My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 840

Vol 5 Chapter 840: Jue Ying Flying Knife

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Chapter 840

Qin Juyan quickly moved to her sister's side and asked curiously: "Sister Miao'er, what's going on? What good things make them like this? Say the other five people are good at life and haven't seen them on the genius list what."

When the two sisters approached, they immediately formed a large landscape painting in the ancient temple, which was gorgeous and unparalleled. It was a beautiful scenery second only to Leng Yueqi.

Sister Qin Miao'er is soft and soft like water, gentle and moving, like a fairy in the cloud who is not born in the mountains.

The younger sister Qin Juyan is hot and sexy, charming and charming, like a lonely queen from hell, full of asceticism and enchanting charm.

"I don't know, just listen to what they said about the dark horse club, then...Mr. Lin Chen is still the deputy director..."

Qin Miao'er shook his head, feeling a little depressed.

The clever Qin Jueyan sensed her sisters emotions and turned to look at the peerless woman beside Lin Chen, knowing what was going on, she gritted her teeth and said, "This **** guy turned out to be more than rude to my sister. Fuck!"

"Don't talk nonsense, don't cause trouble to others!"

Qin Miao'er frowned, and Qin Jueyan rolled her eyes charmingly, too lazy to ignore her old sister.

On the other side; Lin Chen saw that the Dragon Emperor had arrived, and his thoughts moved, and the fifth phantom avatar withdrew to Leng Yueqi's side.

"Are you going to do it yourself?"

Ji Wutian raised an eyebrow and unconsciously touched the flying knife at his waist!

"Of course, I know you are the best at fighting, so I will definitely pick you up personally!"

Someone Lin showed a big smile!

"Dragon Emperor, fight me!"

Roar ~!

Lin Chen's Dragon Emperor roared, and transformed the body directly from the human form. The hundred-footed green dragon spread its wings and purple phoenix wings, swept the dragon tail in anger, and the blue dragon claw smashed the sky.

Ji Wutian: "...I'm holding you! It's a good heads-up!"

Lin Chen spread his hand and smiled helplessly: "Say you also believe, then I say you are more handsome than me and you also believe? I'm all fighting you for life and death, I'm heads-up with you? Give me death!"

As soon as the voice fell, a tear came, Lin Chen stepped away from the dark step, as the battle turned around, and his own method spread to the extreme behind Ji Wutian. His pupils tremble, and his speed is faster than that of the dark horse club just now!

Sigh~! The dragon tail burst and the edge is exposed, and the blue light is wrathful in all directions, lifted up and rolled, and suddenly cut off!

The dragon claws were torn through the sharp blue light blade, and the dragon air was released, forming a dragon domain, covering the shadow of Ji Wutian, its action was delayed for a short time, the black blade and the'blue dragon sword' 'Destroy the attack!

Dragon Emperor's offensive domineering scalp and numbness, and even stunned countless days, what is this special dragon?

The most shocking is Shui Tiansuo. He last played against the Dragon Emperor. As a result, he specializes in water system exercises and fell into a state of total repression. But now the means of the Dragon Emperor's exposure is far more than that of Tian Yu Ying Long!


Lin Chen pinched his handprints and urged the exploding spiritual power to spin into annihilating spiritual energy as soon as he came up. Because of the complete proficiency and the spiritual realm soaring, Lin Chen can now use annihilation six times a day, far before!

Dozens of azure spiritual beams of light broke out at the eyebrows, and their power was far more than other avatars. The two attacking runes blessed the energy of spiritual annihilation and ran into Ji Wutian head-on!

"Hurricane Purgatory!"

Ji Wutian's face was horrified, his hands were swaying, his body was blazing with white light, and the fragments of abnormal crystal condensed into dozens of rotating gray storms wrapped him, forcibly blocking Lin Chen's "annihilation" spiritual shock!

"Five master palms!"

Ji Wutian greeted him with his palms, his five fingers flew like blades, lingering around the pale gray wind, and his body reflected the Huanghuang Shengwei. After he was a saint?


Wu Jue's Xuanguang Blade and Zhanlan Dragon Sword of the Rugged Dragon Emperor, Ji Wutian urged the top defensive combat skills, but they were still beaten up and spitting blood!

Tear ~! Lin Chen stepped on an infinite dark step, a dark robbery whirlpool twisted between his feet, his figure flashed in a row, and seven powerful shots came out one after another, with palms of fists, horizontal legs into swords, and melee battles against Ji Wutian!

boom! When the fist wind collided, Jin Guangxuangangs golden fist was shaken back, and Lin Chens eyes showed a little surprise-"The first emperor repaired the blood, the first generation of the sage blood, plus the wind system alien crystal fragments and control The power of world disaster, the legendary hurricane of Purgatory, is so strong that it is two grades better than Ji Qingming and others. When it comes to heads-up, not using the clear blue moon and slow runes, it may not be possible to win him!"

Any one of them is enough to achieve top genius. Unexpectedly, this season Wu Tian has all been integrated into one. The more top-ranked the genius list, the more scary the means and details!

When Lin Chen was surprised, Ji Wutian had no time to rest, the Dragon Emperor bit down, his sleeve robe was shocked, three white dragons slashed like dragons, and the black dragon scale shot a series of sparks. And the fighting spirit fluctuated, but was not damaged!

"What a perverted defense! Hurricane Hell? A flash!"

Ji Wutian once again exerted his strength, pointing out with one finger, the strength of all kinds of hurricanes condensed between one finger, skimming the body of the Dragon Emperor, barely leaving a few white marks!

The previous Dragon Emperor was able to stand alone with two genius lists, and the reason the underground world can be one enemy to three is entirely because Shui Tianshou was restrained by the magical power of the Heavenly Emperor Yinghai.

The current Dragon Emperor is already 43 million dragon power. The pure power alone is the level of the three robbery warlords. The real combat power is even more chasing the peak of the three robbery. One dragon can block three geniuses!

Lin Chen and Long Huang left and right, one after the other, madly fighting Ji Wutian in turn, the whole process of nonstop attack!

Whether it is Lin Chen or the Dragon Emperor, either side is enough to let Ji Wutian go all out. The two are added together, and Ji Wutian falls into the disadvantage!

"Teacher, are you okay?"

Sister Su Lan came to Leng Yueqi, and she looked at the sisters in surprise.

The sisters smiled at each other, and briefly explained what Lin Chen made them quickly master the mind. Leng Yueqi showed a trace of beautiful smile. She did not expect Lin Chens means to become more magical and powerful. She heartily felt happy for him .


A fast-moving snow flake passed through Lin Chen's direction!

Everyone's heart mentioned his throat!

The knife is out! It was only more than one hundred rounds, Ji Wutian was forced by Lin Chen to sacrifice his flying knife secret technique!

As soon as the knife came out, Ji Wutian aimed at Lin Chen, because he knew that Flying Sword could not kill the Dragon Emperor!

When he avoided the claws of the Dragon Emperor, the flying knife in the waist flashed away, and the shadow flying knife suddenly broke out in time!

"Fuck me! Speed Moon!"

Lin Chen seemed to have been on guard for a long time, and his eyes were fierce, and he instantly pulled out the "blue moon" from the knife box in Nahuai, and cut it with a knife to break it quickly!

The knife-point water robbed Qi Mang as a moonlight flashed, and with a sneer, the snow flake knife mands that rushed over Lin Chen's head exploded and shattered into nothingness!

call out! Tear ~!

Another piece of snow flakes was cut at a very fast speed, cut off from the left side of Lin Chen, and the distance was less than twenty feet, almost in a flash!

Everyone didn't anticipate that Wu Tian had even made two cuts this season?