My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 838

Vol 5 Chapter 838: Life And Death Duel

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Chapter 838

Dark Horse Club, all the staff arrived!

The geniuses who have taught the power of the "Dark Horse Club" all smoked, and this group of guys **** a group of lunatics!

The dark horse emerged, specializing in the back!

Dark horse battle, life and death bearish!

On battle, these lunatics are all desperate levels!

In the previous battles, Lin Chens five avatars either looted strange treasures from the outside world, or picked up a large number of attribute light balls. Their strength has risen on average, and the most attributed are the element attribute value and spiritual power!

Mental power has risen by more than 2 million points, and the nine element attribute values have surged by more than 10 million points on average!

After the arrogance of the outside world in turn, there are not many people who fell, and the spiritual power attribute value they drop after death is very rich, Lin Chen did not miss it!

Now outside the ancient temple, many treasures are coming to an end. Many Tianjiao got their favorite opportunities and immediately ran away. The battle became more and more bland, but the battle in the ancient temple was just beginning!

"Okay, it's fair now. Today, five of you, but if any one of you is alive, my Lin will cut my brother on the spot! The kind of vertical cut, fuck, dare to move me!"

The monstrous murderous intention broke out in Lin Chen's eyes, revealing a sneer that was war-thirsty!

Leng Yueqi restrained his murderous intention to never run away, but it does not mean that Lin Chen wants to let these guys go!

Well, repay ten times. Qiu, pay back 100 times!

It's time for him to have a full fire today!

"Fuck me hard!"

Lin Chen burst into tears, the five acted in unison, the sevenfold change had already been launched, and the +13 "infinite dark step" stepped away, making everyone present at the scene, no one was shocked!

Dang~! Sword qi is shining, a string of sparks, the meridian sword and the Xuanbing sword collide, Ji Qingming takes the lead in fighting against the avatar!

The sword cuts the sky and the Beidou, the avatar holds the sword and explodes, and the pure power bursts, such as the seven stars jumping in a row, the seven-star swordsmanship is perfectly interpreted, from Ji Qingming's eyes and heart, and the waist is slashed down!

Xuan Bingjian flows in the cold and cold, glowing indestructible meteor star blades, chopping a meteor star gang, tens of feet of sword gang star gleaming, the mighty candle shines in Kyushu!


Jian Gang bursts, Ji Qingming is frightened, Meridian Sword Chang drives straight in, and one sword repels Ji Qingming, chasing after victory!

Tear ~!

Bone sickle blasted like a strong wind, the wind emperor bow flowed blue brilliance, pulling ten wind chasing arrows, splitting the airflow, the strength was condensed and strong, just like the ten powerful and overbearing mad dragons rushed, shocked and shocked Rupture, Gu Tianxie vomited blood and retreated!

If the knife marks are crooked and bright, it seems to be weak and fluttering softly. In fact, each knife is sharp and restrained, and the killing is overflowing. It repeatedly retreats Yin Qingyun and the ghost white cat under his crotch!

What is more terrifying is that as long as you dare to counterattack, the knife marks that clear the crescent moon will rebound its offensive. Under this violent and offensive offensive, there is no second choice except to escape dodge!

This is the most stifling battle that Yin Qingyun has fought!

On the other side, a meteor hammer with a tiger's back and a long waist, swaying and smashing, and the fierce phantom avatar of the eyebrows holding a five-color dragon gun thrilled!

With the sound of the clang, the guns and hammers confronted each other, and a terrifying gas machine broke out. This shot broke out in 1999. Wanlong force swallowed the world. The terrible pure power was mixed with Xuangang Golden Tribulation and Red Burning Fire Tribulation. Fighting Emperor's style, transformed into a golden-red mansions, Hualong crushed away!

Inch mangled dragon, exploding in front of the warhammer, exploding the infinite shattered mang in the sky, the sharp edge of the gun burst into the penetrating to penetrate the vertical defense!


Even if he vomited blood suddenly, his eyes were full of incredible!

He lost. He actually lost in the duel to fight for strength?

The other party's pure power is still above him?

His doppelganger flashed again, the guns flew in a row, fierce killing, stabbed him in blood, and barely waved meteor hammer to resist!

Some physical exercise arrogance took a few breaths of air, like an expression of a ghost!

Known as a barbaric emperor, he, as a combat madman, can only barely be reduced to parry now, and the frontal melee combat has been suppressed?

In addition to the fact that the weapon rank can be slightly superior, the other places are almost completely inferior. Compared with physical training, Phantom Doppelganger does not lose to him. Compared to combat skills, Lin Chen's ten-dominator is already the top-level best in the Purple Order, or +13!

Compared with the mind method, the nine-robber warrior born by Lin Chens creation of the nine-robber was no worse than him, even stronger!

This time the showdown far exceeds the previous time in the underground world!

One; Lin Chen's cultivation of breaking through two levels in a row, and launching the sevenfold change is already the pinnacle of the true Emperor Ninefold!

Secondly; Lin Chen absorbed two large crystal fragments, pure power and fire energy surged in a straight line, causing all his avatars to reach 1999 million dragon power!

This is a pure power comparable to the pinnacle of the emperor. The blessings have a decisive position in the battle of the five, and all attacks have soared by several grades!

Not only that, his Ziqing Wudao fruit made his perception soaring, and his application in combat also represented a faster running of thinking. The combat can have more choices, in short: smarter!

Because of Zi Qing Wu Dao Guo, "Douhuang Ten Styles" and "Mirror Bright Moon" are upgraded to the top level of the Purple Order, and the increase effect of blessing +13 brings unimaginable combat power!

All the arrogance and even the geniuses of the genius list are all shocked and frightened!

Positive suppression! The people in the dark horse club actually suppressed the four geniuses in one face. What strength is this?

Even if the five avatars do not use any attacking skills, the power of the outbreak of the nine robbers and the pure power alone is enough to approach the second robber warlord indefinitely, forcing all geniuses to burn their heads, and they must go all out in one photo!

"The sword of heaven and heaven and the sword of the stars are fully opened!"

"Bloodline Activation Nether Ten Ten Claws!"

"No Wind Storm Waves Hammer!"

"Without my evil bones, come out and help me!"

Bang ~! The earth-shattering momentum shocked all Tianjiao, Gu Tianxie wrapped a pair of bone armor, holding three feet of bone sickle, majestic, like a messenger from hell.

Ji Qingming was surrounded by stars and sand, and his sword was full of vigour, and he was indestructible. One eye seemed to be cut with or without my sword. The ghost flag swayed behind him, blessed with endless weather on his head, protecting his surroundings. .

Even if the whole body was exposed with blue muscles like a dragon crawling, two blue horns were derived from his head. The meteor hammer appeared like an infinite vein, and it surged a great deal of power with his breath!

Yin Qingyun is even more spooky, he actually merged with the seventh-order pinnacle spirit cat he carried!

At this time, Yin Qingyun was full of white hair, vigorous, galloping, extremely fast, the pupil of the cat was straight, his pupils were sharp, and every shot and every shot reflected a lethal killing, and the bloodthirsty and cruel expression remained Yin Qing. Yun's face reversed the offensive in an instant, and even Lin Chen's phantom doppelganger was inferior to him in this state!

Many genius list geniuses have backed off one after another, and those arrogances are even more shocked!

They have never seen these genius list geniuses show this look, even the underground world, which is enough to prove that the dark horse club really pushed them to the end!