My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 831

Vol 5 Chapter 831: I'm Really Gone

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Chapter 831

"How is he dead?"

"Where did the Golden Saint Yuan coins go, why didn't they fall out?"

Many Tianjiao's eyes were red, and when the dust spread out, a figure stood in front of everyone!

Everyone is dumbfounded!


Bang ~!

Lin Chen's head suddenly rose up a vast spiritual ghost, suddenly burst out a soul sound wave!

Buzz! Buzz! Buzz!

Countless days of arrogance suffered from the screams of violent hurricanes, covering their temples in pain.

Lin Chen waited for the opportunity to break out of the encirclement, and then joined the second battle circle to **** the second gold Shengyuan coin!



Seven Tianjiao were repulsed by a palm. The glamorous red-robed woman proudly stepped into the air, holding the golden Shengyuan coins. No one dared to approach her anymore, because most people were sober from the crazy snatching operation and recognized it. The woman in front of you!

"The genius list 91155, **** Guren Qin Jueyan!"

"Run! How did you meet this goddess of God, my goodness, I heard that she likes women and hates men. It seems that her favorite thing to do is to abuse men, so I don't want to fall into her hands!"

"It's terrible. I have seen more than 30 people join forces. I have seen the breeze Kyushu and drunk one sword on the genius list. Even he has no such strength!"

"Nonsense, she and the drunk Yijian differ by 8,000 rankings! The two are not at the same intensity!"

All the arrogance of Tianjiao collapsed in time, and nearly a hundred denominations of Tianjiao recovered from the mad robbery.

If there are only more than 99,000 genius lists, they still have a first-line opportunity to fight, but they encountered this female devil, and they didn't hit it at all!

Hell Red Lotus Qin Jueyan comes from the Qin family of Sanpin family.

This family is said to have the potential to become a Sipin force, but it has always acted in a low-key manner. Only this Qin Jueyan can be said to be a real female demon, famous for looking down on men. Any male trying to approach and approach her has no good ending, including The male genius of the genius list!

The geniuses of the ranks of the genius list all respected her, let alone their ordinary arrogance!

On the other side of the battlefield, Lin Chen grabbed four gold holy yuan coins and harvested the most abundant. Some of the arrogance that besieged him finally found out after a round of crusade that this person is a great arrogant who is not weaker than the genius of the genius list!

"Now my Qingyao tree has begun to enter the growth period, I don't need to use Jinshengyuan coins to catalyze its growth, I can accumulate Jinshengyuan coins and use them to repair my eighth-order knife, blue moon!"

After Lin Chen reassuredly accepted the fifth gold holy yuan coin, Zijin pupil turned around, and Lin Chen found another gold holy yuan coin soaring out of the tomb!

"There is one more!"

Lin Chen rushed forward without saying a word, stepped on an infinite dark step, and the people who had taught his strength gave way, and no longer dared to confront him head-on.

The golden light flashed, and Lin Chen reached for it, but almost at the same time, a delicate and white jade hand also came over, trying to catch the gold coin.

Lin Chen's eyes narrowed, and the fist suddenly turned into a fist. The other party seemed to feel his fighting intent and immediately took a shot!


The fist was violent, the flames of fighting gas rolled and rolled, and both sides retreated.

However, Lin Chen had already prepared to imprison the Jinshengyuan coins with his spiritual strength. When he retreated, he had urged the "seven must pull" to destroy the other party's war thread **** with the Jinshengyuan coins. Palm.

"Oh? There are two times, so mysterious pure power application skills, not a soft-footed shrimp man."

Qin Jue-yan, a charming red robe woman, has a lot of interest, her red lips rise, and she draws a charming smile.

"This woman is also very strong!"

Lin Chen's eyes narrowed; Jin Shengyuan coins were immediately taken away.

A lot of Tianjiao held their breath, did the two finally meet, the two of them were the strongest in the game!

"Huh? It's you!"

When Qin Jueyan saw Lin Chen's face clearly, he was taken aback for a moment and took out the picture scroll for comparison. It turned out to be him!

"That's the one who robbed my sister of something that was not polite to her?"

Qin Jueyan's words were astonishing, and a lot of Tianjiao looked at Lin Chen in astonishment!

Lying trough, what is the origin of this big brother, you dare to move Qin Jueyan's sister?

"Oh! It turns out that you are her sister. Why is there a big gap between sister and sister?"

Lin Chen raised her eyebrows in amusement, wondering.

"Let's talk nonsense, give me the baby you gave my sister, otherwise I will cut you first!"

Qin Jueyan's charming smile was mixed with a killer.

Someone Lin pretended to be frightened and covered his crotch: "What do you want to do, I tell you, my baby is my gun, the gun is here, the gun is dead!"

"Fart, I don't want your gun! How dare you play tricks on Miss Ben, look for a fight!"

Qin Jueyan turned his smile into anger. Between his angers, the hands lifted the void, the five fingers burned the red flame, and turned into a red lotus, and continued to explode the fighting spirit into the five fingers, instantly condensed into a large acre of huge fire palm suddenly shot to the forest Chen!


Lin Chen issued three strokes and eight wild fingers, and then punched the "Three Powers into One" to urge the charged rune to hit the giant palm of the fire with one punch!

"The flame of being overbearing is really a level of strength with her sister, and the younger sister is more decisive than her sister in killing and cutting, and the sense of oppression is stronger!"

Lin Chen stepped back step by step, secretly startled in his heart, and his "Fire Burning Tribulation Body" with the fire energy of over 100 million points was suppressed by this woman when it was launched!

"Red Lotus Blade!"

Slim hands like a knife, swaying and turning into a red-screen flame blade, Lin Chen was forced to urge the nine-robbery body with all his strength, blessed with pure power and mobilized the ``Seven Powers'' to play crazy, forcibly shaking the opponent!

The two sides fought together, Lin Chen suddenly fell into the downwind, the strange red flame forced him to step away from the dark steps several times to avoid flash.

Lin Chen was not afraid of playing when he scored, but he was afraid that when the score is difficult to understand, he would have to belong to others when he continued to be born.

"Hey, I tell you, I'm gone now!"

"Ghost believes in you, if you are willing to give my sister, you don't want to give it to me, okay, I'm just counting on you to tease my sister Miao'er, until you give it!"

"I depend, grandma, I really don't have any drops!"

The conversation between the two dumbfounded everyone present!

Qin Jue-hyan needs someone else's "baby" to speak. Does this big brother have any drops?

"This elementary school brother is really fucking..."

"I heard that Qin Jue-hyang is not interested in men, what is the situation today..."

When the heavens were proud, Qin Jue-hyan pressed hard, approaching Lin Chen with a more terrifying form of combat skills, slender hands quickly dancing, and several combat skills were frequently played, threatening Lin Chen.

"None drop? You deceived ghosts, you gave your sister a few dozen bottles at a time, but I didn't drop a single one? I see that you are just looking at my wonderful sister!"

Lying trough!

Many Tianjiao almost shocked their chin!

Damn, can it still be bottled? Do you give dozens of bottles?


It must be crazy!

"This little brother is really energetic..."

"It's so nice to be young, I thought I would have to wind up and urinate casually at that time. Looking at it now, I'm urinating a shoe."