My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 841

Vol 5 Chapter 841: Let Me Shoot

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Chapter 841

The Peerless Triple and Double Link are out!


Unexpectedly, Lin Chen's sword was out, but the momentum was not reduced but increased. The blade turned and cut a mirror-like knife mark to form a moonlight flashing. The moment when the extreme shadow of the sharp knife that touched the knife mark touched the knife mark, bang Was bounced and flew!

As a result, the moon mirror was broken, and Lin Chen was safe and sound!

However, when everyone still had the time to marvel at Lin Chen's reaction and ability, a white mang appeared like a rainbow, and quietly slammed down from the top of Lin Chen's head!

Almost at this moment, there was only one thought in all the arrogant hearts of watching the war-finished!

Peerless Triple, the third knife!

Almost no one can see through the trajectories and traces of this knife, and a genius as strong as Qin Jue-hyun also reveals a dignified expression in the subconscious!

This knife is too fast! Moreover, the lore and two knives before it can be said to be invincible. After struggling to resist the surprise attack of the two knives, they have almost no ability to block the third knives in an instant. It is extremely difficult to even detect its existence!

Boom~! The gray-white rung suddenly exploded from the top of Lin Chen's head, the space was stagnant, the aura was slow, and the void seemed to be blocked. The speed of the flying knife exploded countless times!


Lin Chen held a clear blue moon in the sky and cut the white mango knife into pieces with a crosscut!

"What? He saw through my third knife?"

Ji Wutian's pupil trembles, the Dragon Emperor's'Cyan Blue Dragon Sword' slams down, and the Xuanqing Dragon Realm releases the power of the infinite dragon to delay the body shape, forcing Ji Wutian to face this dragon. Kill the sword!

13's brand new "Mirror Bright Moon" broke the opponent's three consecutive swords, Lin Chen struck the sky, holding the knife with both hands and cutting, the sharp edge of the eighth-order knife was glowing to the extreme!

[The host activates level 5 charge, level 5 penetration, and level 5 sky rune. It consumes 680,000 rune energy and has eliminated the host's attack marks. Cooldown: 40 seconds, duration: 3 seconds.

Lin Chen's striking demise, but did not slash into any offensive attack, the audience was puzzled, even Ji Wutian was stunned, a flash of moonlight flashed, and his head was cut off on the spot!

The head is flying sideways, dropping a lot of attribute light balls.

Before he died, he couldn't understand where he was going wrong, how could there be such a weird attack!

"Just kidding, my Ji Wutian was born with the blood of a would be given by such a stinky kid..."

Ji Wutian's head fell to the ground, not to die!

"In the end is the genius list genius, then the third shot of the ultimate shadow flying knife almost made me mad!"

Lin Chen exhaled, and said with a smile: "It is a pity that it is still better than my Heavenly Shadow Rune."

The Dragon Emperor flew away, swallowing Ji Wutian's body and the orb, war weapon, and even the attributed light ball that was dropped!

[Acquired 88.98 million essence of combat spirits, 800,000 points of merit, 30,000 intermediate spirits, 60,000 intermediate spirits, 400,000 talent points, 300,000 sky value, 850 enhancement points, 1100 blank attributes, 100,000 intermediate winds Department of energy...

With a huge amount of attribute values, Lin Chen harvested the best energy of the middle-level wind system, which directly skyrocketed 28.5 million points, and the total value of the middle-level wind system energy was increased to 52.1 million points!

An orange crystal treasure chest dropped by Lin Chen Ji Wutian, the light screen pops up!

[The host opens the orange crystal treasure chest and obtains: Secret Shadow Flying Sword Tips (the grade is undecided, and it is suspected that the half-orange rank is unique).

Lin Chen's eyes lit up. This orange crystal treasure box was actually Ji Wutian's fame and fame.

Lin Chen has already personally learned how powerful this flying knife is. If he had to watch out for a slow rune in his heart, Lin Chen would die without a doubt!

In the dogfight with the Dark Horse Club, the highest ranked genius was Ji Wutian, the highest ranked player?

The fall of Ji Wutian shocked everyone in the ancient temple!

"The cousin and cousin are actually dead?"

Ji Qingming's inner shock, on body method, attack, defense, Ji Wutian are first-class masters, and advanced exercises are emerging one after another. Even under the siege of Lin Chen and the Dragon Emperor, they did not even support for 200 rounds. Come down!

Sigh~! Boom~!

The golden light was splendid, and Lin Chen's head reflected a dazzling golden glow, which was arranged in a line.

"94250 of the list of geniuses, name: Lin Chen, Xiu Wei: the late Emperor Yazhong, main cultivation method: unknown, holding skills: unknown. Beheaded 94250 of the list of geniuses, the three shadows of Ji Wutian, plunder Ranking."

"94250 in the list of geniuses, Lin Chen."

Lin Chen's mouth twitched madly-"What's special... what is this **** ranking! Grass, 94250? That's two hundred and five? I am, I refuse to receive the prize!"


Sister Su Lan couldn't help but smile, Leng Yueqi smiled, this ranking is too coincidental!


Dragon Emperor screamed, Long You vanished into the war circle of the remaining four geniuses, and the situation began to fall. Ji Qingming, Yin Qingyun, Yin Yiyun, Gu Tianxie were always in danger of falling.

But they can't even break through at this moment, with the addition of Dragon Emperor, plus the ultimate moment of the four major avatars +13 "Infinite Dark Step", the body speed is very fast, and the four have no chance of breaking through!

"Mr. Lin Chen, the slave family knows the wrong thing. If you let the slave family know that Leng Yueqi is the son of the son, don't dare to give her ten courage to touch her! But please spare the life of the slave family. The slave family is willing to dedicate everything. Give you!"

Feiyin Yin Qingyun began to beg for mercy, but Lin Chen didn't look at it, and returned to Leng Yueqi, asked in distress.

"Has the injury recovered?"

Leng Yueqi's heart gleamed sweetly, and he yelled softly.

At this time, Lin Chen was close to Leng Yueqi, picked up Leng Yueqi's catkins, and gentle and elegant smile said-"Come, use your ice bow to wipe out all those who hurt you!"

Lin Chen's warm and clean breath clung to her back, let Leng Yue Qi Xiafei's cheeks, red ears, slender jade hands pull Lin Chen's "Qian Hanyue Bow" under the traction of Lin Chen's hands, draw an arrow and draw a string, aim at the field The top four geniuses!

"Don't be afraid, I will teach you hand in hand. Come, shoot him!"

Having said that, someone released the bowstring for Leng Yueqi, and the sound of Jianmang was so shocked that Ji Qingming avoided it and almost got shot!

"Oh, no shot, come and come, let's continue, we still have a lot of time."

Lin Chen's smile was low behind Leng Yueqi. This cold and gorgeous beauty was ashamed and blushing.

Lin Chen dragged her to pull the ice bow again and again, a branch of the arrow that cut through the air stirred the void, and swept towards the direction of the four geniuses!

The four geniuses were suppressed by the four avatars while being suppressed by the four emperors, while being suppressed by the Dragon Emperor. !

"Yes, shoot him behind, no, this time it's too weak."

"Oh, it's too hard. Sister Yueqi, slow down, let me shoot, right, right, that's there!"

Lin sang a series of rumors, and saw a lot of arrogance in the corner of the sky, almost crazy!

The four geniuses in the list of geniuses, which one is not a famous mountain, the side of Megatron, who is above the countless days of arrogance, was shot by someone like Lin at the moment, and there is no power to fight back!

The dark horse club is too cruel!