My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 850

Vol 5 Chapter 850: Instant Light Splitting Talent

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Chapter 850: Instant Light Splitting Talent!

Most people still did not know that a large net was quietly spread out from the ancient temple.

Inside the ancient sanctuary; fierce fighting in the Great Desolation.

Snatching many celestial treasures and collecting attribute light spheres, Lin Chen is correct on both sides. The blue and white attribute light spheres scattered in this wilderness are beyond Lin Chen's expectations, and there are a large number of'enhancement point' attribute values!

[Host gains 102 strengthening points, 89 strengthening points, 150 strengthening points...]

Although the fierce beasts here are strong, most of them are at the emperor level or below, so they have almost become the main battlefield of the Tianjiao.

Bang ~!

Nearly half an hour later, the fierce beasts in the great wasteland were wiped out more than half the time, and the tomb mansion throbbed slightly!

"For thousands of years, the inheritors are finally here, ha ha ha!"

A sharp laugh reverberates in the great wasteland, the gate of the tomb is opened, and the shadows of the sky rise from the sky.

Lin Chen's eyes narrowed, stopped the battle with Leng Yueqi, and looked directly at the tomb palace-"Are you finally awake."

A glance at the system shows that the talent of Junlintianxia has accumulated to 9.6 million energy points. This attribute value is second only to the "Junlintianxia" he used to fight against the false gods. Its increase rate is second only to that time, the killer. It's done!

"What it is?"

"I don't know, but the breath is very strange."

"Something's wrong, rewind!"

A group of Tianjiao who were robbing resources suddenly recovered and retreated!

"That thing is coming out, do you know that, but there is a way to deal with it?"

Qin Jueyan took Qin Miao'er to Lin Chen's side for the first time. He smiled and shook his head-"I can't help it. I only know it if I hit it."

In a moment, Lin Chen summoned all his avatars and the Dragon Emperor to protect Sister Su Lan back to her side.


Infinite black shadows permeate through the great waste like mist, binding a lot of heavenly arrogance to the place, this scene is just like the previous one!

"Damn, how can this thing make my fighting spirit not work!"

"What a weird creature, no, no!"

Many Tianjiao screamed in horror, and the fighting was suppressed to death.

There are also a few geniuses who have achieved their own styles, and their body styles flash in succession, even if they are touched by the shadows, they can retreat!

"It's power has become smaller? Will it weaken as the power of the bound target increases?"

Qin Jue-yin was pleased that the stronger the bound target, the more severe the power of the strange creature would be.

"Oh? It seems that this time the temple-breakers have a lot of skills, but they are much stronger than the previous ones. I hope to add some fun to this seat!"

There was a giggling smile in the tomb of the Great Wasteland, and the speed of the dark gas surge was more radical!

"Sister Yueqi, act carefully, I have another way to deal with it."

Lin Chen confessed that the incarnation of the shadow infiltrated into the void, and continued to retreat to a farther position.

At this time, his five avatars were lifted into the sky and suddenly burst into shock!

"All genius list geniuses, work together to deal with this big guy, otherwise we all have to die!"

The fighting spirit covered the sound, the voices of Lin Chen's five avatars spread throughout the great wasteland, and the eyes of the 44 genius list glared.

Tear ~!

The sword light sword shadow, the spiritual impact was born, the arrow burst into the air, and the five avatars of Lin Chen took the lead to attack the dark shadows.

"Yes, the people in the dark horse club also shot, let's do it!"

"That weird creature is indeed extraordinary, and we cannot give it a chance to break through us gradually, attack it."

"Huh! This seat doesn't listen to the order of the dark horse club. I was going to attack it!"

Nearly forty genius list geniuses immediately took a stand and launched a fierce attack on the tomb shadows from different directions.

Leng Yueqi also joined the lineup of the main attack, only Dragon Emperor closely guarded Sister Su Lan.

The attack of nearly forty geniuses, that kind of prestige, the sudden change of the situation in thousands of miles, the sky was full of violent attacks and the aftermath of the explosion. Many Tianjiao were rescued and the shadows receded.

boom! boom! boom!

The tomb mansion exploded, and the shadow momentum was repelled for a few points. When everyone saw the effect, they immediately increased the offensive and quickly opened the distance to avoid the collision of each other's attacks. Instead, it would be detrimental to the joint attack.

The tomb house was shattered and shattered, but the darkness inside became more and more dark, until some genius list genius realized it was too late!

"Hahaha, a bunch of fools, you've been fooled. What I'm waiting for is when you run out of power to attack me!"

When the harsh sarcasm came out of the tomb, the land cracked, and the endless black shadows emerged from the ground. The shadows penetrated the participating beasts, absorbed their life energy, and turned it into their own use. In the past, all vitality was drained!

Sigh~! Sigh~!

The shadow of the sky is like a curtain, and it is rushing to everyone, and the face of many genius lists has changed greatly!

"No, it's you!"

When the young man's sneer sounded, a young, tall figure withdrew all his shadows, and appeared as if they were directly above the tomb!

"Yes, are you?"

The strange creatures in the Tomb Mansion were shocked and lost their voices. When did this human race boy get into his side?

[You have activated the talents of the King's Land, and will increase the host's next attack, accumulating energy: 9.6 million points.

[Using level 5 charge and penetrating runes to open the ultimate moment, King Land has increased.

"Ultra Shadow Flying Knife!"

Lin Chen put his hands on his waist, condensing pure power, and the fighting spirit of the Nine Tribulation condensed between the handles of the knife. After brushing, a touch of golden mansions turned into a residual image!

There is no need to hide at all, the flying knife cuts a golden glow, illuminating the entire wilderness, and the majestic direct shot toward the tomb palace, like a golden glow under the dusk of the gods, reflects only the silence before death!

Bang ~!

The blade of light fell like dusk, the gate of the tomb was incomplete, and the shadow creatures concentrated their strength on all the geniuses of the genius list. There was no time to notice that someone would be close to themselves.

"Do not!"

However, the defense of the Shadow Desire found nothing to prevent, but the escape of Desire could not match the speed of this golden flash!

Lin Chen, waiting for this moment, took the lead with five avatars and mobilized all the genius list geniuses to attack and attract its attention!

When Jinhui's flying knife crossed the air, the power skyrocketed. This knife used Lin Chen's full strength at this stage, and even blessed the talent of'Junlintianxia'. As if to split the world, the torn sound cut the shadow in half and turned into a rainbow falling into the wild land!

Lin Chen stepped on the "Infinite Dark Step", Xuangang Golden Tribulation and Sancun Tribulation Bodyguard. He could not care about everything rushing into the shadow of the explosion. Although the power of this knife is strong, he is not sure whether he can kill the other party. His goal is that alien crystal fragment and five light treasure chest!

All the genius list geniuses can only watch, and a touch of Jinhui falls, tearing the darkness, and the silver robe leaps down and grabs the center of the shadow!

The first thing I touched was the five-light supreme treasure chest!

[The host opens the Five Lights Supreme Treasure Chest and obtains a permanent orange-level talent: Instant Light Fragmentation fragments, instantaneous light splitting (2/2), and has automatically synthesized the finished talent. Congratulations to the host for having the first permanent orange-level talent.