My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 828

Vol 5 Chapter 828: Be Merciful?

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Chapter 828

The beautiful lady has a pair of beautiful eyes full of autumn water, a blue skirt swaying, graceful and light, and a slender waist holding soft and boneless, like a fine porcelain doll, and the full mountains like to burst the gauze.

Lin Chen saw the sight at first sight; who can stand this!

At the next moment, when he was facing the woman's eyes, there was a storm in his heart!

This girl is very strong! Although it was cultivated in the later period of Jiuzhong, her spiritual power far surpassed herself!

Especially the sense of oppression she brings to herself exceeds any of the ten geniuses Lin Chen has encountered before!

"Finally found!"

When the lady saw Wanqing Jasper Dew for the second time, her cheeks couldn't help but surprise; this thing was hard to find, and I didn't expect to finally gain something in Cangyue Trial!

At this moment, she turned her eyes, looked at Lin Chen, and there was a trace of apology: "I'm sorry this friend, can you give me Wan Qing Jasper Dew, I need this thing for urgent use."

Lin Chen suddenly launched the "seven changes", Xiu climbed gradually, and temporarily soared to the late Jiuzhong, just like the woman on the same level of cultivation!

"No, I'm not a good person. If the girl says this, I can't do it for Lin Mou. At least I have half a person. This is my bottom line."

Although the beauty is beautiful, the price of Yibao is higher.

Right now he cannot use his avatar to fight with the Dragon Emperor. Lin Chen told the truth, he didn't really want to fight this woman.

Because of the crushing of the spiritual realm, Lin Chen knows how troublesome it is. This is not an ordinary opponent who can be defeated by leapfrogging and relying on pure power.

"No... this jasper dew is just enough for my sister, I can't give in."

The moment the blue skirt lady shook her head, with a bang, Lin Chen slammed into the vortex of dark robbery, the speed flashed, and she preempted!

The air twisted and deformed very quickly, and the figure of the blue dress was pulled by lightning. This is the "seven strong pulls", which was exerted by the 1999 Wanlong force. The pulling force is terrible!

"Huh? What a weird pure power combat skill, why does the genius list have no one like you."

The beautiful lady was not in a hurry, she was startled, her backhand slender jade pointed to a little void, the spiritual storm of ripples and ripples exploded in time, Lin Chen's thoughts exploded violently, and the speed of the punch was a little sharp, Qian Ying flashed, and she easily avoided open!

"He's fucking, it's really the spiritual energy of the heaven, and I can't beat it first!"

Lin Chen slapped in a horizontal shot, and the gray and white runes descended from the sky.

[Consume 5 million rune energy, launch 6 levels of slow runes.

Gray-faced Fulu holds the beauty in the void realm, at this moment, her face finally changed!

"What a weird mystery, can actually make my warfare operation and the breath of space flow extremely slow..."

The spirit is as powerful as the arrows, and the lady whispers: "Broken!"

Sigh~! The binding energy of the slow rune was broken by her mental strength, and at this opportunity; Lin Chen stepped in one step, and the second step of the "dark step" turned like a starlight shift, flashing to the beach next to Wanqing Jasper Dew, and was planning to open the Najie , But his face stiffened!

"Yulu is gone?"

Brush ~! A spirit beam shuttled back to the lady and showed her true body. She was actually a spirit avatar of the lady. She concealed her spiritual breath from the beginning. When she battled with Lin Chen, she secretly snatched Yulu!

"I'm sorry."

When the lady waved her hand, Lian Bu tapped the void and moved away.

"Want to go, nobody I can grab something that someone Lin fancy!"

Lin Chen snorted, his hands changed, the terrible azure spiritual storm beam burst from the eyebrows, spinning out the energy of spiritual annihilation!

The pretty face of the beautiful lady changed slightly, her slender hands touched the void, and two shields of overcast sunlight spread like a clutch, which suddenly stopped Lin Chen from urging the two major attack runes' annihilation!

The Yin and Yang shields were shattered, and the beautiful womans dark center was shocked: "This boy is so strong and powerful that he can only shake the spiritual power of the heaven stage. He can shake my Yin and Yang spiritual shield. His secret technique of mental attack is very violent. The taste is accompanied by a certain spiritual penetration..."

Don't dare to underestimate Lin Chen, the beautiful lady's jade fingers dance, ten fingers dance, the vast spiritual power pours into the spiritual doppelganger, while becoming more powerful, rushes to Lin Chen!

"Wanhua Sonic."

The spiritual doppelganger screamed and snarled, and the violent and tidal wave of the spirits overturned Lin Chen. He was shaken by his spirits, let alone a fight back, and he did his utmost to stabilize his spiritual ideas!

Seeing that the body of the beauty is about to leave, the mental pressure released by the spiritual avatar suddenly eased, giving Lin Chen a hint of reaction!

"It's now!"

Lin Chen's pair of gleaming twinkles shone with eternity, his palms pushed horizontally, and ten huge two gray-and-white runes descended from the sky, bursting on top of the head of the beautiful lady and his spiritual avatar, and solidifying the space near her ten feet!

This time he fired a real fire, directly releasing 6 million slow runes of 20 million rune energy, 10 million points on each side, calming the spiritual avatar, and even blocking the action of the beautiful woman, the latter's pretty face was stunned!


Before the other party broke away from the bondage, Lin Chen used all his powers and rushed to the blue skirt lady in the void as quickly as possible!


The beauties run their minds with all their strength, and the desire to break the shackles of slow runes.

"Want to go, it's not that easy!"

Lin Chen raised her hand and grabbed the ladys long skirt, tore off a clear blue skirt, and grabbed her white and white snowy legs with her right hand, pulling it down directly, just to see that the lady was also breaking through the slow rune at this moment. Bondage!


The two fell to the ground and exploded a soot.

Then, the two figures rolled out of the pit, Lin Chen pressed the other person under him with great force, and his three fingers caught the beautiful lady's white jade neck, and the energy was like a dragon. !

"Let your spiritual avatar not be disturbed, you dare to disturb, I immediately let you die, you should know that I can exert force faster than your mental attack!"

Lin Chen threatened the other party, three fingers slightly exerted force, immediately made the other party aware of the current situation.

The beautiful lady was ashamed and angry, anxiously said: "You, you rascal!"

Pressing the beautiful woman's scented shoulder, and admiring the beautiful scenery flawlessly, Lin Chen said fiercely: "How about the rogue, and I am not a good person, hand over Wanqing Jasper Dew!"

"No... I don't pay!"

The beautiful woman clenches her silver teeth, which is related to the life and death of her sister, absolutely not to pay!

"Don't pay? If you don't pay, I'll take the gun! I want to see if your mouth is hard or my gun is hard!"

Lin Chen pretended to be a kinky smile, and the lady burst into tears anxiously, pitifully, and whispered: "You bully people, I am obviously merciful to your men, you are so excessive!"

Lin Chen was stunned. The emotional attack of the spiritual avatar just now had a pause. It turned out that Nizi was merciless!

If she had previously insisted on urging her spirit to attack, Lin Chens spirit would be traumatized, and she would not have the opportunity to stop her with a slow rune...

"This young lady is so powerful, why is it so naive?"

Lin Chen was puzzled, and the battle against the emperor's realm, the difference between one thought and one could be divided into life and death. Did she even show mercy?

With her strength, if she is heads-up, not even the top ten geniuses in the underground world that day are her opponents!