My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 835

Vol 5 Chapter 835: One Against Six

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Chapter 835

"It should be that during the war of pseudo-gods, I briefly possessed the strength of the Holy Realm, and I was fully integrated with the blue moon, and under the full battle, it caused it to subconsciously recognize me as the master, so my blood only recognized the master. No resistance!"

Lin Chen suddenly realized that he was completely unpredictable about this surprise!

Lin Chen continued to place the azure blue moon under the Qingyao tree, absorbing the energy of Yinshengyuan coins.

The current Qingyao tree can stably produce more than 10,000 silver holy yuan coins every day. This is only the growth period. If it grows to its peak, its output will even more than double!

"I can't control the full blue moon, if it only recovers to 50% power, I can still use it for a while..."

Bang ~!

At this time, there was a wave of shaking from the dragon body, the dragon emperor stopped flying, Lin Chen opened his eyes, and it was already a **** and chaotic ocean!

At the center of the ocean is a vast hall that stands in the sky and releases the atmosphere of the ancient civilization. The magnificent majesty is like a shining sun. If the prohibition in the hall is lifted, ordinary people can't even get close!

"This is the ancient temple?"

Lin Chen set off a turbulent wave in his heart, and his eyes could not see the end of the hall!

At this time, the hall door was open, countless battles, a series of battle spirits criss-crossed, entangled in a mess, and there were a variety of strange treasures, weapons, immortals, heavenly and earthly treasures, and swift blasts from the palace. , Lin Chen dazzled!

He is the rhythm of coming late!

"It seems that the ancient temple was opened in advance, and we will also grab it!"

Lin Chen and Su Lan looked at each other, and they rushed over with each other.

Lin Chen's five avatars came out together, and all of them launched the sevenfold change. Xiuwei temporarily entered the late stage of the ninth heavyweight.

The Dragon Emperor also turned into a humanoid, took Sister Su Lan together, flapped the purple phoenix wing, and started the dragon-swimming method and the shadow of the blue dragon. While hiding the breath, he rushed to the door of the ancient palace.

"Purple Tier High-grade Inferior Body Method "Nine Turns on Ice"? Good thing!"

"Three tier seven top-grade middle-grade Broken Aoki Dan, there are so many treasures in the ancient temple!"

When the two top Jiuzhong later Tianjiao came out of the encirclement, when they grabbed two streamers, their hearts were ecstatic!

boom! boom!

With two loud noises, the two were instantly blasted, vomiting blood and retreated, and the medicine and exercises in their hands were falling into the void!

"Who is it, mom dare to attack Lao Tzu?"

"What a weird attack, no attack track, quick withdrawal!"

The two turned around and swept away, but no attacker was found.

It was Lin Chens Dragon Emperor who shot!

With the strength of Dragon Emperor's more than 40 million dragon power, it can be described as a ``one punch, one child''. Few Tianjiao, who is as powerful as half a foot on the genius list, can confront it directly. Non-genius list geniuses cannot stop it!

"The Seal of IceSevenfold Frost!"

Tianshuang condensed the ice, and turned it into seven-fold sky ice to suppress it. The swordsman in Tsing Yi was shocked and stepped back.

"The two five-fold late war emperors teamed up to have such power, a combination of overbearing mentality and combat skills!"

The two sisters Su Lan joined forces to retreat a ninth-level mid-level pride and win the next volume of exercises!

The sisters had to wait and see the ranks in the future. The other party struck again, but was smashed by a dragon tail swept by the fury.

Although Sister Su Lans strength is not outstanding, as long as she does not encounter the genius list genius, no one can win the two sisters in a short time, coupled with the protection of the Dragon Emperor, Lin Chen doesnt need to worry about their safety at all. It is easier to harvest more treasures!

On the other side, Lin Chen's five avatars joined the battle around the ancient palace, making the battle even more chaotic!

The four avatars joined the battle circle, even if they did not start the "ultimate moment" talent, they also showed their strengths that are infinitely close to the genius list. !

[The host obtains 20,000 points of wood energy, 355 blank attributes, 30,000 points of mental power, 10,000 water energy, 20,000 wind energy, 20,000 earth energy, 10,000 gold energy, 10,000 points Thunder energy, 100,000 talent points, 80 strengthening points, 3 rune evolution stones......]

Lin Chens last avatar replaced him and took away the skylight attributed to the sky. There were countless arrogances in this place, which caused a fierce battle and left a large number of attributed lightballs. All of these attribute values were taken away by Linchen!

Lin Chen himself urged Zijin Hitomi to look around the audience for a lap, and immediately noticed the abnormality!

"No, although there are many treasures outside the ancient temple, but only three genius lists are snatching, and the inside of the ancient temple is where the treasures are born!"

Lin Chen turned to stare at the entrance of the ancient temple, which was constantly beating on the raging sea of anger. The entrance was filled with countless channels, and the upper half of the channel continued to shoot a lot of treasures.

The lower half of the passage highlights the'Nine Deaths and One Life' road. Every passage is full of institutions and crises. A little carelessness will trigger a highly toxic institution that can be spiked even in the later period of Jiuzhong.

Lin Chen could also vaguely see the Tianjiao of the individual nine-fold cultivation practice, and after a short period of time, it melted in the passageway, and the corpse did not exist!

"Good guys, its no wonder that these guys didnt dare to break in easily. It turned out that there were organs at the entrance. This is more like a screening ceremony. If you are willing to stop for the small profit in front of you, you cant go deeper to find a bigger one. Opportunity, if you dare to enter the inside, you are those who have great wisdom and courage and great luck."

Lin Chen's mouth scratched a smile.

However, this is not difficult for me Lin someone! He wants the attributes of the periphery, and he wants the treasures in the ancient temple!

The rain and dew are stained, but the headlines of the club are!

Lin Chen urged the +12 three-inch robbery defense, Xuangang Jin robbery battle flow turned the whole body, making Lin Chen indestructible, the red burning fire robbery was like a real fire burning Lin Chen's body, so that he was completely innocent !

Sigh~! Bang ~!

Lin Chen rushed into one of the passageways, and countless gates that could corrode the fighting spirit were hanged upside down, the floor opened an arrow hole, and thousands of poisonous arrows were shot, and the iron chain that could absorb the fighting spirit fell on the ceiling of the passageway. Strangled and shot in shock, like a storm.

If you are hit by any kind, even the Nine Heavy Mid and Late Warlords will be very troublesome and will fall if you are not careful!

Dang Dang Dang~! Throughout the passage, the golden light shone in an instant, and the fire flickered.

A large number of blades were broken, poison arrows died, and the chains were burnt out. When all the attacks hit Lin Chen, he all resisted hard and did not hide at all!

This scene fell in the eyes of a lot of Tianjiao who were hesitant to enter the channel, and could not help but whizzing!

What kind of genius is this? This kind of defense is as hard as a ghost!

Even the genius list has to dodge the attack, he actually resisted in this way?

Inside the ancient sanctuary; in the center of the hall, fights!

Although there are only more than 200 people, the battle here is even more shocking. When you count down, there are 47 geniuses in the list, and the scene is extremely chaotic!

And the most shocking thing is that in a war circle beside the hall, there are six genius list geniuses at the same time besieging a beautiful woman with a beautiful world?

She wins snow and skirts, moves fiercely, with one enemy against six, although the momentum is endless, but the battle has already fallen into the wind!

She still stood quietly with her eyes closed, and it was Leng Yueqi!