My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 827

Vol 5 Chapter 827: Wan Qingbiyulu

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Chapter 827

"Liao Yuanmo, why do you want to rob us of the nominee list?"

Between the two gorges, more than 20 denominations were arrogant to question.

The gray-robed man with the giant sickle sneered: "How can there be so many reasons, Lao Tzu is stronger than you, and it should be robbed you!"


Zhongtianjiao dared not to speak, and swallowed it back to his mouth. If he was angry, everyone would have to be buried here!

Although everyone is an eighth and ninth war emperor, it is the arrogance of one side, but it is still not enough to look at the list of geniuses representing the apex!

The grey robe man urged his fighting spirit to cover his eyes and turned to the vast mountains on the other side.

"Oh? There seem to be a lot of interesting characters over there..."

The gray-robed man whistled frivolously, and turned into a stream of light. The arrogance of the people at the scene was relieved...


On the back of the dragon; Lin Chen sat down, closed his eyes and nourished his spirit.

He perfectly refined the "Red Burning Alien Fragment" and "Spirit Blood Alien Fragment" from the ancient altar, and the energy of the intermediate fire system skyrocketed from 21.55 million points to 102.55 million points!

Lin Chen's nine intermediate element attribute values, the level of breaking the 100 million point for the first time, the red burning fire robbery body has become the strongest existence in the nine robbery war body!

The Spirit Blood Amorphous Fragment made Lin Chen soar from 10.5 million dragon power to 1999 million dragon power!

It is not that the energy of this abnormal crystal fragment is too little, but after refining nearly a quarter of the abnormal crystal fragments, Lin Chen found that Dragon Emperor is already in the bottleneck of 39.99 million dragon power, and it is a new field!

The Dragon Emperor needs the energy of this blood-like alien crystal fragment more than his own body. Lin Chen turned to the energy of the alien crystal fragment into the dragon's life source to help him break through the last dragon vein and step into 4 million. Dragons!

40 million dragon power, match the three robbery war emperor, with the real power of the dragon emperor, more than the same level!

Just when Lin Chen was going to take Zi Qing Wu Dao Guo, one of the phantom phantoms that kept Zi Jin Tong open was suddenly catching a vision!

Located in the eastern part of the Shengqing Mountain Range; a towering mountain peak, there are countless blue mists entwined, a hint of treasure hidden in a faint, like a dream, like Lin Chen, who is not a'Golden Eyes Twins', could not realize this Wait for the vision.

"Huh? There are good things!"

Lin Chen's eyes lit up, and almost instantaneously determined that a strange treasure on the mountain was born!

"But now the time is pressing. If you go after it, if you encounter something, you can't catch up with the ancient temple..."

Lin Chen's eyes narrowed, and it was equally important to go to the ancient temple to find Yue Qi, but there was treasure in front of him. There was no reason why Lin did not take it!

[The super-dimensional transmission space coordinate fixed point has been completed and can be launched at any time.

Lin Chen used the five avatars as the space transmission coordinates of the "super-dimensional transmission", and then asked the second daughter Su Lan.

"You follow my Dragon Emperor to the destination first, and I will keep up later."

After that, Lin Chen jumped up and swept towards the mountain peak. He had a hunch that there would be important treasures born inside!

He first went to the destination from the Dragon Emperor, protected by five avatars, the safety of the second daughter was unharmed, and he himself explored the situation inside the mountain.

Stepping into darkness, Lin Chen flickered into the mist one after another. These mists are very strange and have a psychedelic spirit. If they are not superb spiritual realms, they will turn around from the mist without knowing it. Then it went back to the origin and could never enter the mountain.

Lin Chen urged the infinite dark step shuttle all the way. After traveling a long distance, he was no exception. He began to be indistinguishable between southeast and northwest, and the fog was so thick that he could not find the exit!

With his spiritual power to reach the stage of heaven, it still seems a bit unattractive here!

After trying Zijin Tong, unable to see through the mist, Lin Chen's eyes narrowed; he began to try to run the "Tai Shi Bible", and his spiritual power was like a tide, and he could even disperse those spiritual mists!

"Good fellow, Taishi Bible can briefly disintegrate these spiritual mists!"

Lin Chen's eyes lit up, and he continued to fly for a distance. The deeper the inside, the denser the fog became, and finally even the Taishi Bible could not pass the invasion of the spiritual fog, Lin Chen's perception was blocked again!

"What a strong spiritual illusion of fog, do you want to retreat or continue to move forward..."

Lin Chen frowned, and after thinking about it for a while, he actually covered the whole body with three layers of crystal energy, and launched a "three inch robbery" to defend.

"It seems there is only one way to try!"

After trying many ways, Lin Chen opened the [Enhancement Function] and turned the last 100,000 blank attributes into enhanced points!

The spiritual practice of "Tai Shi Bible" is the top practice that Lin Chen obtained after leaving Shenwuzong from the desert area of Lingzhou. It has been practiced to this day, and after the powerful spiritual attack method has been used in the future, the number of uses It became less.

However, this did not affect its value. The main role of Taishi Bible is not fighting, but spiritual cultivation. This practice has made Lin Chen open up a spiritual cultivation path that belongs only to him, so that he often surpasses it in the field of spiritual cultivation. Strong at the same level!

To give the most intuitive example: the spiritual manipulation is like a human arm. The ordinary mans arm has only one pair, and the original Taishi Bible gives Lin Chen the equivalent of two pairs, three pairs, or even four pairs of arms, making him far superior to others in the spiritual field. .

But his "strength" is the same as ordinary people. The increase in the number of arms will cause his strength to lose faster than others, but he has the "limit return" talent. As long as enough talent points can compensate for this consumption defect, Therefore, Lin Chen can be more adversarial than his peers in the field of refining medicine and shine!

Now, Lin Chen wants to strengthen it, and then to a higher level!

[Consuming 89 strengthening points, strengthening Taishi Bible+1 success, power increase: 10%.

[Consumption of 101 strengthening points...]

[Consuming 1755 strengthening points, strengthening Taishi Bible +11 success, power increase: 30%.

After several unsuccessful attempts, Lin Chen only has more than 40,000 reinforcement points left, and is not planning to add +12 to the impact.

+11 The overall power of Taishi Bible is increased by 140%. If Lin Chen is refining medicine again, he may be able to control more than seven red furnaces by himself. Of course, the premise is that he must have enough talent points to support the "Extreme Return" talent for mental power. restore.

Lin Chen is running the Taishi Bible again, the spiritual power is quickly exhausted, and the endless spiritual waves are pushed sideways, like a row of mountains and seas, pushing a lot of spiritual fog away!

"Useful, see the destination!"

[Launching the Ultimate MomentThe Ultimate Guiyuan Talent, total cost: 140,000 talent points.

At the moment when the blue quiet glory turned around, Lin Chen immediately stepped on the dark step, the speed soared, and immediately rushed to the center of the mist, descending to the top of the mountain!

Near the distance of a hundred feet from the top of the mountain, the sense of oppression of the spiritual fog suddenly dissipated, Lin Chen's mental strength was able to rest, and he immediately looked around.

The mountain top was empty; strange stones were strange, but Lin Chen was shining, and a pool of clear water in the mountain top attracted his attention!

"This is, Wanqing Jasper Dew! Condensed from Jiuxiao, it can wash the spiritual power and remove spiritual impurities!"

Lin Chen opened his mouth slightly, this thing is more precious than Tianyi Shengshui!

It was at this moment; the fog was rippling, and a gentle and beautiful Qinglian shadow landed on the top of the mountain. Lin Chen looked up, and the two sides were facing each other. Lin Chen's heart suddenly shocked!

This woman is very strong!