My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 848

Vol 5 Chapter 848: What Kind Of Monsters Are They

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Chapter 848 What kind of monsters are they!

"I'm going to kill you bastards!"

Ming Zhenjian's eyes flashed with murderous intent, suddenly turned into a stream of spirit and rushed to Lin Chen and others!

It happened so quickly that no one could react. This guy would run away, only Lin Chen was unconsciously preparing to urge the 6th-level slow rune.

Bang~! A transparent barrier shrouded in all directions imprisoned Ming Zhenjian, and the voice of the woman in white fluttered.

"Ming Zhenjian, don't be crazy, don't forget your sins."

The restrained Ming Zhenjian's hysterical roar: "Why, I have been imprisoned here for a million years, and why the old immortal guy has not let me go!"

"This is your life."

Ming Zhenjian's spiritual will was turned into a stream of light, and was received into the void, and the voice of the woman in white penetrated the hall.

"You hall-breakers, you can go to the next level in one hour."

Everyone breathed a sigh of relief. If Ming Zhenjian started to go crazy, I was afraid that no one in the world could stop him.

I watched the cabinets covered with seals, many arrogant dishes were raised, and there were a lot of treasures in this temple that they could not take away. This is the only prize that can be obtained through trial, and the most rewarding. Yes, it belongs to the dark horse club.

Lin Chen won a total of seven victories, each with six rounds. There were both rewards for winning and a large number of top treasures. The value of some medicinal materials started with 10,000 silver holy coins!


Holy World, Ji Family.

In a loft, with a bang, the vase was broken, and the murderous intention of the sky went straight to the sky!

"Wu Tian's seal of fighting spirit is broken? Who is it! Dare to move the son of Ben Sheng?"

"Well, even Qingming's mark is broken! Didn't they participate in the Cangyue Trial? In that Cangyue Trial, could they still threaten their lives?"

"Ancient Temple, is it an unexpected encounter in the Ancient Temple!"

"In any case, first look at the ranking of the genius list. If they are beheaded by other geniuses, the other party will definitely be on the genius list to replace their rankings!"

The seniors of the Ji family were shocked, and the moment they opened the gold list to flip the ranking, their expression suddenly stiffened.

"94250, Lin Chen?"

"Damn, what is the origin of this Lin Chen!"

"There is very little information about him, is it the hidden geniuses..."

"No! Lin Chen, isn't this the name that Elder Gu Lin once sent back the message? It is said that this person once fought Ji Qingming in Bingxin Palace!"

"Damn, go to Bingxin Palace to get someone! My two geniuses in Ji Family are lost, and this matter must not be taken care of!"


Thousands of pavilions in the cloud, and one is heaven, this is a wonder in the world.

Thousand buildings in the cloud, top floor. The young man in white shirt put down the hot tea in the cup and stared with interest at the rankings and names listed in Jin Bang.

"Oh? Lin Chen, the name I haven't heard. How dare you move me to the heavenly pavilion, interesting..."

Cangyue secret realm, inside the ancient temple.

An hour later; most of the Tianjiao in the temple have been regrouped. They have a rich heritage and carry spiritual restoration medicines with them.

Lin Chen obtained ten volumes of purple top-level exercises in the trial, as well as two alchemy handprints and five volumes of Danfang, three volumes of heart method, which are extremely valuable.

The last five tier seven top-level fighters, Lin Chen gave all the sisters Su Lan and Leng Yueqi, leaving only one.

Lin Chen's generous shot was staggering, and it also made countless women Tianjiao cast their envious eyes to Leng Yueqi and others.

Crunch ~ ~ The huge gate of the hundreds of feet high opened, revealing the secret bottomless path, and all the arrogance entered, heading to the next exit of the ancient temple.

"Let's go too."

Lin Chen held Leng Yueqi's slender hand and smiled at everyone behind him.

Dragon Emperor turned into a human figure behind Lin Chen, protecting Sister Su Lan, and the five avatars followed Lin Chen around.

The crowd moved forward, carefully.

It is not as if they were all over the organs when they first entered the temple, and everyone passed by unimpeded.

When we were about to reach the end of the passage, a torn sound, the wind breaking sound screamed!

Bang Bang Bang!

Three remnants of the shadows came from the end of the channel like a blade and sawing. The body of a dozen feet was full of steel hair. The whole body released a wild and fierce atmosphere. While waving a giant arm, it put a lot of All Tianjiao shot and injured!

"It's an eight-armed monkey running from the channel!"

"It's an ancient beast, with 1999 million dragon power at each end. This is the power of fighting the emperor's peak. Rewind!"

Some arrogances quickly withdrew, these three big guys are not invincible in the genius list!

The geniuses in the channel geniuses retreat, even if they are head-to-head one-on-one, to clean up the three big guys, you have to fight seriously, no one wants to waste their energy here.

Bang~! The three-headed eight-armed spirit monkey rushed in front of Lin Chen's party as if he had entered the unmanned state. Lan Ruoxue and Mo Qing were ready to fight.

Unexpectedly, Lin Chen raised his hand.

"It's not your turn to shoot."

As soon as the voice fell, the light of the blue and quiet color circulated around the body.

At the moment when the Seventh Change was launched, the three avatars twitched the knife handles around their waists, and the golden awn flashed. The three men had a thin gold knife as thin as a cicada's wings.

Tear ~! Boom~!

A gleam of golden lights flew like snow flakes, three streamers like horizontal lines, illuminating the entire passageway, reflecting the countless days of stunned consternation and the shock of the genius list.

Three streamers of golden awns suddenly blasted off, and sword awns suddenly penetrated the three-headed eight-armed spirit monkey, and they were violent and fierce.

Bang ~! The spirit monkey collapsed, the head was separated, and the purple fierce beast nucleus of the fist rolled down.


All the heavens are arrogantly air-conditioning, but this is comparable to the pinnacle of the monkey, the Black Horse Club and others only use one trick? Geniuses such as Shui Tiansuo do not have this strength!

But what shocked the geniuses in the genius list is another thing! !

Qin Juyans eyes stared deadly at the three people beside Lin Chen, and said softly-"You cant be wrong, this is Ji Wutians shadow flying sword technique! How could you possibly?"

Ji Wutian's shadow flying sword!

Obviously, the former Dark Horse Club and others will never be able to fly the sword, otherwise the death battle with the five geniuses cannot be dragged on for so long.

With such a thought, a more thoughtful thought appeared!

Could it be said that the people in the Dark Horse Club fell behind after Ji Wutian, and learned the'Peerless Flying Sword' in such a short time?

Su Qing, who sees all this in her eyes, has a stiff face. As a swordsman, she knows more about the difficulty of learning this'Ultimate Flying Sword'. Skill!

This is too wicked... how long is it!

What's even more terrifying is that this **** thing is not just for one person, but for all three!

The avatar stepped forward to collect the falling qi-blood attribute light ball. Someone Lin was holding a cracked beast core, but he was very dissatisfied.

"The three of you went back to write a review and did not do well enough. Look, the explosive force is not enough, the power is not accurate enough, and the speed is not up to the standard. Look, all of them have damaged the spirit monkey's beast core, if I Will there be such a flaw when you shoot?"

Is this not good enough?

A lot of Tianjiao heard this and almost vomited blood on the spot!

God, he's not satisfied yet! Are the people in this **** dark horse club all monsters!

And listening to his tone, it seems that he has also learned the'Ultra Shadow Flying Sword'?

Damn, what monsters are in this dark horse club?