My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 845

Vol 5 Chapter 845: What Trial?

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Chapter 845

"Everyone who enters the temple, you can discover this mystery of fire refining, which proves that you have great luck and great wisdom among you."

The graceful and light-skinned woman in white closed her eyes and whispered. Although the voice was not loud, she passed into everyone's ears without saying a word.

Lin Chen's eyes narrowed, and the white woman's figure was somewhat illusory, not an entity, but a mental disability.

"The Fire Refining Path is a special secret path, which belongs to the special passage into the master's hall. If you can pass the test in the special secret path, you can get countless different treasures. If you cannot pass the trial, you can continue to advance to the next secret hall, young Those who break the temple, if you can stick to the last level, you can leave the ancient temple safely. If you have a chance, you can get the inheritance of the master."

The white woman's words made countless people present at the meeting thrilled, and the inheritance of the ancient sage was actually among them!

The inheritance of a saint, no war emperor will not be tempted!

More importantly, the heavenly arrogants who can reach here, there is more or less a holy realm in the respective denominations behind them, and the inheritance of this ancient holy saint has caused the coveting of countless holy realms. Let all geniuses enter here.

Can arouse the existence of all kinds of saints on all walks of life, such a holy realm, will his inheritance be ordinary?

If it is not the Cangyue Secret Realm that cannot allow ordinary saints to enter, I am afraid that the saints have already taken action in person!

After speaking, the woman in white disappeared into a ray of light smoke, and the path in the passage lit a fire, illuminating the spacious passage, exuding the smell of everlasting vicissitudes.

All the arrogances of the roads looked at Lin Chen with complicated eyes. This channel was discovered by Lin Chen, and no one knows whether it was due to chance or planned in advance.

Regardless of the reason, I am afraid that he is the one who is most likely to obtain the inheritance of the ancient sage!

Lin Chen smiled cheaply: "Why are you looking at me? I know I am the most handsome in the Holy Realm, but my dark horse club always advocates low-key."

In a word, many Tianjiao made him want to beat him, and the admiration in his heart disappeared.

Seeing that Lin Chen was not planning to act first, everyone hesitated. What if the mysterious Tao and the three channels have horrible creatures?

Yunhuang Talang Liao Yuanmo sneered at 98551 on the genius list.

"A group of cowards, I'm welcome!"

Liao Yuanmo was the first one to urge the body method to rush in. He was one of the few genius list geniuses who had previously retired from the three channels and seemed to rely on it.

Seeing that Lin Chen had no action, after a few breaths, more than a dozen groups of Tianjiao rushed in together, with great force.

Lin Chen is not inaction, just not in a hurry, he is waiting for the phantom avatar to perfectly integrate the training memory of "Ultra Shadow Flying Sword", and in Taoyuan planting a large number of silver holy yuan coins are repairing the "Dark Night Cloak"," Ghost face flag's top treasure left by genius list.

As long as these top fighters are ready to arm all the avatars, his lineup will be raised to a higher level again! The stronger the strength, the more likely it is to gain more.

"Huh? Jue Ying Fei Dao is not divided into three bursts, there is a fourth!"

When the avatar merged most of the memories, Lin Chen was stunned to find that this Ultimate Flying Sword had hidden mystery!

"Ultimate Four Swords Gather all the blood, fighting spirit, spirit, and condense in a three-week operation mode. All the power is above one knife, exhausting life and releasing the last desperate knife. This power will exceed the purple order combat skills. , Up to half orange rank, infinitely close to orange rank combat skills!"

After reading the practice memory, Lin Chen took a breath of air!

Ultimate Shadow Flying Sword has a final form, can it be infinitely close to the orange-level combat skills?

"No wonder Ji Wutian is equipped with four flying knives. It turned out that he hadn't successfully practiced the last one."

Lin Chen was trembling in spirit and shocked. If Ji Wutian had a fourth sword at that time, it would be called a real serial lore.

The most important thing is that once the fourth knife comes out, the whole body of fighting spirit, blood and even spiritual will will be hollowed out.

If the opponent doesn't die, he will be exhausted because of the outbreak of this knife, and the combat power will be damaged by more than 90%. Any war emperor can kill himself.

"It's awesome! This combat skill is simply tailored for me! No, to be precise, it should be tailored for my phantom avatar!"

After careful tasting, Lin Chen was ecstatic!

Jue Ying's fourth knife, although it will exhaust all the essence of qi and blood, fighting spirit and spiritual power, and put itself into a weak state on the verge of death, will not consume the origin of Jiu Tribulation!

Lin Chen can still only use the "Nine Tribulation Stars" once in a short period of time, because it is condensed with the origin of the Nine Tribulation. If the avatar is used, it consumes the origin of the Nine Trial. But Umbrella Flying Sword will not!

His Phantom Doppelganger only needs rune energy to condense, not to mention that he also has a "Limit Guiyuan" talent. As long as the Jumei Flying Sword is not used by the body, it will be replaced by the body, and it will be weak after the show, and it will only be reused. A phantom rune is a perfect match!

Lan Ruoxuefang was anxious, and now more than a hundred Tianjiao had entered the passage, and Lin Chen still did not act.

"Cultivation memory fusion is complete, set off!"

Lin Chen's eyes opened suddenly, and the pupils of his five avatars crossed a sharp edge like a sword, and then urged the dragon to form an adult form, rushing to the front, and everyone followed.

What about entering the ancient temple later, Lin Chen could see it completely, but the big deal was a rush! With his current strength, unless everyone in the audience unites against him, otherwise it is two words: Sweep!

Qin Jueyan and Qin Miao'er have taken a step ahead of Lin Chen.

The passage is extremely long, and it took a while for everyone to fly to the end; strangely, there was really no trace of fighting in the passage, and it was calm and calm.

The crowd reached the end of the passage, and the dust-filled indoor space came into view.

The spacious interior is surrounded by counters filled with various exercises, dusty treasures, treasures of heaven and earth, immortality, jade bottles, ancient secrets, and even some rusty scrolls marked with "secret danger" 'Coordinates'!

However, what is more attractive at this time is the more than 100 famous arrogances here. Most of them fell to the ground in sevens and sevens, with foam in their mouths and convulsions!

"I wipe, what happened?"

Lin Chen was shocked, and his mental touch was extremely keen. He found that these days of arrogance were not hurt, but the spiritual will was hit hard!

This kind of trauma is not an ordinary mental attack, but more like a crushing flavor!

These signs of loss of fighting spirit, even the genius list genius have more than 20 strokes!

Qin Jue-hyan, who is as strong as the highest-ranked genius list, has shrunk beside the corner, clutching her small head, her delicate body shivering, like a frightened beauty snake, provokes evil fire when sexy, and pitiful when afraid.

Qin Miaoer next to him was at a loss and had to hurry around.

"what's the situation?"

Lin Chen and his party came to Qin Miao'er and asked curiously.

"Go back to Master, I don't know... after Jue Yan took part in the trial, it became like this..."

Qin Miao'er's tears flashed, she had never seen her sister become like this, she had no fighting spirit and shivered.

"Oh? Here comes a group of young people? Quack, come on well, as long as you win me one round, you can take a treasure here. If you can win six rounds in ten rounds, you will pass. Trial."

At this time, a wretched little old man floated in the void, grinning badly, exposing a large mouth of yellow teeth.

Lin Chen's expression was solemnly solemn.

What kind of trial can make more than one hundred Nine-Fighting Emperor Tianjiao spit white foam, and more than twenty genius list geniuses are helpless, and even such extraordinary geniuses as Qin Jueyan have become trembling and have no fighting spirit!

I am afraid this is a tough battle!