My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 839

Vol 5 Chapter 839: Dragon Emperor Arrives

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Chapter 839

Seeing Lin Chen closely guarding Leng Yueqi, Qin Miao'er's eyes flashed a complex splendid color-"It turns out that he had intended someone..."

Qin Miao'er is the only anomaly in the ancient temple. She is the highest ranking genius in the audience, but she is also the only one who hasn't taken the chance to **** the ancient treasure in the ancient temple!

"Is the kid's man so strong? It's going to start desperately!"

"The dark horse club is so terrible. It takes so long to fight the four geniuses!"

Some Tianjiao immediately retreated, and once they decided to use the list of geniuses that must be killed, it meant entering the realm of life and death!

In other words, in this duel, if you die or be injured, it is very likely that the geniuses in the genius list will fall!

Really, the desperate list of geniuses instantly pulled back the disadvantages, many blood powers, hidden possessions, special physiques are fully opened, once used, there is even a tendency to overtake the dark horse club trend!

And among those who are fighting against the dark horse club, the only one who has not fallen into the downside and needs to work hard is Ji Qingming's cousin, Ji Wutian from Jue Tian Pavilion!

He has the ability to do so, and he has fierce claw skills between his body and feet. He has even competed with Lin Chen's "Seven Powers"?

You have to know that Lin Chens pure power is 19.9 million. With the mystery of the seven stupid powers, the destructive power is chasing after the two robbery war emperors.

His genius list is ranked: 94250, known as the three shadows of the three consecutive seasons Ji Wutian!

He didn't take the shot, he thought that one shot was a killing opportunity, and his fabulous stunt was a flying knife and three shadows. The flying knife was not only good, but also a life and death!

It is said that no one who has seen his third flying knife ever survived!

Everyone does not know what kind of subtlety and mystery is contained in his third flying knife. It is just a genius other than 90,000 on the genius list. The opponent he does not want to encounter during the sneak attack is his extinct shadow. Sanlian Ji Wutian!

At this time, he was more than capable of stepping on the whirlwinds of his feet, turning the gray wind blade, and his speed was indistinguishable from Lin Chens phantom, even if the infinite dark step of +13 was just keeping up with his figure, it must be A top-level purple-level body method! Valuable!

Lin Chen hugged his shoulders with both hands, not in a hurry.

He knows that these genius list geniuses all have life-saving backs. To kill them, it is not enough to let them desperately. They must force all their life-saving backs. Before that, someone must stay outside the field to avoid them. get away!

"Sure enough, it's a skill. It turns out that this is your dependence."

Ji Wu Tianyin sneered, stepped off the gray wind swirling figure, his body flew the smell of the wind-like crystal fragments, and the energy fluctuation of the crystal fragments was much larger than that of Ji Qingming!

"Relax, you won't be able to laugh later, as I said, none of you can run away."

Someone Lin smiled, raised his hand again, countless days of arrogance!

Fuck, this familiar gesture!

The ring finger of the deputy director of the dark horse club is probably one of the most legendary gestures!

With a snap of your fingers, you will be injured if you die. With a snap of his fingers, Mom and Dad raise them!

Fuck~! Lin Chen snapped his fingers!

"The ultimate return to the ultimate moment!"

[The host consumes 1.3 million talent points.

The two talents were displayed in unison, with a bang, all the avatars were flowing in a blue and glorious time, the five avatars suddenly surged, and the power of all combat skills was more than doubled!

boom! boom! boom! Bang ~!

The five avatars each exploded in different combat skills, and they were shocking and powerful, and once again suppressed the geniuses such as Yin Qingyun!

What is even more terrifying is that their body speed is so outrageously fast that they continue to attack the backs of the five geniuses behind them, and the attack power is soaring again!

As strong as Ji Wutian, he couldn't handle the speed of Lin Chen's avatar with ease and became dignified and serious!

"Suppressed to go back again, the dark horse club, really abnormal!"

"Why do they keep getting behind people? This... what kind of play is this?"

"Don't you know, Dark Horse Club, specializing in the back! This is a special group of lunatics!"

"Damn, I saw Lin Chen's snap fingers last time, and I killed three heads of red flames and burned dragons, which is more abnormal than this!"

"That Lin Chen hasn't shot yet, he is guarding the five of them, preventing them from running away!"

"He really intends to kill all of them, come true!"

Some arrogance and genius list genius eyes are dignified, and some people retreat to the side after grabbing the strange treasure in the ancient temple, and there are many discussions.

Zui Yijian, Su Qing, Shui Tiansuo and others who fought against the "Black Horse Club" last time showed different levels of horror!

They knew very well that although the people in the Dark Horse Club were strong last time, they were far from this level!

Shui Tiansuo glanced at BingtongLan Ruoxue with some fear, and he finally understood how important it was that Lin Ruoxue standing team Lin Chen last time was an important choice!

Lin Chen did not go to **** the remaining treasures and exercises in the ancient temple. These things are not worth his risk. His goals are these five'dog thieves' from beginning to end!

Just kidding, although there are many treasures in the hall, it is just the beginning and more in the future. Moreover, is there less baby on this genius list?

Every time you kill a genius list, it is a huge sum of money! Killing these five guys, someone Lin is the one who has harvested the most!

More importantly, even if other people kill the genius list, the genius may not be able to keep their loot in this situation.

Because in the scene where the geniuses of the 48 genius lists gather, killing the genius list must pay a big price, and then you may be seriously injured and you may fall!

Therefore, in this kind of scene, even if the two sides have a feud to kill their fathers, because only one dozen, the ending of the two sides is to die together and make wedding dresses for others!

But Lin Chen is different. As long as he has enough rune energy, his five avatars will not die. Even if they are changed one by one, as long as the body is okay, he has enough strength to protect the five people!

Bang ~!

At this time, the passage of the ancient temple was about to close, and with a rush, five figures were rushed in. One of them was a genius list genius. The red robe was like fire, gorgeous and charming, and the **** and hot figure attracted countless men. The red lips, which seemed to be teasing, were charming and enchanting.

Qin Jueyan, she actually arrived as the final finale!

The other two people are like Sister Su Lan! And Lin Chen's Dragon Emperor!

With the protection of the Dragon Emperor, they can easily pass through the organs of the passage. The Dragon Emperor finally took a wave of attribute light **** for Lin Chen and entered at full speed.

The moment Qin Jue-Yan entered, although the situation of the ancient temple was chaotic, she saw at first glance the most chaotic and crazy central battle circle in the battle circle!

"What's that? Ten genius list geniuses have a life-and-death showdown? Crazy, this is just a battle of life and death just after reaching the ancient temple?"

Qin Jue-yen was surprised, what is this situation, fighting life and death so quickly? Are there any top treasures born?