My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 832

Vol 5 Chapter 832: I Invite You To Dinner

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Chapter 832

Seeing Qin Jueyan not letting go of himself, Lin Chen finally could not bear it!

"Forcing me to shoot, right? The ultimate moment!"

Lin Chen opened the ultimate moment, the speed of the foot robber vortex suddenly increased, several flashes in a row, avoiding the lightning pinch of the spiritual imprint of both hands, and the eruption of the horrible spirit of the eyebrow at the eyebrow, the pillar of light annihilated across the void!

"Bailie Qingyan Palm!"

Hundreds of fire-like shuttles of red flame condensed into palms and walked away!

Bang ~! Bang~!

The azure annihilation energy and the red flame giant palm exploded the chaotic storm. Lin Chen and Qin Jueyan retreated at the same time. The latter looked slightly dignified.

"This kind of spiritual stunt, even my sister has to be taken seriously. This guy really is not ordinary, but my spiritual origin has not been completely completed, and I need some kind of his magical treasure. I can't let him go!"

Just before the two sides were ready to fight again, the towering Qianzhang Tomb Mansion squeaked wide open and raised, immediately attracting everyone's attention!

There is no sign of the appearance of this tomb palace. It was originally because a certain sect disciple activated the prohibition near this place and caused it to break out of the ground.

In addition, most of the geniuses in the mysterious realm of Fancang Moon were attracted to the Ancient Temple, so that only Lin Chen and Qin Jueyan could live here.

No one knows the origin of this tomb mansion, but since it can reveal the vision of the golden holy yuan coin, it represents the accumulation of top-level exotic treasures in it!

"Quick, go in!"

"If you miss it, there will be no more. There may be infinite treasures in it. It is worthwhile to just get it!"

A large number of heavenly arrogances poured in quickly, but Lin Chens heart felt a sense of something wrong. His spiritual strength was not much higher than before, after refining Wanqing Jasper Dew, and the enhancement level of the Taishi Bible increased, making Lin Chen The spiritual perception is far more than ordinary people!

"! There is something waking up inside!"

Lin Chen's face suddenly changed suddenly, and Qin Jueyan on the side seemed to feel it too. The two people's body suddenly retreated, prompting the body movement at full speed!

"Cquack! The current generation is vulgar, just throw a few gold coins and silver coins to attract a group of stupid people, all reduced to puppets and food!"

A terrible sharp laughter came from the dark and deep cave mansion, and the endless dark-colored fighting turned into a black shadow covering the world, and suddenly emerged from the gate of the tomb.

Black Shadow burst out a lot of black mist blasting at every Tianjiao present, even Lin Chen and Qin Jueyan were no exception, all bound them in the void in an instant!

"What the **** is this!"

"My fighting spirit can't work anymore, I can't even open the ring!"

"This is a strong dark line of fighting spirit that is far more than the ordinary war emperor realm. We were deceived. It is not a treasure here at all. Those golden holy yuan coins were bait just now!"

Many Tianjiao came back from the moment, full of remorse and annoyance. They were stunned by the temptation of Jin Sheng Yuan Coin. If they just left the first time, how could there be so much fart!

"Oops! This bunch of black mist is eroding my fighting spirit, I can't even run it, I'm locked up!"

Qin Jueyan's expression is solemn, and this crisis is probably not trivial!

"I don't know if he has a way..."

Qin Jueyan looked at Lin Chen subconsciously, but when Lin Chen looked calm, he even showed a trace of excitement staring at the strange tomb house!

"This guy actually smiled? Does he have a way?"

Qin Jueyan's heart is strange; at this time, what Lin Chen saw was completely different from others!

He clearly saw the black shadow in the tomb mansion, flashing the light of multi-colored attribute light balls, which were the five-light supreme treasure box that Lin Chen dropped when he killed the false god!

The treasures from the Five Lights Supreme Treasure Box are as precious as the same. Lin Chens Qingyao trees are grown from the Five Lights Supreme Treasure Box. In addition to the fall of the false god, Lin Chen has never encountered this level. The box shows how precious this treasure chest is!

And now it is just in front of Lin Chen's eyes, how can someone Lin be unimpressed!

"Huh? There seem to be other things, hiss? This is, alien crystal fragments?"

With the help of the light of the attribute treasure chest, Lin Chen clearly saw that there was a piece of dark and dark crystal fragment suspended next to the five-light supreme treasure chest.

Lin Chen thought, with a few brushes, several Tianjiao, who had previously grabbed the front row, were pulled into the tomb mansion.

"Young blood and flesh are so delicious!"

A cold smile came from the tomb, and many Tianjiao couldn't help showing a look of despair!

Thats it, its estimated that everyone present today must be swallowed by this monster!

Suddenly, someone laughed from Lin.

"Hello, that big guy who is not black and autumn, bully looks ugly, what's the matter, you have the ability to eat me who looks handsome!"

Everyone was stunned, and immediately turned around to look at Lin Chen with gratitude.

They suddenly found that this guy who robbed several gold coins was not so annoying, nice!

Great people! Actually die for them first, this son must be a great man!

"As long as it drags me to the inside, the slow rune is launched at the first time, and then a avatar is released to steal the treasure chest and the crystal fragments at the fastest speed, and then I launch the super-dimensional teleport directly back to the Dragon Emperor, The plan is perfect!"

Lin Chen made up his mind and continued to sneer: "What's the matter, big guy, lived too long, become coerced? You have the ability to eat me first!"

"Oh, really eager to die, then complete you!"

Tomb House Black Shadow sneered, brush ~! Drag Lin Chen to the tomb!

"Supreme treasure chest, I am Lin!"

Around Lin Chens state of mind can not help but show a few fluctuations in his heart, always ready to launch a slow rune!

Lin Chengang was dragged into the tomb mansion by the dark mist. The strange black shadow inside protruded the black claws and reached him. The moment before he touched him, Lin Chen burst into a fiery orange light!

"Ah! You, you have that person's breath inside you!"

The shrieking screams echoed Zhou Tian, and the black shadow touched the dazzling orange light, as if being expelled by natural enemies, the tide fell and the tide fell back into the tomb! All Tianjiao was liberated from this moment!

Boom! The Qianzhang Tomb suddenly collapsed and quickly retracted to the ground. This strange scene even Lin Chen didn't expect!

He only felt a warm feeling flowing through his body, as if some force was sheltering him, and then he saw the big guy retracting to the ground!

"Lying Groove! My Amorphous Fragment, My Supreme Treasure Chest, don't go!"

Lin Chen was immediately anxious, knowing that the tomb was like a mouse seeing a cat, almost retracted to the ground in only one breath!

Everyone is a little dreamy, is this saved? The ups and downs of life are too fast, right?

Qin Jueyan stared at the anxious teenager standing between the ground, and even when he heard his anxious cry, his mouth twitched!

"Brother, why are you leaving? Come back! Why don't you stop eating me? If you think I'm not good, I can invite you to dinner!"

Lin Chen knocked on the ground, suddenly anxious!

"Brother, come back soon! Wow, I would like to ask you to eat a midnight health care all in one train. Don't leave, just give me a face and come back!"

A group of Tianjiao who had just been put to death and succumbed to the cold air!

Crazy, this cliff is crazy!

Damn, this thing is terrible. Everyone here is not enough to stop it. Do you still invite it for dinner?