My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 849

Vol 5 Chapter 849: Dark Pavilion Layout

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Chapter 849

"Really a group of evildoers..."

"Can't compare, don't compare with these guys, this group of **** is a group of evildoers..."

Some Tianjiao forcibly comforted themselves, but only those geniuses in the genius list truly realized a sense of threat that was threatened!

The people in the dark horse club are too unusual. To be precise, they should be growing too fast!

They have never seen any force's young Tianjiao grow so fast!

This is especially obvious for Su Qing and Zui Yijian. They have fought against the people in the Dark Horse Club when they were in the underground world, but after less than ten days, they have changed dramatically!

"Well, my pure power is already 1999 Wanlong force. Using this pure power to use the flying knife, the power is very powerful. In the state of the ultimate moment, the avatar can only kill the peak beast with the first knife. "

Lin Chen faced the criticism, but was actually very satisfied, put away the fierce beast nuclear and moved on.

The mystery came to an end, it was a vast and vast primitive world!

High mountains are clustered, ancient trees form forests, and many high-end rare and precious mines are like stones that can be seen everywhere on the roadside. The ancient forest trees produce wonderful mysterious fruits flowing with splendid fragrance, and there are countless fierce beasts roaring and roaring here, just like One side is blessed!

Some high-level fierce beasts sensed the humanity of the secret exit, and immediately approached here in large numbers.

"It is possible to open up a unique space and plane in the temple. This is the power that only the saints have!"

"Grab! There are so many treasures here, my God, there are a lot of Linghua Yaocao, and a few can be exchanged for endless wealth!"

Bang ~!

Almost at the moment of entry, all the arrogances rushed to the surroundings and plundered massive cultivation resources.

Some ancient trees with lush foliage shimmered with the silver brilliance of the silver holy yuan coins. Almost a dozen breaths were chaotic here, killing them in dim and dark, all mad!

Mo Qingsuan and Lan Ruoxue, who followed Lin Chen, couldn't help but join the large army that plundered the resources.

However, when everyone tried to rush to flee, Lin Chen's pupil shuddered!

The same is true of Qin Juyan. She and Lin Chen were staring at the Qianzhang Tomb Mansion standing in the center of the forest at the same time. The door of the tomb mansion was closed, but there was a mysterious fluctuation...

"No way"

Qin Jueyangfang was frightened and trembling. This tomb house was like an ancient tomb house that used the gold holy yuan coins as an introductory hostage to hold many heavenly arrogances. There was also a terrifying creature inhabiting it.

Is it even in the ancient temple?

Qin Juyan is very aware of the strength of the strange creatures in the tomb mansion, and I am afraid that all the people here may not be their opponents if they unite together!

"Great! Damn, this thing is actually in the ancient temple? Last time, it ran fast, this time it's not that simple!"

Lin Chen jumped with excitement!

Last time this ghost thing ran away, this time I have to succeed! There is a dark crystal fragment and a five-light supreme treasure chest in that tomb palace!

"System, open the world to the king!"

[Consume 500,000 talent points, turn on the talents of the King's Land, and enter the state of accumulating energy: 0 points.

The creatures lurking in the tomb are extremely strong, Lin Chen must kill with one blow.

Even if it cannot be killed, it must be restricted in its movement to ensure that it can take away the attribute chest and the alien crystal fragments in its body.

"Let's spread out first!"

Lin Chen said a few words to the girls around her, and pulled Leng Yueqi toward the other side.

The Dragon Emperor protected the two sisters, and the five avatars urged the'innate shadow trick' to hide in the void and launch a surprise attack on the beasts in the great wasteland.

Brush brush ~!

The five avatars quickly harvested many high-level fierce beasts in the great wasteland, swords and swords, and a slaughter. Like the arrogance of the heavens, they robbed the lives of other fierce beasts while robbing massive resources.

A great battle started, and the great wasteland was full of

[Save Energy: 150,000 points...290,000 points...600,000 points...]

Junlins talents are accumulating energy very fast, and Lin Chen and Leng Yueqi on the other side join forces. He uses the "Mirror of the Moon" to cut off the innumerable water beasts that attacked a large number of fierce beasts. Leng Yueqi's ice-cold fighting spirit, one water and one ice, complement each other, and the power is even better!

Today's Leng Yueqi is as good as Lin Chen!

Her "Aohan Nine Chongtian" has long been a perfect practice, but now the practice is Bingxin Palace's Zhen Gong Collection "Peerless Soul", this mentality is half orange rank, it is said to have been an incomplete orange rank mentality.

Coupled with Leng Yueqi's "Nine Absolute Cold Vessels" body, it is extremely powerful!

At first, she was able to be the enemy of six geniuses! Moreover, she hasn't really drawn the cards, her strength is unfathomable. If Lin Chen does not use Azure Blue Moon and the 6th-level slow rune, he may not be able to beat Leng Yueqi!

Seeing Lin Chens actions, Qin Jue-yan pulled his sister and rushed into the great wasteland, trying to catch up with Lin Chen.

"Sister, we can't fall behind!"

Qin Miaoer hesitated-"But..."

"Relax, knowing that Sister Miao'er doesn't want to kill people, let's grab some treasures at the head office, we can't visit them for a hundred times."

Qin Jueyan rolled her eyes and was half calm in her heart. At least she believed in Lin Chen. He was the only one who could let the tombs retreat from the spirits, so there would never be anything wrong with him!

An infernal poisonous python took advantage of Lin Chen's attacking gap, and struck Lin Chen behind him with lightning.

Sigh~! Arrows traverse like ice, freezing the purplish black purgatory poisonous python, Leng Yueqi's long skirt fluttering like smoke, standing behind Lin Chen like a fairy in the cloud, squeezing her hands in the ears, smiling with a smile.

"It's been a long time since I have been fighting with you like this? Your growth rate has always been the fastest."

Lin Chen cut back the two fiery wild tigers with a knife, and said with a bad smile: "Sister Yueqi that month, you have to work hard to practice, maybe I will rely on you in the future."

The two talked and laughed, galloping through the entire wilderness, as if entering a land of no one! It seemed that when I returned to a secret realm of the evil king, Lin Chen once thought that he would die in the territory of the secret of the evil king. He personally carved a ``Ice Snow Wedding Dress'' for Leng Yueqi...


When the ancient temple was in full swing, there were seven figures floating in the ancient temple and the sea surging by huge waves.

The breath of these seven people is not inferior to the genius of the genius list!

Even more appalling is that the three geniuses in the genius list who participated in the battle around the ancient sanctuary before, two of them are already tied around the waist of the young man headed by them, and they are dead!

The young man's face was pale and his face was handsome, but with a murderous infiltration, he stared under the ancient temple and gave a grin.

"According to the ancestors, the ancient saints have fallen here, and there is a teleportation circle specially selected for the selection of inheritors. Today, I secretly arranged a seven-killing array for this purpose. Any inheritor cant escape this masters seven-killing array. !"

The blood-clothed youth grinned evilly, arrogantly and hysterically.

"Yueqi, hurry up and come out, I can't wait to get you! I will get both beauty and heritage, ha ha ha, if there is a chance, even the genius list in the ancient temple, I also want genius Exterminate!"

This man is a dark pavilion master of the Sipin sect and killer sect. His strength is extremely terrifying. Even the genius of the apex of countless arrogances can't escape his abuse!

The genius of the ordinary genius list is extremely difficult to even walk out of 100 rounds in his hands! If the assassination is a sneak attack, it is a killing!