My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 834

Vol 5 Chapter 834: Mingyue

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Chapter 834

Lin Chen jumped out of the ground and said to Qin Jueyan, "What are you doing? I'll say yes first, but I don't have any drops."

"Cut, don't give, don't give."

Qin Jueyan curled his lips, then looked at Lin Chen for a while, and nodded with satisfaction. He said to himself: "Well, very young, great."

Someone Lin was cautiously covering her crotch, what did she want to do, I only have one specialty, wouldn't she want to do that to me?

"By the way, if you have this kind of strength, why are you not on the genius list?"

Suddenly, Qin Juyan asked curiously.

Lin Chen waved his hand angrily-"I am not a person in the Holy Realm. I haven't been to the Holy Realm for less than a month. I don't know anything about it and I don't know how to make the list."

Qin Jueyan was shocked, he was not a person of the Holy Realm? Less than a month after I first came to Holy World?

"If he didn't lie, wouldn't he have the strength of the genius list just one month after he came to the Holy Realm? This is too terrifying, how he is holy!"

Qin Jue-yan was shocked in his heart, and immediately considered Lin Chen's possibility of ignoring his own possibility.

Buzz~! Qin Jueyan's palm shone with a golden light, and a golden list appeared, throwing it to Lin Chen-"Here, this is for you, this thing is called Jin Bang, and a special method is used by a powerful saint. System. If you engrave your basic information into the gold list, you will be qualified to be on the talent list."

Lin Chen was curious to open the golden list, but he saw a brilliant piece of gold without any trace of words, which contained a different kind of space power.

"If you hold a gold list and fight against the genius of the genius list, if the other party promises to bet on the ranking name and win the game, the opponent's ranking will be taken away. If you hold the gold list and kill the genius in the genius list, the gold list will automatically record your The situation will replace the ranking of the genius you originally killed and replace your name."

Qin Juyan explained patiently; Lin Chen was curious-"What are you doing telling me?"

"It's just about repaying your life-saving grace. If it weren't for you, the strange big guy wouldn't run away."

Qin Jue-hyun has a long and charming smile. Lin Chen always feels that this woman is not simple, but he just needs this gold list, it is better to push the boat along the river and see the opportunity.

"I don't like what I owe to others. The only thing I did was save myself, but not save you."

Lin Chen threw a bottle of Qingyao Yulu to her, and the lady rejoiced and immediately smiled charmingly-"Dont you say that one drop is gone, it seems that there are still some, it seems there are a lot~"

"I won't give it to you." Lin Chen glanced at her, and would send a ray of fighting spirit to register her basic name in the gold list. The golden light flashed, and the gold list was engraved with Lin Chen's name.

Lin Chen holds a sectarian token at hand. If he can have a ranking of geniuses, he will then register his own luck sapling, and he will definitely be able to create a real sect and be qualified to enter many secret realms, so he is not afraid of falling behind the Holy Realm. Wicked geniuses!

Qin Jueyan was hot and sexy, and her eyes were silky. She leaned in the direction of Lin Chen. The hot figure shook a wave of snow and asked with a smile: "You are going to the ancient temple next? ?"

Someone Lin stared at her generously and touched her chin with a bad smile-"I am indeed going to the ancient temple, but even if you are with you, it will be troublesome if you fire the gun."

Qin Jue-yan was stunned, his hands swayed gently, and he grumbled: "Huh, I don't know what to do, I'm really a man with a sense of style."

Lin Chen was too lazy to pay attention to her, and launched the "super-dimensional transmission" talent!

[The system starts the super-dimensional transmission and starts to transmit to the space coordinate No. 2.

Brush ~! Lin Chen's light beam broke open above his head, and his entire body disappeared in place, shocking Qin Jueyan's eyes!

"What a terrible space secret technique, this is really not easy! I can't fall behind!"

Qin Juyan jumped forward, turning a ray of fire into the void and disappearing.


The light of the space flashed, Lin Chen returned to the dragon's back again, at this time Sister Su Lan was still practicing, and the five avatars were protected.

Lin Chen sat on the back of the dragon and opened the Taoyuan capsules. At this time, the Qingyao tree had grown to 66 meters high, occasionally producing a lot of Qingyao dew, and a large number of silver holy yuan coins stacked under the tree!

In addition, there are a small number of top-quality natural treasures and medicinal herbs; true Yanguo, nuclear dragon leaf, ice green lotus, Tianchen Bodhi, Wanqing Sudo, etc. Special products, many different properties of Tiancai Dibao will also continue to grow!

Lin Chen added a small amount of Tianyi Shengshui this time, the growth rate is faster, the Qingyao tree grows to 73 meters at a speed that is visible to the naked eye, the branches and leaves are shining with golden bright silver awns, and more silver Shengyuan coins are produced!

"There was no such condition before, now is the time!"

A trace of perseverance crossed Lin Lin's eyes. He opened the Najie and placed a knife box into the Taoyuan Township's capsule.

The knife box is opened, it is a dilapidated azure blue knife, the spirit is lost, and it is almost completely damaged, it is like Lin Chen's "azure blue moon"!

In the battle with the pseudo-god, this self-damaged eighth-order knife was completely damaged, and it was no longer usable. Wandering on the edge of permanent damage, Lin Chen also had a chance to use it, but its spiritual charm was almost It disappears, and no one can sense it.

Now, Lin Chen wants to restore it!

With Lin Chen's casting technique, he can't reach the point of restoring the holy tool. The true holy artifacts are divided into nine grades. Above the nine grades, the legendary ninth-level artifact may be the only one.

And the intact blue moon in the heyday is the second-grade sacristy!

Lin Chen wants to use the Golden Saint Silver Coin and the Silver Holy Yuan Coin to restore it. With this knife in hand, his strength must have skyrocketed, even against those top geniuses!

Lin Chen placed the azure blue moon under the Qingyao tree, and the pile of more than 40,000 silver holy yuan coins seemed to feel, and began to gather towards the azure blue moon. !

"not enough."

Lin Chen threw out fifteen gold holy yuan coins, suspended directly above the knife, shining under the dazzling golden light, the splendid golden glow came as a miracle, and the inside of the Huanghuang Shengweipu knife.

The dim blue moon that was originally dilapidated and dim, the spirit of the spirit rhyme began to explode, and the knife was flowing through the body!

It is like a vortex of a bottomless hole, swallowing the energy of silver holy yuan coins and gold holy yuan coins wildly!

However, because "Zhanlan Mingyue" didn't really recognize the Lord, it was not completely controlled by Lin Chen, so Lin Chen should always divide his spiritual thoughts to calm the Taoyuan capsule and avoid being destroyed by the knife.

Two days and days passed by quickly.

The azure blue moon in Taoyuan's capsules was reborn, and the gap of the blade was roughly restored, consuming more than 60,000 silver holy yuan coins and fifteen golden holy yuan coins from Lin Chen, and the power was not restored to the original 40%, but at least it was completely usable. Too.

What Lin Chen didn't expect was that the azure blue moon that he thought needed to be suppressed even let him confess his blood!