My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 846

Vol 5 Chapter 846: Is He Still Human?

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Chapter 846: Is He Still Human?

"What trial is this?"

Lin Chen looked solemnly and asked the little old man.

The little old man smiled badly-"Curse people. As long as you scold and win Lao Tzu, your **** boy will pass."

Lin Chen was stunned!

curse? Can this also be used as a trial?

Does it mean that all Tianjiao here are scolded?

"The man who broke into the temple, this person is named Ming Zhenjian. He was once a wicked generation in the holy world. He was a wicked person who committed adultery and committing all kinds of acts. The mysterious technique of spiritual destruction, which had the spiritual cultivation of half-stepping into the holy realm, destroyed the heart of countless powerful people with mystery and even tortured to madness, and then was slain by the master to conquer and suppress the remaining spiritual power. ."

The airless voice of the white woman in white was heard from the air.

"Today, he has only a ray of imperfect spiritual will, and will not cause substantial damage to the temple-breakers, but his presence will test your mood and fighting spirit. If you can withstand his spiritual destruction or against him After the successful implementation of the original counterattack, he was deemed to have passed the trial after he was shaken."

Lin Chen suddenly realized that he captured the brutality and shamefulness in the eyes of the old man of Ming Zhen Jian, but he was more suffocated and crazy!

"Nima has a stinky bitch, but it's just the little maid beside Gu Sheng! Don't **** **** so much nonsense, boy, you only have ten rounds, whoever wins six rounds first wins, and I'm trapped for countless years. , Just some of you guys who are not wet enough to relieve me of boredom!"

Ming Zhenjian grinned aloud, and the space around Lin Chen turned, and he had moved to a blue stone ring.

"It's over... Even Lin Chen of the Black Horse Club is about to fall..."

"He is simply not a person... Lin Chen can't stand it. There shouldn't be such a humanoid demon in this world..."

"It's terrible! It will be countless times harder to fight through his trials!"

"Look at his self-confidence, I thought I could win easily, but when the devil spoke out, he knew how horrible and unscrupulous he was, but it was still the secret technique of mental disturbance, who Can't avoid it!"

Seeing Lin Chen being transported to the ring, more than a hundred Tianjiao who had previously participated in the trial tremble, revealing a dominated tremor and fear!

The geniuses in the genius list are no exception. This can't help worrying women such as Leng Yueqi and Su Lan. Mo Qing counts cold sweat and tries to deduce the outcome of this victory, but it is chaotic and the future is unknown.

"What kind of trial is it... Just now he said that scolding people, can scolding people be considered trials?"

Lan Ruoxue was nervous, staring at Lin Chen's back.

Lin Chenzheng was depressed about what a swearing trial, then Ming Zhenjian grinned broadly and opened his yellow teeth as a swearing!

"Nie Xipi's little bunny, your father and mother gave you such a big person that you dont even know how to honor the elders, and dont hurry to give your grandfather a guilt to express your sincerity. At first glance, it smells like stinky **** on the roadside. You still have a face to live in this world, it just adds a smelly ditch to this holy world. The stench pollutes the holy air..."

Bang ~!

Along with Ming Zhenjian's verbal abuse, countless mental pressures raged like a violent and violent hurricane. Lin Chen's scalp became numb and ran through Lin Chen's mental protection, which had been echoing in his mind.

"This is a very special mentally devastating attack. Unless the mental power far exceeds the other party, it will continue to be invaded and abused by the other party's mental abuse to the sea of spiritual knowledge. If it can't resist the past, it will gradually be overwhelmed by all aspects of the mind, and it will collapse. Feelings of stagnation!"

Lin Chen realized with lightning that why all the Tianjiao would fall and lost their minds. Because this mental devastation is matched by the extremely vicious words, it is too cruel!


Suddenly, Lin Chen laughed out loud!

Countless days of arrogance, and even Zhen Zhen Jian froze for a moment!

This is the first time he has met a young man who can still laugh under the abuse of his spirit!


Then, all the handsome men in the dark horse club laughed out loud.

Lin Chen laughed wildly!

"Don't be too high. After Lin came to this world, I finally met a competition that doesn't need to match talents and background. Cursing people? IMHO, you are a garbage in front of my dark horse club!"

Ming Zhenjian was very angry and laughed, the spirit of destruction was soaring up a level, the speed of speech and verbal abuse became faster and faster!

"Garbage, do you still know that you are a trash? You are not as good as trash, and even living in the world is a waste of space..."

Lin Chen: "Did you tell your dad about you? Your sparse hair is like the dung of the maggots in the **** pit, why do you still have this kind of thing on your face?"

Ming Zhenjian: "I x you*'s banana bar..."

Lin Chen: "Baba you stink* spiralling ascendant dog thief, you must have a long beard or a short beard, do you keep the New Years cooking or give you * the new year ancestors to burn high fragrance... "

Ming Zhenjian: "I **** you..."

Lin Chen: "You did a few yarns, and you learned a few successes. After reading a few books, you came out and abused others. You put a green onion in your nose. What do you pretend to look like? You dont look like a cow, but also pretend 13 is coming? A person like you, even farts smashed on the heels, where is the Bi face living in this world?"

boom! boom! boom!

The smallpox falls and the golden lotus flows. The two terrible spirits collided with each other for a short time, and the ray of light shone with agitation, and a treasure light began to shine from the cabinets in all directions!

The war in the ring is turbulent, completely ignoring everyone!


Lin Chen, the deputy director of the Black Horse Club, met the devil to the heinous devil! Overwhelm the other party!

Brush ~! A volume of exercises flashed out of the cabinet, shining on the top of Lin Chens head, and Xiamang Chongxiao, every time you win a round, you can randomly obtain a treasure from that ancient holy collection. Prove that Lin Chen has won the first round! There are nine more rounds!

Ming Zhenjian: "How can the old man be with you as a mortal..."

Lin Chen: "How can the fluorescence of rot grass be comparable to the moon of the sky! How **** sage? You live 100,000 years, go back to your mother's womb and rebuild it. Remember to bring some walnuts when you go back, I I'm afraid that your brain is not developing enough, and bring more brains!"

Ming Zhenjian: "I X you..."

Lin Chen: "You are still too impetuous, I scold you *not really scold you*, this mother is not the other mother, this mother, it is illusory, conceived, it does not exist in reality, because It only represents my disdain and denial of your trial, and after this trial, your mother is still your mother, and I will be gentle and elegant and handsome, if I can meet face to face Your mother, I will also give a cordial greeting: Hello Senior, have you eaten today?"

Ming Zhenjian was twitched with anger, and for a while he didn't know how to answer it. This young boy was so perverted!

After hundreds of thousands of years, he has never seen such a horrible boy, and his powerful state of mind is not even his opponent. His "mouth spit fragrance" is as strong as "the mouth of God", if he does not speak, he Open the **** world!

Bang ~! Because the spirit of Ming Zhenjian was shaken, Lin Chen took the second cabinet and another panacea was born. Baoguang was gorgeous, surrounding Lin Chen and strengthening Lin Chen's power.

At this time, he was struck by silver robe, and the violent wind blew hunting. His hands clasped his chest, showing his confidence and madness to suppress the audience. His eyebrows were like swords. Baoguang Qimang shines on him, at this moment, he looks like a god!

All Tianjiao was so stupid that all his jaw dropped to the ground!

Too cruel...

I don't know where to murmur.

"Is he still human..."