My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 847

Vol 5 Chapter 847: The Brutal Dark Horse Club

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Chapter 847: The Cruel Black Horse Club!

Ming Zhenjian gritted his teeth fiercely, and the majestic spirit regained his strength, screaming and yelling-"I am your ancestor eighteen..."

Lin Chen: "Er and other old men are not worthy of having a genealogy."

The whole hall and the ring are only left with the "deputy director" and the crazy scolding of Zhen Zhenjian, but almost every time Ming Zhenjian was scolded and bloodied, but Lin Chen was the body of Baoguang again and again. The spirits were so vigorous, the momentum was rising, and the crowds were dumbfounded!

The trembling Qin Jueyan Dai raised her eyebrows slightly, thinking that Lin Chen would also be reduced to her, but when she saw Lin Chen's majesty, she looked like a magnificent and unstoppable charm. The heart that touched Qin Juyan made her eyes glow again.

"This...he actually suppressed that monster, so powerful..."

Someone Lin can be said to scold Ming Zhenjian from head to toe, from hair to toe nails to gnome eyes, all scolded thoroughly, and every time he scolded Ming Zhenjian quickly and accurately. Autistic!

brush! brush! brush!

Another four rays of light flew in succession. Lin Chen obtained a volume of Danfang and a volume of alchemy fingerprints and two volumes of top exercises. Lin Chen was like a six-game winning streak, and the outcome was divided. The deputy director of the dark horse club, crushing victory!

The previously failed Tianjiao swallowed hard, and the deputy director was really shocked...

"What's so surprising, this is how our dark horse club greets us."

Someone shrugged, hey laughed, more than two hundred arrogant corners of the mouth slammed...

This **** is just saying hello?

The people in the dark horse club say hello like this? Greeting everyone's genealogy as soon as they meet?

In fact, this trial has a certain coincidence with birth.

The arrogance of being able to enter the ancient sanctuary here is nothing less than a dragon and a phoenix among people. He has been taught and cultivated a lot since he was a child, and has gone through a lot of cultivation and iron and blood like life and death.

They will not be easily discouraged when facing difficulties. Even, they are not dudes at all, and each is a strong player in Tianjiao.

If you let all the arrogances fight a life-and-death battle, they will not have extra hesitation, but the level they come into contact with, has ever encountered an opponent like Ming Zhenjian, there will be so many swear words, more Not to mention forcibly engraving into the hearts of others with the secret technique of'mental disturbance'.

Even if you encounter this kind of banditry, it is a matter of fighting for the Tiantianjiao, and you will never encounter the situation of relying on "swearing" to defeat the opponent's state of mind.

However, this trial just means that you can't use force. When a person is focused on training and improving his own strength, how can there be time to improve his skills of cursing?

Only someone who has lived at the bottom since childhood, this kind of wonderful flower will have this kind of experience and strong state of mind! So in this trial, it was Lin Chen who occupied the right place and the right people!

Ming Zhenjian sat down on the ground, his mouth twitching, completely skeptical of life!

Suddenly, Lin Chen sighed!

"Oh, it's a pity, pity."

After all the arrogance and suspicion, what a pity? You have all passed the test, what is there to regret?

"Unfortunately, there can only be ten rounds, hello, that beautiful sister, can I continue for ten more rounds, no, can one hundred rounds be OK!"

Lin Chen shouted into the palace, trying to call the woman in white, so that the audience's arrogance twitched, the expression was surprisingly consistent, all with a look of you **** teasing me!


It must be crazy!

The kind of confrontation just now is something that individuals can't avoid. As long as there is no one who has experienced Tianjiao, he still wants to have another 100 rounds of such sullen and dirty profanity confrontation.

How mad and confident this is! Is this going to heaven!

"No, the rules are the rules. Everyone has only 10 rounds of opportunity. According to the rules, some of you have passed the test, and the next test will continue to be open for you."

Lin Chen shouted with regret as the voice of the woman in white came.

The morale of those arrogant geniuses who lost their fighting spirit was boosted. At least some people have gone through this trial and there is still a chance for the next level! They can continue to the next level, the inheritance of the ancient holy, still have a chance.

At this time, the last batch of Tianjiao has begun to arrive one after another.

Then, after some arrogant Tianjiao people understood the rules, some people began to challenge Ming Zhenjian with great enthusiasm, and the "swearing war" started again, but without exception, all the Tianjiao were scolded and then autistic.

And Ming Zhenjian recovered his self-confidence and performance from these arrogances that challenged him arrogantly, making him fully aware that it was only a handful of evils like Lin Chen, and his refined mystery still suppressed his opponents!

The two volumes of exercises harvested by Lin Chen are all ice systems, and Lin Chen passed them to Leng Yueqi and Sister Su Lan.

A volume of "Eight Layers of Ice" is a defensive combat skill, and a volume of "Ningyue" is an attacking combat skill, all of which are top-level bests of the purple order! The value is great, the former is given to Sister Su Lan, and the latter is given to Leng Yueqi.

In addition, there are seven-tier top-grade superfine Danfang, purple-tier intermediate-grade superfine alchemy handprints, and ancient holy collections with no extraordinary products, which can't help but make Lin Chen burn with excitement!

Although he did not qualify for the competition, all his avatars were still there.

Today's avatars who use the'Thousand Fantasy Mask' can't even see the Holy Realm. With the addition of a Dragon Emperor, he still has six chances to participate!

Originally Lan Ruoxue and Mo Qing were still planning to try. After seeing the defeat of a group of geniuses who participated in the trial again, they fully understood the reality. After several struggles, they chose to give up.

"Hey, it's a pity that I don't have such a strong state of mind and spiritual strength as His Excellency Lin Chen..."

Mo Qing sighed, and then he shined again!

The people in the dark horse club have begun to set foot in the ring!

"Hahaha, it's all a bunch of waste."

Ming Zhenjian saw and destroyed a group of Tianjiao's minds again, and he laughed wildly, as if to recover his previous life.

Pa; Lin Chen's phantom split up.

Ming Zhenjian grinned: "Anyone who came up looking for abuse, come!"

After a quarter of an hour.

The treasures on the stage were gleaming, and the brilliance was free, like the stars staring at the moon in the indifferent snow-white boy, it was Lin Chen's phantom avatar.

He flicked his nails and stepped down.

All Tianjiao's mouth is wide open and its face is incredible!

Everyone stared at Ming Zhenjian, who was falling in the corner of the ring. His face twitched. It was a look of suspicion of life!

The people in the dark horse club won again! And like Lin Chen, he scolded the other party's spiral ascension and explosion, which comprehensively overwhelmed Ming Jian!

Lin Chen smiled cheaply-"Old gentleman, I still have five people here."

Then, the remaining four avatars of Lin Chen, the Dragon Emperor, took turns in battle, making Ming Zhenjian really feel what despair is!

Six consecutive victories! As soon as the dark horse club shot, six people won, and no round was a defeat.

"It's amazing, all Lin Chen's men are fierce!"

"I thought only Lin Chen was so perverted. I didn't expect that everyone who followed him would be inferior to his demon!"

The geniuses who are as strong as the genius list are also amazing. This special sect created by a teenager in his early twenties is extremely cruel!

Perhaps, the only thing that can be compared to it is the extraordinary pavilion that has emerged in recent years!