My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 843

Vol 5 Chapter 843: 3. Learn Peugeot Flying Sword

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Chapter 843: Learning the Umbrella Flying Sword!

Sister Su Lan smiled at each other, seeming to find back the fresh sense of adventure that followed Lin Chen on the mainland of Kyushu.

Because no one knows what he will do...

After all, Lin Chen and the girls came to the wall where the ancient paintings of totems were carved. Mo Qing counted his eyes down immediately. Lin Chen began to mobilize the fighting spirit, set up a campfire, and skillfully took out several large pieces of chicken wings to string up Scorched, and handed over to the three beautiful women around from time to time.

Crazy, another crazy.

Seeing this scene, many genius list geniuses shook their heads and smiled, it seems that they had too high expectations for Lin Chen.

Then, Su Qing, Zui Yijian, Shui Tiansuo and other geniuses stood in front of the three channels and chose different entrances to enter.

The inheritance of the ancient temple, their respective denominations are extremely concerned, so they do not want to lag behind anyone, no longer waiting.

Lin Chen let all the Tianjiao in the hall enter the three channels, and his fourth phantom avatar willfully took away a few attribute light **** dropped by the previous Tianjiao's battle. Even if the mosquito is small, it is meat.

"Hey, stinky man, why don't you go first."

At this moment, Qin Juyan took a step, the fragrant wind moved gently, and asked Lin Chen angrily.

She and Lin Chen have fought against each other, and have robbed each other of Jin Sheng Yuan coins. She probably knows that this guy is a loss-free product, and his character can still sit here and eat something so calmly, there must be a back hand.

Qin Miao'er stood behind Qin Jueyan, but did not dare to be too close to Lin Chen and others.

"In a hurry, they will come back later. Say first, I didn't bake your chicken wings."

Lin Chen raised his eyebrows and pouted.

"They will come back by themselves?"

Lan Ruoxue wondered, is there something else in that passage?

Lin Chen was too lazy to pay attention to these two beauties. He moved his mind so that the two avatars who were able to move approached the ancient wall, reached out their hands, touched the ancient wall of the totem, and unconsciously operated the nine-robber war.

"Oh? This is... really weird!"

Suddenly, the palm of the avatar touched the lines of the totem wall, and when it was running into the flames of roaring fire, Lin Chen raised his eyebrows!

Then, Lin Chen's spiritual consciousness sneaked into the precepts of the five geniuses that had fallen before.

This time, the background of the genius list is really eye-opening for Lin Chen!

Leaving aside the main attacking fighters of the five geniuses, it only accounts for a small part of the value.

Every genius has a life-saving trump card, a large part of which is still a good thing that remains!

Dark Night Cloak: Yan Jinghong became famous as a weapon, which can hide the breath and increase body speed.

Ghost face flag: Ji Qingming belongs to, can predict the crisis, resist the imminent attack, even the mental attack can defend.

Eight Treasure Mysterious Shield: It belongs to one of the best, and it is the best defense treasure. It can withstand energy and can resist eight kinds of attributes.

"Huh, this thing is..."

Lin Chen also found that the four-handed gold-brilliant flying knives, with sharp edges and sharp edges, were actually four-handed seventh-tier top-quality flying knives! The value is terrible!

Even if the volume of the flying knife casting is small, there is no ordinary proportion of the material consumption of the sword, but each flying knife is still worth 100,000 silver holy yuan!

Flying knife: Flying Dragon Golden Shadow. Zhigeng to sharp, extremely powerful, belonging to the strong attack flying knife, strong lethality, poor concealment. The previous Ji Wutian did not use this knife, I am afraid that he was afraid of being discovered by Lin Chen, so he could not play the magic effect of sneak attack.

The only one who left no life-saving trump card was Yin Qingyun, and his accompanying spirit cat fell with him.

There are not many things in Nahua, but everything is fine!

Others, three to five volumes of exercises. Will not be lower than the top grade of the purple order. The weapon is not less than the advanced seventh-grade best. There are not many elixirs, but each has a vital role!

There are even more rare world recipes, placed at the level of the extinct in this world, and worth the price!

In addition, there are one or two gold holy yuan coins and 20,000 silver holy yuan coins for each ring, because silver holy yuan coins consume resources, so it is impossible to store too much.

"These treasures have been severely damaged to varying degrees because of the five people and the battle of life and death, but fortunately, they have not been completely destroyed. As long as there are enough silver holy yuan coins, it is only a matter of time for full recovery!"

Lin Chen was ecstatic, this harvest was enough for him to arm his phantom avatars again!

"I also hold the secrets of Jue Ying Flying Knife, it's time to learn this skill!"

In a flash, Lin Chen turned on the system.

[Tiandao Picking System 6.0 Version

Host: Lin Chen

Cultivation: The late eighth stage of the battle royal realm-the essence of intermediate combat spirit: 301.5 billion points.

Ultimate Strength: 1999 Wanlong Force-Intermediate Qi and Blood Energy: 621.7 billion points.

Intermediate level of mental strength: 18.86 million points

Intermediate skill essence: 3.1 billion points-Intermediate rune energy: 2.08 billion points.

Heavenly value: 1.3 billion points-talent points: 2.1 billion points.

Blank attribute: 190,000 points-enhanced points: 89,989 points.

Intermediate elemental energy: 120.1 million points in the fire system, 29.11 million points in the soil system, 89.66 million points in the wood system, 15.152 million points in the gold system, 84.4 million points in the water system, 27.9 million points in the thunder system, 10.09 million points in the wind system, and 15.2 million points in the light system , Dark Department 15.8 million points.

Qigong Status Bar (Whether Open)-Blood Vessel Status Bar (Whether Open)

Passive talent bar (whether it is open)-nirvana bar (whether it is open)

Active Talents: (Blue Order) Omen of Thief, (Blue Order) Fatal Bloodthirst, (Purple Order) Super Dimensional Transmission, (Purple Order) Ultimate Moment, (Purple Order) Ultimate Return, (Purple Order) King's Land, ( (Quasi-orange level) fatal life and death, (orange level) instantaneous splitting fragments (1/2),

Characteristic rune column (whether it is open)-talent combination skills: Fatal Bloodthirsty-Super Dimensional Transmission-Junlin Tianxia-Fatal Life and Death.

"System, I have to learn the secret technique of flying shadow sword, and the ghost phantom is responsible for absorbing the exercises."

[The system received 230 million points of intermediate-level exercises and began to merge all the memories of "Ultimate Flying Sword".

Lin Chen was shocked, what kind of practice is this special grade, it actually needs to use his up to more than 200 million intermediate-level exercises!

Massive practice memory poured into a phantom body, and the body immediately absorbed the knees. Lin Chen's spiritual knowledge added a lot of familiar memories independently. Unless his mental power attribute value skyrocketed, it seems a bit difficult to absorb this memory.

"Seeing the system identification, there is a suspected half-orange-level exercise method. Is it...I found the treasure?"

Lin Chen was ecstatic in his heart, but the specific situation had to wait until his doppelganger's study was completed.

"It seems that it has been only one month since I came to the Holy World. I have refined 6 pieces of alien crystals, and there is a piece of sky-yellow crystal fragments for decomposition. There are currently three elemental attributes worth over 100 million points. If you increase the element's attribute value, will the power of the Genesis Nine Tribulation Heart Method be compared to the half orange level or even the real orange level heart method!"

Lin Chen's heart was excited, and his mental thoughts moved. His whole body shone with six star-like rays of light, transmitting different brilliances. That was the light of abnormal crystal fragments, representing the number of abnormal crystal fragments controlled by individuals!

Seeing Lin Chenchen shimmering with six pieces of abnormal crystals, Lan Ruoxue and Mo Qing almost glared their eyes!