My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 842

Vol 5 Chapter 842: We First Roast Chicken Wings

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Chapter 842

"Sister Yueqi, don't be merciful, all the actions of the Black Horse Club are just to make you and I shoot more comfortable."

Someone Lin smirked and continued to pull the lady to pull the ice bow.

The beauties are in the front and the teenagers are in the back. Lang Qing concubine, eyebrows, dry firewood, bow and arrow, crazy output, seeing all Tianjiao mouth twitching wildly, brows shaking.

Too perverted, too distraught, too peculiar this man!

Someone Lin took a cold shot with Leng Yueqi, and the four geniuses shot to death, almost vomiting blood!

They regret it!

Why do you want to attack Leng Yueqi, knowing that she is Lin Chen's woman, and don't dare to borrow more than a dozen of them?

Hey~! Poof~!

The cold ice arrow penetrates Gu Tianxie, he erh a few times, his vitality gradually dimmed, and then was swallowed by the Dragon Emperor in a flash!

Bang ~! The rifle penetrated through flesh and bones, and the bones were indestructible. The arrow struck through the huge body, and the hole in the blood hole remained. He had bleeding in the corner of his mouth, and his eyes were full of regret before he died!

Ji Qingming watched the fall of several people with his eyes open, and even the chance of escape was blocked, and he couldn't help but creepy, a breath of death enveloped him!

Seeing this, Ji Qingming saw that the arrow light had been aimed at himself, and his face paled in a flash, and he quickly drank.

"No, don't! Sister Yueqi, are we in the same class, don't you kill the same class, right? Our Bingxin Palace has rules, give me a chance, I have realized my mistake!"

As soon as this remark came out, Leng Yueqi took the initiative to speed up the pull of the string, and her hands were cold and condensed.

"Sister Yueqi..."

Before Ji Qingming died, there was hopelessness and unwillingness, and Leng Yueqi's cold voice came out.

"Bing Xin Gong's rules are not comparable to him."

Four people fell!

Yin Qingyun, Ji Qingming, Zong Yijue, Gu Tianxie, under Lin Chens Phantom Doppelganger and the Dragon Emperors siege, all died in battle, bursting out attribute light **** all over the void!

Dragon Emperor took away the attribute light **** dropped by the four geniuses, Lin Chen's attribute value continued to skyrocket, especially the reinforcement points have begun to accumulate to 70,000 points, much more than the outside reinforcement points!

Countless days of arrogance looked shocked, amazed and fearful, and a moment of sigh.

The five genius list geniuses have fallen. This scene of the Holy Realm has not been encountered for a hundred years. Usually, only the Super Secret Realm opened by more than four ranks of sect can trigger this tragic war!

Unexpectedly, such a terrible record would be created in the hands of a teenager who was born out of the blue. In this battle, Lin Chen's reputation will be heard throughout the strange land!

Right now in this ancient temple, I am afraid that only more than ten genius list geniuses can unite to hold the dark horse club!

All of the four great geniuses' acceptance, weapons, and attribute spheres were accepted by Lin Chen, and no one dared to change his mind!

Damn, who dares to mess with him! Even if the genius list of the same level does not necessarily dare to provoke this Lin Chen, the people in the dark horse club are all dead lunatics!

This time, although Lin Chen did not participate in the battle around the ancient temple, his harvest was the most abundant one!

The geniuses of the five genius lists were all taken away by him, and no one had harvested more than him. Lin Chen took a rough look. There were only three pieces of abnormal crystals, including the gold system, the soil system, and the wind system. Unimaginable!

"Well, the harvest was perfect this time. Even the rune energy was added to 70 million points, and the actual consumption was only 20 million."

Lin Chen nodded with satisfaction, looking around the audience for a lap. At this time, most of the fighting has stopped, and there are 44 geniuses in the remaining talent list!

Among them, Qin Miao'er and Qin Jueyan ranked the highest, Lin Chen noticed the strength of the sisters at once.

"Lord Lin Chen really has the demeanor of a king, and I admire it. I don't know if I can join forces with the Black Horse Club this time. If there is a gain, how can you and others take the lead?"

The ghost-calculator Mo Qingsuan came step by step, his hands clenched, and his tone was sincere and respectful.

"Me too, do you join forces?"

BingtongLan Ruoxue also flew into the air, and issued an invitation in a concise manner.

Lin Chen nodded with a smile-"Naturally, since both of them have spoken, I will never be polite, as long as I am not an enemy, I will welcome Lin Chen."

With the joining of the two, the strength of Lin Chen and his team is even stronger!

"This kid's Yanfu is not shallow, beautiful women one by one."

Qin Jueyan's beautiful eyes stared at Lin Chen with some dangerous light, and Qin Miaoer hurriedly said-"Don't mess up, don't forget our purpose this time. What's more, I don't know anyone! "

"Sister, you are just too soft-hearted. The man you like is okay. You can grab him if you dont. If you cant, you can put some aphrodisiac on the bed and sleep with him. The rice is ready for cooking. I don't recognize people?"

Qin Jueyan is hot and sexy, and he hates that his iron is not steel. He said to his sister, Qin Miao'er took a sip: "Bah, don't know where you learned these things from."

At this time, there was a vicissitudes voice in the palace!

"Welcome all Tianjiao to arrive at the ancient temple. Haha, you must have been looking forward to it for a long time. The secrets and details of this saint cannot be known and possessed by anyone. I specially prepared three passages for you. All three passages are different. Chance, choose one."

The voice just fell, and the rumbling vibration came out. In the bright and spacious palace, the wall in front of it slowly stretched out, highlighting the three stone gates. The stone gate pushed open, revealing three passages!

A lot of arrogance and genius list geniuses want to move to the Shimen Passage, and then hesitated and doubted.

They don't want others to get ahead first, and they don't want to be their first bird.

Lin Chen regardless of these guys, his first thing is to absorb the abnormal crystal fragments first!

"Inferno Amorphous Fragment, Wind System, One Tenth of Complete Amorphous Crystal. Evergreen Amorphous Fragment, Wood Series, Thirteenth of Complete Amorphous Crystal. Meteorite Amorphous Fragment, Gold System, Tenth of Complete Amorphous Crystal one fifth."

Lin Chen handed the three pieces of alien crystals to different avatars, and then urged the wooden robbery, golden robbery, and wind robbery warfare, all of which were incorporated into the body for refining!

[Obtain 500,000 points of wood energy, 150,000 points of gold energy, and 400,000 points of wind energy...]

Lin Chen's elemental attribute value rose linearly, but he sat on the back of the Dragon Emperor with a smile.

That's right, this is another advantage of the 6th-level phantom rune. Lin Chen's avatar has a higher host mind, not only staying in combat consciousness, but can replace the body training.

Except for taking the special examples of Zi Qing Wu Dao Guo and comprehending combat skills, in most cases, the avatar can replace Lin Chen to practice. If the avatar ingested by the avatar is enough, which leads to a breakthrough, it will also be directly fed back to the body. !

"Now the blue moon is fully used. It can only last a quarter of an hour, and it will be repulsed by the sharp edge of the knife. It must be used at a critical moment."

Lin Chen glanced at the **** right arm and frowned.

Brush ~!

The sound of the breaking wind sounded, and just as Lin Chen was thinking, he had begun to rush into the first channel with top arrogance!

When there is an early bird, it will drive the second one, a series of Tianjiao each show their way, rush into the passage, and fall into the darkness.

"Lord Lin Chen, what do you think?"

Mo Qing, who is also a mathematician, seemed to be aware of the clues and asked Lin Chen's advice.

Lin Chen glanced at the totem wall on the east side of the ancient holy temple. There was a very distant distance behind the wall, and a special unique light gleamed faintly, which belonged to the attribute light ball only Lin Lin could see!

He touched his chin with his left hand, hehe smiled and said: "Don't worry, let's roast chicken wings for a while."

Some of the geniuses who secretly observed Lin Chens actions suddenly froze!

At this juncture, in this crisis-ridden environment, does he still want to roast chicken wings?