My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 844

Vol 5 Chapter 844: A Group Of Illiterate People

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Chapter 844

Even Qin Jueyan and Qin Miao'er looked surprised!


"Lord Lin Chen is really fierce..."

Mo Qing swallowed, and the geniuses other than the 90,000 genius list, almost refining two pieces of alien crystals, is already in the sky.

A few or possess a more special mentality, can refine three, but he actually is six?

"There are five kinds of his mentality and speciality? No, there are even more kinds of attributes, so that he can support different crystal fragments of different attributes... But it is not right. The energy of the crystal fragments is so domineering, even the smallest. One-twentieth, it is not that the Eightfold Warlord can withstand the level of six!"

Qin Juyan's heart set off a storm!

She couldn't see through Lin Chen, she couldn't see through at all!

Refining alien shards is a huge risk in itself, and some even need the assistance of elders who practice concentricity within the sect to refine it, but it is as simple as eating and drinking for him!

Qin Miao'er gazed at Lin Chen's wonderful eyes, showing a strong color of curiosity.

Bang~! Bang ~!

At this time, there were violent explosions in the three channels, followed by a scream of screams, which was endless! Spread throughout the hall!

The genius list and the Tianjiao who had not yet entered suddenly paled and retreated one after another, alerting to the situation in the passage.

Everyone was vigilant and suspicious, but someone Lin took up his roasted wings and started to eat for a while, and all of them were arrogantly returning, some even bathed in blood, seriously injured, and even the genius list genius was extremely embarrassed. !

"Well, what the **** is going on, what's wrong with you?"

"Hiss, Liao Yuanmo was injured? Su Qing also bleeds. What dangerous situation is encountered here!"

Tianjiao people exclaimed, they were afraid after they rose up in their hearts, fortunately, they did not enter early!

Some Tianjiao said truthfully, some encountered a senior demon similar to the endless forest in the passage, but the demon cannot leave the area in the passage, otherwise it will be a **** battle.

In some passages, there are extremely powerful fierce beasts. Although they are not holy beasts, they have a powerful presence against the three robbers and even the four robbers.

Faced with this existence, ordinary Tianjiao encounter is a dead word! Even the genius list geniuses have to run, heads-up or three or two people have no chance to fight!

At this time, Lin who had finished roasting chicken wings laughed like a child.

"Oh, you guys are back again? I'll say it; in the wind and rain, the club is waiting for you. The people in our dark horse club are so daring that they just don't move, or they slam the output, as the saying goes, as long as Be courageous, the teacher puts on maternity leave... mother, sister Yue Qi, why are you pinching me..."

Seeing someone in Lin for a while, some of the geniuses were exposed with genius in their anger, and some were even angry.

"Oh, Lin Chen, you are useless here in cynicism. The space in the hall has been closed and closed. If you want to leave the ancient temple, you can only go all the way. If the casualties are too serious, it will be of no benefit to you. What are you talking about?"

Lin Chen nodded his head deeply"Well, this is true. This dear man said it well. My dark horse will do as a gathering place for the ten best young people. I must not ignore this. Its time to show the real way. ."

Ten good youth? Isn't it a shameless youth?

Then, Lin Chen waved his palm, and his remnant bonfire suddenly became more powerful, just like a few fire dragons born out of the air, spit out the dragon flame!

The sky-burning flames of fire burned into a sea of fire, covering the ancient wall of the totem, burning fiercely, and the flames were all over the high walls.

Many geniuses have twitched corners of their mouths. When you roast chicken wings, you can roast the chicken wings. How can you burn the wall!

"I think you are crazy about eating, what's the use of burning a wall."

"This is an ancient temple. Without the strength of the Holy Realm, it is impossible to destroy this ancient temple. Is he fully fed?"

"Forget it, leave him alone, this guy hasn't been crazy in general."

Some Tianjiao shook their heads and sat down to adjust their interest rates to recover. They planned to regroup and invite more people to break into the passage again.

"No, no, no!"

However, more and more genius list geniuses began to realize that something was wrong!

The ancient wall of totem began to melt and disintegrate, but it gradually became transparent?

The gradually transparent and bright ancient totem wall reveals a towering stone gate and begins to show a brand new road!

Countless days of arrogance staying in place, what is the situation? Why is there a fourth channel?

Also, how did Lin Chen know!

Lin Chen sulked with a smile-"Sorry, looking handsome can really do whatever he wants. The fire in the hall, the director fell in love with me. Don't imitate children, the risk factor is very high."

In fact, Lin Chen only knew that the ancient totem wall was strange at first, but he couldn't see through its mysteries, even the "Golden Eyes Twins" could not see any difference!

The only basis that can be judged is because it is obviously a high wall, but at a certain distance behind the wall, the light of the attribute light ball flashes, which is really strange.

Unidentified Lin Chen simply approached with the name of "roasted chicken wings", tried to survey this totem wall, and found that it only responded to Lin Chen's red burning fire.

When everyone is focusing on the three channels, Lin Chen has fumbled about the situation of the ancient wall of the totem. This thing depends on burning!

However, it is not necessary to burn it. Because of strengthening the "Tai Shi Bible", Lin Chen's spiritual touch became extremely sensitive.

Lin Chen also noticed that in this hidden passage, there seemed to be some dangerous existence...

Sure enough, when the fourth passage revealed, an overbearing power like a screaming hurricane rushed into the ancient temple!

Zhongtianjiao quickly retreated, and Lin Chen was no exception, allowing the Dragon Emperor to shelter everyone and their avatars that are merging with cultivation memories and quickly retreat!

The white gauze fluttered like clouds, and the slender and slender figure slowly stepped out of the void. It was a beauty in the empty valley and the blue sky, the breeze was blowing, the skirt of the lady lifted slightly, and the jade legs were white.

Seeing this, most of the men with strong flesh and blood were subconsciously bending over, but they didn't see any beautiful scenery, hazy.

Regarding this situation, Lin sneered at the collar, and said seriously.

"It's a group of hooligans. I didn't even see it. I didn't even have any basic literacy. When I bowed down, I bowed my head. When I bent down, I bent down. I didn't even want to touch the bottom line. I yuck! Group of unqualified guys!"

Some male Tianjiao was criticized with a red face and red ears. The habitual offender was not blushing and his heart was beating.

After Lin Chen finished speaking, he looked down with awe-inspiring and slightly opened his feet, touching his chin and applauding-"Well, white is a very beautiful color, it symbolizes purity and beauty, represents innocence and single style... "

However, some people with sharp eyes found that under Lin's toes, he stepped on a mirror, the mirror reflected, and reflected in a white...

The male Tian Jiao, who was criticized by him just now, couldn't help but whimpering...


This stinky guy...