My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 836

Vol 5 Chapter 836: Who Dares To Move Her?

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Chapter 836 !

Of the more than two hundred people in the ancient temple, 47 are called the genius list, and the remaining one hundred are not mediocre. Most of them are half-footed into the genius list, each with their own means. Three to four people join forces to compete against the genius list, very weak!

None of the people who can enter the hall are idlers, they are all the arrogants who have surpassed the road of "Nine Deaths and One Life"!

"Girl, hand over Tianshuang Amorphous Crystal Fragments, we will let you go immediately, otherwise don't blame us for destroying the flowers!"

Barbaric Emperor Each hammer is filled with the power to shatter mountains and cut off rivers!

"Uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhvuril of the gods of God, I have long wanted to try it, hahaha, I will beat you to serious injuries later, I will have fun again!)

Yan Jinghong, who participated in the siege, had a sly smile on her face, her figure floating like a ghost, and her body was very fast. Between the short daggers, there were tricky killing opportunities, all of which were towards Leng Yueqi's eyes, ears, waist, heart and other dead ends. Assassination in the past!

"Cough~ It's great to look so beautiful. The more beautiful things are destroyed, the more enjoyable it is~"

FeiyinYin Qingyun drove three claw marks under the crotch of the fierce spirit cat under the crotch, and the fan edge shook gently.

"Give me Tianshuang Amorphous Crystal, little beauty, I will protect you."

Gu Tianxie holds a bone sickle in his hands and tears, every sickle is like a shocked moon turning, rushing behind Leng Yueqi!

"How is it, Yueqi sister, how are you thinking, be my cousins woman, take this "Yin Yang Gu", we will help you solve this life and death moment immediately, you can also harvest the Tianshuang Amorphous Fragment, you can do both in one fell swoop No. Otherwise, you alone will not end well for the five of us!"

The grey robe man clawed his hands, swiped them again and again, tearing the airflow with sharp claw marks, while assaulting repeatedly, secretly transmitting a voice to Leng Yueqi.

"Yueqi, don't you know my heart? As long as you are my woman, I will help you get everything you want in the ancient temple!"

The last one was actually Ji Qingming. While he was begging for a voice to Leng Yueqi, the Xuan Bing sword in his hand never stopped, and he swept across Leng Yueqi again and again!

The ancient temple opened, and Leng Yueqi was the first to enter. As soon as he entered the hall, there were a lot of treasures in the hall, which caused competition.

And because of the perception of'Nine Jue Hanmai', she recognized the Tianshuang Amorphous Fragment that was most useful to her at a glance. She immediately grabbed it, but was coveted by the four geniuses and immediately attacked. After her, Ji Qingming joined the two later!

"If you want me to take the Yin Yang Gu, you can speak up. The two hypocrites, you might as well be open as several other opponents. Ji Qingming, you can help me, but you dare to use your own sect, it is really amazing. Gagging! If I go back to the palace this time, I will let the owner do things according to the rules."

Leng Yueqi casts an indifferent glance at the two, and at the same time passing the sound quietly, she instantly pulls the ice bow to dance, turning the graceful and mysterious body to avoid many attacks again and again. Freeze freezes many offensives!

Yin-Yang Gu is extremely vicious. This thing is a male-only feminine wicked thing. If the person taking Yin Gu fails to interact with the party holding Yang Gu within the prescribed time, it will suffer from bites and bites, and it is inhumane.

Although Leng Yueqi has the strength to compare with the genius list, facing the geniuses other than 95,000, she is not afraid of even one enemy and two, but the six genius lists attack her, and Leng Yueqi can only fall into a situation of barely parry !

These six people are still attacking each other on the premise of guarding against each other. If the six people go together and fully cooperate with the World War I, the six genius lists will join forces completely. I am afraid that no one can stand alone to contend!

"A woman who doesn't know what to do, let's call a half-death first!"

The gray-robed man sneered, grasped the dragon like a dragon, and smashed it down in an instant, destroying a fighting spirit. Leng Yueqi pulls the ice bow, one arrow freezes the Canglong, and the two arrows break through!

"Ah, Yueqi, you will understand my intention in the future, now I can only wrong you!"

Ji Qingming sighed again and again, the speed of the move was even more points.

"This woman's strength is a bit of a wicked evil. If the battle of life and death is really fought, even if I rank in 94250, it may not be able to win her firmly!"

The gray-robed man had a sharp look, and slapped his backhand to the position behind Leng Yueqi, trying to create opportunities for others to sneak attack!

The light and cold air flowing in the slender hands condenses into a light curtain to unfold the palm, and Leng Yueqi retreats, and Yan Jinghong catches the gap, like a ghost, after a flash, a crazy smile, short dagger desire It broke the belly and pierced Leng Yueqi's white snow neck!

"Are you still going to use that trick?"

Leng Yueqi sighed in her heart, the coldness between her eyebrows rose sharply, and the cold snow fluttered in the space of a thousand squares, and the ice came suddenly!

Many other genius lists are also secretly observed. As long as there is any situation, they will immediately take advantage of the chaos, Bingxin Palace's first genius, how can its baby be scarce?

Almost half of the genius lists present are coveting the outcome of this battle!

The moment the golden dagger is about to break Leng Yueqi's defense, the change is steep!


The gray-white rune descends from the sky, and when it bursts apart, it instantly releases the infinite power of repression of the eight wildernesses, sealing off the space within five hundred feet near Leng Yueqi, and everyone and even their fighting spirit can't move for half a minute!

Leng Yueqi, who is about to start the mystery, is stunned!

Is this familiar feeling...

Tear ~!

Everyone can only see a shadow passing by, the air tearing sound exploded like a whistle, the corpse separated, and the first level fell to the ground!

Before he died, Yan Jinghong's face still showed an incredible look!

At this moment, all the genius list geniuses are creeping in time!


Yan Jinghong was actually killed? And yes, spike!

Genius list genius, which is not through numerous opportunities, life and death, accumulating all kinds of backgrounds and many means, a genius with a higher ranking may be able to defeat its genius with a lower ranking, but it is too difficult to talk about killing!

One-on-one heads-up, unless you encounter similar exercises or attribute restraint, otherwise you have to pay a huge price to kill geniuses who are also on the genius list. This price may even be the same!

So, the moment when Yan Jinghong was spiked, it completely shaken all the genius lists present!

Who is it that has such a strength that it can kill geniuses in a second?

The remaining five genius list geniuses are creepy, and they use all their power to break through the rune energy that binds them. The body suddenly flashes back in time!

Shadows emerged, as soon as the silver robe rolled over, the young man's waist was straight, and the childish face showed a cold and tyrannical murderous intention!

Leng Yueqi stared staringly at his back. The cold heart seemed to be blown in by a spring breeze, reflecting everything in her heart! As if standing behind him, he would carry the whole world for himself!

The azure war sword is in hand, like a round of rising Ran Mingyue, the young domineering hurricane, the silver robe has no wind automatically, the hunting is slamming, traversing beside the lady, the momentum of killing the sky is soaring, like an angry dragon. Ring the whole ancient temple!

"Damn, who dares to move her?"