My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 833

Vol 5 Chapter 833: Beyond The Beauty Of The World

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Chapter 833


The sea of turbulence raged, a palace in the sea stood between heaven and earth.

The whole body of the temple shone with azure blue light, and turned into an energy enchantment forbidden to protect the surrounding of the ancient temple, letting the huge waves can't destroy one thousandth of it.

The whole palace was terrible, so far, it could not see the end.

Outside the palace, thousands of figures are floating in the air floating on the sea, guarding each other and being vigilant. These people are all sectarian arrogance from the Ancient Temple.

Among these thousands of people, there is no lack of some arrogant arrogance who stepped into the genius list. Even in the face of the genius list, the genius can fight one or two. They united so far, in order to be able to obtain a chance against the sky, Step into the sky and set foot on the genius list!

And more than thirty figures stepping in front of it have become the focus of the audience!

Some of them are indifferent and arrogant, as if disregarding everything.

Some talk and laugh in the wind, showing absolute self-confidence, firmly believe that they will get something.

Some are solo, lonely and mysterious.

Some are arrogant and overbearing, and their expressions are full of contempt for the contempt of everyone!

They are all the most dazzling existence in all Tianjiao!

One foot of BihaiShui Tiansuo, breeze KyushuDrunken Sword, PlayboyYin Qingyun, star pole swordJi Qingming, red moon roseSu Qing. BingtongLan Ruoxue and so on, many geniuses in the genius list all gathered!

36 geniuses have gathered here?

It can be described as the most prosperous scene of this Cangyue trial!

Suddenly, snowflakes fluttered, and the cold between the world and the earth was cold, like the winter came. Even the Tianjiao, who specializes in the ice system, couldn't help but feel the coldness of the cold!

In the air, a beautiful woman is so beautiful that you can take the wind.

This beautiful shadow that almost all male arrogance can't miss, she is like a icy snowflake, blooming on top of the mountain and living alone.

Anyone who glanced at her seemed to have a chill that penetrated the bone marrow, and together with the geniuses who were women, they didn't consciously marvel at her temperament and face!

The beautiful lady stood quietly with her eyes closed, her skirt wins the snow, her skin was like ice, and she shone with a faint luster and icy ice. She was slender, but she showed beautiful and exquisite silhouettes and lines, and a pair of black eyebrows seemed to be curved. Qingyue, the lips of the cherry blossoms are satin-brushed, and the teeth are sapphire, the veil is like smoke, and the three thousand green silks are like white snow and silver silks.

Contrary to the cold and ice-like cold sense of the prison, the beautiful lady's temperament that transcends all the beauty of the world reveals a coldness and dust that refuses to be thousands of miles away, which makes you feel a sense of ashamedness standing beside her. .

Extremely beautiful, extremely cold. People are born with a sense of distance, as if these beautiful women are perfect representatives and should not belong to anyone. They should have been like a cold ice moon, reflecting the world.

"What a beauty"

"This is the true biography of the newly recruited geniuses at Bingxin Palace, the holder of the Nine Absolute Cold Vessel Constitution..."

"There are not many such holy beauties..."

"It's a terrible cold, and even my fighting spirit is terrified by three points, this woman is not an idle person!"

Many Tianjiao swallowed hard and took a few unconscious steps back. One was fear, and the other was subconscious self-defilement. Standing next to such a beautiful woman beyond the world would only highlight her own embarrassment!

Ji Qingming, standing on the side of the sword, showed deep intoxication and admiration, such a woman, the geometry of the world, the geometry of the Holy World! This is the goddess in his mind!

This peerless beauty standing silently and quietly is like Leng Yueqi who has been away for a long time!

Today, she is already in the late Jiu Chong cultivation. When she was picked up on the mainland of Kyushu in the past, it was still not in the Yuanzun Realm. In March, Kyushu, three years in the Holy Realm, and three years in the Holy Realm, she actually ascended from the Yuanzun Realm. To the late Emperor Jiuzhong!

Compared to Lin Chen, she is a real step forward! And the boarding is more stable and stronger than Lin Chen!

Moreover, her "Nine Absolute Cold Vessels" completely changed her temperament and breath, becoming colder and more indifferent than before. Almost all people she knows will not reveal the second expression!

But even so, her temperament and beauty are still beautiful and ancient!

The female geniuses present couldnt help but wonder, such as BingtongLan Ruoxue, Red Moon RoseSu Qing, and several other female geniuses who were on the list. .

But they are ashamed compared to this woman! More than one fell short, the gap is too big!

"Is this the cousin's fancy woman? Sure enough, this is the first time I have seen such a beauty. I can't describe her in 10,000 times with any words."

The gray-robed man beside Ji Qingming laughed and patted Ji Qingming's shoulder: "Relax, her strength is not inferior to the list of geniuses, but after all, it is too young, when the ancient temple opens, the cousin will help you take her down , Find you a chance to cook mature rice!"

Ji Qingming heard the news and was ecstatic with excitement. He quickly thanked his cousin-"Thank you cousin. If this can be done, the younger brother will definitely serve the cousin!"

"Hey, who is our brother?"

The gray-robed man smiled boldly, but in the depths of his eyes, there was a cold, vicious and evil light...

At this time, there are still sectarian arrogances coming, and there are a few genius lists geniuses gathering, and the genius lists gathered here instantly exceed forty!

Everyone was standing still, waiting for the opening of the ancient temple, and the increasing number of people made everyone start to form a team in order to fight against the strength of the genius list.


the other side;

"Brother, I invite you to dinner, you come out!"

Bang Bang Bang ~!

The fists covered by Jin Jie Xuan Gang bombarded the earth veins one after another, Lin Chen anxiously called the tomb palace just now, and even split the earth vein in half, between the fists swaying, through the depths of a hundred feet Ground.

This scene saw a lot of arrogance, turned around and ran!

Damn, are you still waiting to die now? This kid is a guy with a big brain. The monster finally ran away. He actually wanted to invite others to come back for dinner. This is a lunatic!

After a series of beatings, Lin Chen found that the other party had escaped into the ground, and he didn't know where to go. Lin Chen couldn't help but feel extremely depressed, sitting in the cracks of the ground.

This watched a five-light treasure chest and a piece of alien crystal run away from his own eyes. Is there anything more **** in the world than this?

What if there are permanent orange-level talent fragments inside the five-light chest? Or is it the second Qi Yun Ling planting seeds?

"Damn, take a step back to the sea and the sky, and the more you think, the more you lose!"

Lin Chen was furious and smashed into the crack of the ground. With a bang, he broke a crack, and the golden glittering dozens of gold holy yuan coins came out!

"Huh? It was the big guy who left too quickly and left me a consolation prize anyway!"

Lin Chen put away quickly, a total of thirteen, plus the five gold holy yuan that he just snatched and the remaining two, Lin Chen held a total of twenty gold holy yuan!

"Hello, are you okay?"

Qin Jueyan's voice came from outside. She hadn't gone yet?