranking of holy prisons and sect ranks, and he found an amazing fact!

The Palace of Divine Flames that took Sister Ruoyan was not recorded under the Seven Grade Sect!

The top stream of the six-line sect sacred world is in charge of one side, and in the thirty-six domains, the right-handed side exists.

The Qipin sect is already an eternal sect standing at the top of the Holy Realm. It is a super archaic giant that is immortal for thousands of years. There are even nine sacred realms in the door, but the Palace of Divine Flame is not in this list?

In other words, the woman who had taken Sister Ruoyan from Shenyan Palace most likely came from the Eighth Rank Sect!

In front of this behemoth, this list of 100,000 geniuses, I'm afraid they can't even catch their eye!

"Look how much more can be improved."

Lin Chen took out a piece of Ziqing Wudao fruit and those two pieces of alien crystal, and could not help breathing deeply...


A mountain cliff is filled with screams and howls, seven ghostly afterimages are interlaced, and countless screams echo the world!

The Dragon Sword Wei Qingfeng, who nominated 99,997 of the genius list, was continuously melted by a dark red blood, and the whole body's blood and qi were quickly dried up.

His entire body was drained into skinny, his pupils were trembling, staring at the figure floating in the blood in front of him, he murmured in disbelief!

"Why... as the master of the fourth-ranking sect, you will mix into the secret battle between our third-rank and second-rank sect disciples..."

"Gquack, what Ben Shao wanted was never available!"

The surging smile in the **** figure in the sea of blood.

A quarter of an hour later, the magnificent genius list genius, the most outstanding person with great luck and great chance, melted into the sea of blood that was surging in the sky.

A pale young man walked slowly out of the sea of blood, followed by six silhouettes, with a snorkeling breath and a trembling heart!

The young man licked his red lips and looked in the direction of a certain mountain, showing a gruesome smile.

"Yueqi, Ben Shao personally triggered offenses that offended the sect for your sake. After you fell into my hands, I want you to compensate Ben Shao, quack!"