My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 829

Vol 5 Chapter 829: Mental Power Skyrocketing

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Chapter 829

"I don't care so much, I won't give up Wanqing Jasper Lu, what the **** do you want it to do!"

Lin Chen questioned non-regressively.

"I... my sister was affected by a spiritual evil spirit, and the source of the spirit was not pure. I needed the effect of Wan Qing Jasper to remove spiritual impurities, otherwise my sister's spirit would be eroded and eventually lose her sense."

Talking about this matter, the gentle and charming autumn eyes of the blue dress lady shed two lines of tears.

"Spiritual Sorcery?"

Lin Chen stunned, seeming to remember something, hehe smiled and said: "That's not as good as this, I exchange with you the same type of treasure, you gave me the Wanqing jade dew just now, how?"


The blue skirt and beautiful woman hesitated, and finally the Wanqing Jasper Dew, which was difficult to find, among the different treasures of the same level, there is not much that can be compared with it between heaven and earth...

Lin Chen hesitated when she saw her, spread her palms, and a bottle of fragrant jade bottle appeared, filled with light blue spirit liquid, which was filled with pure spiritual fluctuations.

"This is Qingyao Yulu?"

Qingyao jade dew has an effect similar to that of Wanqing jade dew, even better; it can remove spiritual impurities and refine spiritual origin.

"Yes, it's Qingyao jade dew. I'll exchange the same amount of Qingyao jade dew for your Wanqing jade dew. How about it? No problem."

Lin Chen smiled; on the effect of removing mental impurities, Qingyao jade dew is higher than Wanqing jade dew, but it can not increase mental strength by a large margin, and has certain drug resistance. The more it is taken, the drug resistance will gradually increase , The effect is reduced.

While Wanqing Biyulu removes spiritual impurities and refines the spiritual origin, it can also increase mental strength substantially. The most important thing is that there is no drug resistance. Lin Chen is fancy to the latters main points. .

The most important thing is that Qingyao Yulu was produced by Lin Chens luck-selling plant'Qingyao Tree' when he first entered the growth period, and it will only grow more when it reaches its peak. , Only Tiancaidibao produced by Qiyun Lingzhi, most of them have drug resistance.

"OK then"

After a moment of hesitation, the blue dress lady nodded and took out 25 bottles of Wanqing Jasper Lu filled with Najie, Lin Chen was stunned; there was really nothing left, this Nizi was quite honest.

Lin Chen got up from her body, filled her 30 bottles of Qingyao Yulu with Qi Yun capsules, and gave her a little surprise. "Isn't it the same amount?"

"When the next five bottles are given to you, just repay the gratitude you gave me just now."

Lin Chen grinned, and the blue skirt lady smiled: "Thank you, son."

"No, no, I'm not a son. I'm a wicked person. Next time you meet an enemy, remember not to be merciful. Otherwise, the accident will be like today. Not everyone is merciful like me."

Lin Chen teased her face, and the beauty looked solemnly. After putting away her spiritual avatar and Qingyao Yulu, she nodded seriously: "Well, I will remember."

Having said that, the lady turned and flew into the air, Lin Chen looked at her back and whistled before leaving.

"Oh by the way, you have a good figure."

When the beautiful woman was startled, her cheeks were stained with red glow in an instant, and her cheeks passed through the ears. Then Qian Ying flickered and disappeared into the spiritual fog.

"Unexpectedly, there are such occasions."

Lin Chen shook his head and marveled; then immediately sat across the void.

There are many spiritual fogs here, and no one will disturb them. It is a good place for cultivation.

Lin Chen took out a bottle of Evergreen Jasper Dew and poured it directly on his head; not all heavenly and earthly treasures should be swallowed for refining. Instead, some treasures choose the most direct way to refining and refining is the most efficient way.

[The host gains 10,000 spiritual power, 20,000 spiritual power, 10,000 spiritual power, 30,000 spiritual power...]

When Wanqing Jasper Dew fell on his head and the tide-like spiritual energy poured into the body, it instantly turned into an attribute value and was quickly absorbed by Lin Chen.

That refreshing and pure feeling made Lin Chen's whole body tremble and twitch, so cool that he couldn't help moaning!

"Ah~~ My mother, it's so cool! It's so cool too, my goodness!"

Immediately afterwards, Lin Chen was pleasantly surprised to find that his spiritual origin became more spiritual and pure, and many miscellaneous thoughts were completely eliminated. This was due to the miscellaneous thoughts generated by human experience and emotions.

Every persons experience of experience, person, battle or life and death, these encounters will become the experience into the spirit, and the resulting distractions will affect everyone from time to time, but will affect the spiritual thinking of people over time. , And Wan Qingbiyulu gradually removed these extraneous thoughts, making Lin Chen more focused on the things in front of her!

Only refining a bottle of Wanqing Jasper Dew, Lin Chen gained 3.85 million points of mental power, which is really ridiculous!

You have to know that Lin Chen's original spiritual attribute value was only about 3.6 million! The growth of a bottle of Evergreen Jasper's spiritual attributes directly exceeded his previous accumulation!

Lin Chen didn't say a word, poured another bottle of Wanqing Biyulu, the spiritual energy was converted into attribute value absorption, and in an instant, it exceeded 10 million intermediate mental strength, reaching 10.89 million points!

"No wonder this thing has a price and no market, it is not unreasonable, the forming conditions are extremely harsh and difficult to find, which is estimated to be of great use to the spirit of the Holy Land, but I still have 23 bottles on hand!"

Although not breaking through the realm, Lin Chens spiritual power has more than doubled than before, and he does not need to resort to the "Tai Shi Bible" at all, he can break out of the spiritual fog with his own spiritual power!

"It has been two days since the departure. The Dragon Emperor is continuing to fly, and the avatar has no danger to return. I can practice for a while, and then sweep the nearby resources for a wave, and then use the super-dimensional teleport to jump over!"

Determined, Lin Chen took out a Ziqing Wudao fruit. Previously, he wanted to try out the magic of this fruit. He happened to be interrupted by the appearance of the spiritual fog. Now that no one is disturbing, Lin Chen does not hesitate. Bite off the chew and swallow it down!

Bang ~!

A glorious glory rose above his head, and a faint sense of oppression was released. ,

The terrible spiritual coercion was released from Lin Chenmei's consciousness at home, like a new day of Huanghuang, which shines in the sky!

This is a sign of a temporary surge in perception, which represents Lin Chen's spirituality and perception now entering a new realm!

In addition to permanently enhancing personal consciousness and spirituality, Ziqing Wudao Fruit can also temporarily explode extremely high consciousness when it is taken, which will make people most familiar with their combat skills, exercises, and obtain new insights and breakthroughs!

Lin Chen took the first Ziqing Taoist fruit, and the moment when his perception soared, it was his "Mirror Bright Moon" and "Hundred Spear Fighting King" that were the first to be affected!

Knowing the spirit in the sea, Lin Chen is rapidly deducing and changing the combat skills he is familiar with. He has a new level of familiarity with him, and he has embarked on a new level!