My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 837

Vol 5 Chapter 837: Black Horse Club All The Staff Arrived

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Chapter 837

As soon as Lin Chen entered the ancient temple, he immediately noticed the fiercest battle circle in the temple.

He didn't care at first, but when he saw that Leng Yueqi was under siege, and Yan Jinghong's sneak attack was close at hand, his brain seemed to explode in an instant, and his killing intentions soared to the extreme!

Almost electro-optical flint, Lin Chen directly hit a 90 million rune energy to suppress all the genius list geniuses who besieged Leng Yueqi, instantaneously launched the ultimate moment, pulled out the "blue moon", rushed up at the fastest speed, a knife 'Speed of the Moon' cut across the head of Yan Jinghong, beheading Yan Jinghong on the spot!

Even though Zhanlan Mingyue didn't restore his full strength, in the end it was a second-grade sacrificial weapon, Yan Jinghong's defense card was stronger, and it was as thin as a piece of paper in front of this knife, it was not worth it!

Although the genius of the beheaded genius list was included in the sneak attack, Yan Jinghong's life-saving bottom card could not resist his sword, which shows that Lin Chen's strength has skyrocketed to a very terrifying point!

What does the genius in the spike genius list represent? This means that this person will have the strength to challenge all the geniuses here!

Bang ~!

The golden light burst, and a golden radiance rose from Lin Chen's body, and Jin Cancan's light condensed into a word pattern, and began to transform into a series of characters.

"Name: Lin Chen. Cultivation is as follows: Eightfold later period. Main practice mentality: unknown. Possession of power: unknown. Main achievements: beheaded genius list 99811: Tayan Jinghong Yan Jinghong."

The golden light is brilliant and changes into new characters!

"Genius Ranking: 99811, Lin Chen. Title: No."

Seeing this ranking, many genius list geniuses took a breath.

A new genius is born! But he is far more than this ranking!

"The knife in his hand seems to be far more than the top-grade top-grade tier seven!"

"What a terrible power, I have a feeling of trembling!"

"Is it the legendary eighth-order sacristy?"

"Shouldn't it be possible? Those who can control the holy weapon in the war emperor's territory, there are so few people on the genius list, but this person has just had a ranking!"

"I think of it! He was the dark horse club that led a group of geniuses to fight alone in the Shengqing Mountains, deputy director!"

A lot of Tianjiao looked shocked, and a few Tianjiao even aired when they recognized Lin Chen!

"It turned out to be him..."

Qin Miao'er, who was in the corner of the palace, flashed, revealing a little complicated look.

Lin Chen completely disregarded the attributed light ball and the ring of Yan Yanhong's fall. At this time, his murderous intentions skyrocketed. He just wanted to kill all the guys who hurt Yue Qi!

The dragon has a counterscale, and those who touch it die!

However, a more shocking scene appeared in front of everyone's eyes, under the eyes of all eyes, Leng Yueqi hugged him from behind Lin Chen!

The beauties who are so beautiful and extremely beautiful, beyond all the beauty of the world, have a smile!

The golden light above the void shone with the golden glow, reflecting the extraordinary smile of Fanghua Fanghua, the melting of all the icebergs, the warm breeze, shining into the hearts of everyone present, the cold to cold ice slowly Dissipated, actually lingering warmth.

Look at the Qingren City and then the Qingren Kingdom. The smile of the most beautiful person seems to be overshadowed by everything.

"You finally came!"

Leng Yueqi was crying with joy, her tears falling down her cheeks, and her hugs smoothed Lin Chens murderous intention.

Lin Chen grabbed the beauty's catkins and looked at him, holding the beauty in his arms, and he was overbearing and brazen.

Seeing Leng Yueqi's beautiful and exquisite cold cheeks appearing a shy red glow, all men are arrogant at times!

At this moment, there seemed to be countless heartbreaking voices.

The fairy above the bright moon seemed to fall into the dust. Before the incredible moment happened, everyone even thought that this extraordinary and cool person would never show laughter.

Because of the feeling she gave to people, it was too cold and dusty, perfect as if it were a unique work of art!

Ji Qingming was stunned in place, and his heart seemed to experience thousands and thousands of knives, broken from this moment, and his eyes became angry and red for a moment!

"Lin Chen, I am going to kill you! She is not the one you can touch!"

Ji Qingming was full of sword energy, his anger rushed to his heart, the star sword body and the meteorite debris broke out sharply, and the sharp sword light was like a star sword disturbing the wind and cloud!

The gray-robed man beside him couldn't help frowning, and sneered inwardly: "Is Qingming violent? Isn't it even a woman who can't let go of it?"

Lin Chen looked at Leng Yueqi in her arms, seeing her haemorrhage bleeding, and said in distress: "You have been wronged."

Leng Yueqi's expression returned to calm, and her delicate ear tips still had crimson afterglow. She shook her head and said, "Nothing hurts, minor injuries."

"They hurt you?"

Leng Yueqi nodded: "Well."

Lin Chen showed a hint of harmless smiles for humans and animals-"then all killed."

Inexplicably, the coldness of the five geniuses appeared in the cold, and the five people who previously attacked Leng Yueqi suddenly entered a state of alert!

"You recover your body first, and leave it to me."

Lin Chen's rare gentle smile, Leng Yueqi nodded, standing quietly and safely beside Lin Chen to recover the injury.

She believes Lin Chen very firmly. Even if there is a big event, Lin Chen will carry it down. He has always been like this. Only the world can't think of it. There is never a miracle he can't do!

Leng Yueqi is struggling to practice so far in order to catch up with his back!

"Oh, in a big tone, even if you can barely drive a holy weapon to kill a genius list, do you think you can kill five of us at the same time?"

The gray-robed man sneered with a raised eyebrow; he had seen that the clear blue moon in Lin Chens hands was an eighth-order holy weapon, but he was barely using it, and could not control it for a long time. He would be used by this knife for a long delay. It is hollowed out and unable to fight.

If Gu Tianxie, Yin Qingyun, Ji Qingming, Zou Yijue, and gray robe men, the five geniuses joined forces seriously, then such strength, even if the top genius in the genius list is over 80,000, it is impossible to win them!

Lin Chen put away the "Azure Blue Moon", and the arm eroded by Dao Qi also began to circulate the wood-recovered Jingyuan.

Then, with a wave of his hand, Nine Tribulation's fighting spirit condensed into the palm and snatched Yan Jinghong's satisfied ring and short dagger. Lin Chenyun smiled lightly.

"Indeed, you have to pay a higher price to kill you alone."

He exhausted 90 million rune energy at a stretch, and there were 2 billion points left for rune energy. To kill five people alone, Lin Chen would consume at least 200-300 million rune energy.

The huge amount of rune energy attribute value of the early 2 billion was obtained by his beheading the false gods. It was not the amount he could get by finding a place to pick up or madly kill the enemy. It is now his capital to break into the Holy World.

However, strictly speaking, Lin Chen is not one person!

"I said just now that the five of you must die today, even Lord Ye will not be able to protect you!"

The corner of Lin Chen's mouth was outlined with coldness, and he slowly raised his hand. With a snap, he snapped his crisp fingers!

Seeing this scene, some Tianjiao couldn't help but frown!

Damn, wouldn't it be...

Bang ~!

In the originally chaotic ancient hall, five powerful and terrifying breaths emerged from the passage in an instant, responding to Lin Chen's call!

The geniuses such as Su Qing and Zui Yijian who participated in the snatching battle at the moment can't help but whizz!

Sure enough, they are!

Today, Ji Qingming and Gu Tianxe, the five of them, are probably in big trouble!

The five figures, each with its own merits, stand tall and handsome, or domineering, or gentle and gentle, or indifferent and merciless, just stand behind Lin Chen!

Countless days of arrogance to see this scene, it can be described as terrified, scalp numb!

Dark Horse Club, all the staff arrived!