My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 830

Vol 5 Chapter 830: Scalp Numbness

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Chapter 830

Two days later, it was in a square array; the light was dazzling, and a spiritual star bursting in the sky like a starlight!

"It's so beautiful...this feeling..."

The beautiful woman's lazy voice slowly sounded.

After the big formation was lifted, two beautiful beauty shadows stood in the grass in the valley.

The woman in the center is as charming as a red robe, the red eyebrows are like flying flame elves, her eyes are bright, her teeth are bright, her skin is full of fat, and her body is hot and full. "Why don't you take a little more, what kind of treasure is this so magical, I just cured my old mental injury, and it's gone before I feel comfortable enough."

Behind the blue skirt and beautiful lady did not pay attention, it seems to focus on the matter of the hand, slender hand waving on the scroll.

The woman in the red robe stepped forward to look at it, and suddenly she smiled and grabbed the portrait that her sister was portraying. The sister was anxious: "You are back!"

"Let's see, oh, my innocent and mysterious sister Wu'er also started to draw lovers?"

The woman in the red robe pointed ridiculously at the scroll; above him was a portrayal of a handsome and evil-looking boy with a tall figure and a cynical smile on the corner of his mouth.

"He's the one who disrespected you, hum, don't let me catch it, dare to harm my wonderful sister, I will cut him in minutes!"

The woman in the red robe said fiercely, and the lady in the blue dress was anxious: "Don't mess with it. If it weren't for the Qingyao jade dew from your family, your injury might not be good now."

"Cut, it is clearly the place where Wanqing Jasper Dew first investigated by our family is located. Why did he **** it!"

The red robe woman pouted, and at this moment, there was a trembling shock from thousands of miles away, and the tens of thousands of golden awns emptied and raised.

"This is the light of Jinsheng Yuan Coin! A strange treasure is born!"

The red robe woman's eyes lit up, and then immediately flew into the sky, flashing into a stream of light in the sky. Before leaving, she also told her sister.

"Sister Miao'er, you go to the ancient temple to meet with everyone. Let me fight for such things as treasure!"

Qin Miaoer pursed his lips.

"Have you returned the painting to me anyway..."


On the top of the misty mountain, Lin Chen slowly opened his eyes, and a sharper light penetrated from his pupils and burst out!

"The effect is so strong, Ziqing realizes the truth, it really is well-deserved!"

After Lin Chen took Zi Qing Wu Dao Guo, two days and two nights passed. This time he has gained more than any other practice in the past!

The first to be affected was Lin Chenyue and Hundred Spear Fighting, two of Lin Chens best combat skills. After his consciousness improved, the two major combat skills were inferred by Lin Chen many times in the mind. The essence part creates a new combat skill!

Lin Chen opened the system Gong Fa item.

[Zi Ming's top-level best-of-breed combat skill "Mirror Bright Moon", proficiency: 100% Strengthening level: +13. Strengthening effect: The power is increased by 240%.

[Purple top-level best fighting skills "Ten Fighters Ten Forms", proficiency: 100%. Strengthening level: +13. Strengthening effect: The power is increased by 240%.

"A Ziqing Taoist fruit not only improved my perception by a large amount, but also transformed my two major combat skills from the purple top-level best grade to the purple top-grade best grade, and the power has skyrocketed by more than seven times. , I take the essence of the Ashura tribe, reduce it to ten forms, and still inherit the original enhancement level!"

Lin Chen was very excited. If he strengthened the skill of this grade to +13, he would need at least 40,000 to 70,000 strengthening points. His "Death" arrow method is the best example.

Lin Chen made a breakthrough in the two major exercises, and even accounted for a big bargain!

"The power of the practice will increase with the improvement of the master's strength, but most of the practice level will not break through. The purple and green enlightenment is really turning the rotten into a magical thing. I still have six such treasures at hand. , Take advantage of it!"

These two major combat skills soared, Lin Chen's strength has risen again.

Boom~! Sigh~!

Suddenly, Wan Dao Jin Guangqi rushed to the Han Dynasty, Lin Chen's current spiritual strength is not what it used to be, and instantly caught the direction of this special Jin Hui emergence, could not help but be surprised!

"This seems to be the light of the Golden Saint Yuan Coin? There are less than three days from the date when the ancient temple was opened, and there is more than time. There is another treasure born outside. Go and see!"

Lin Chen didn't say anything, stepped on the'dark step' shuttle, and in a short time turned into a remnant, swept into the mist.

Now Lin Chen's spiritual power has been unimpeded in the spiritual fog. When he rushed to the outside, the two mountain gorges in the center of a hundred miles away lifted an ancient tomb palace out of thin air. Countless days of arrogance are playing together. Afterimages sweep across the sky!

"Good guy, there are relics born, how can I miss someone in Lin!"

Lin Chen was very excited, and rushed over; within a moment, he slammed into the tomb, but the entire tomb was thousands of feet tall, with countless golden lights shining inside, and one or two dazzling golden lights shot from the front of the tomb door from time to time. !

Each golden light is a golden holy yuan coin, which is worth ten thousand silver holy yuan coins. This has led to the thousands of Tianjiao gathered around them to **** the golden holy yuan coins.

In this main battlefield, there are signs of gold holy yuan coins, and any one of Tianjiao who takes it will be besieged by dozens of hundreds of people, instantly move to the Lord, and repeat this process continuously, so far no one can win it. Everyone killed red eyes!

After all, the temptation of Jinshengyuan coins is too great!

How long will it take for them to collect 10,000 silver holy yuan coins!

"So many gold holy yuan coins are born, but there is no genius list here, so they are so crazy!"

Lin Chen quickly sees through the situation, only the genius list genius, can only dominate dozens of arrogance!

"Take him three, seventy-one and twenty-one, just grab it and talk!"

Lin Chen raised his hand as a punch!

Bang ~! The pure power that smashes the starfall is like a wild dragon fleeing into the sky. A fist crushes a passage, and the Tianjiao, who has just snatched the Golden Saint Yuan coin, is instantly retreated, and the other party vomits blood and retreats.

The golden holy gold coins of the shimmering golden mansions dropped into the void, causing everyone to be crazy!

"Kill! As long as I grab one, I will be able to buy the purple top-level top-level combat skills!"

"I only need one, and I will get one if I grab one!"

Countless people hysterically roared in their hearts, urged many physical skills, stunts, and rushed to the gold holy yuan coin, but was easily held in the palm of a silver robe boy.

"who is it?"

"Fight him!"

All Tianjiao didn't say a word, and immediately made another wave. As long as anyone grabs the Golden Saint Yuan coin, there is no time for him to use the ring, and the face is a wild attack!

"Seven changes, three inch robbery!"

Lin Chen launched a sevenfold change, and the breath surged to the late nineth layer. In an instant, he circulated three layers of crystal energy, and then urged the Jinjiao Xuangang to cover the whole body.

Bang Bang Bang!

Allowing a lot of fighting to attack the mighty crazy bombardment on himself, Lin Chen calmly included the Golden Saint Yuan coins in the ring!

His defense is so hard that his scalp is numb!