My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 851

Vol 5 Chapter 851: At The Touch Of A Button

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851 Chapter 851!

Permanent orange rank talent! It turned out to be a permanent orange rank talent!

Lin Chen thought about it at first, but his dream came true!

Lin Chens mind has never been overwhelmed by such excitement, and his first orange-order talent, Lin Chens, is finally here!

Lin Chen couldn't care too much, Jin Hui cut the shadow in half, he stepped on the dark step, the figure bucket turned into the void, and slammed the dark crystal fragment!

This piece of alien crystal is very large, almost equivalent to one-fifth of the complete alien crystal, far exceeding all the alien crystal fragments obtained by Lin Chen before!

"No, don't do it! I finally ate alien crystal fragments condensed by tens of thousands of celebrities..."

The shadow creatures are constantly begging for mercy, Lin Chen said nothing, yanked out the alien crystal fragments, clicked a few times, and the veins of the alien crystal fragments all collapsed!


With a scream, the infinite shadow passed away, and this shadow creature, Lin Chen disappeared and disappeared without even knowing its body, leaving only a dilapidated tomb house standing in the center of the great wasteland.

Lin Chen quickly put the diamond-shaped alien crystal fragments into the ring, and when she landed, she saw a magical scene!

But seeing his flying knife cut the tomb house into two, and cut the earth's veins into hundreds of feet long cracks, except that the end of the crack is a purple and black line... Egg?

That's right, something that is suspected of an egg, even Lin Chen's previous blessing of the peerless world did not cut into it!

Lin Chen strode up and found that this egg was actually agitating a little throbbing vitality.

"In this egg, there is life! There is a whole new life!"

Lin Chen was stunned, but at this moment there was no time for him to study. Najie was a creature that could not be hidden. He could only put it into Taoyuan capsules.

However, at this time, someone Lin has not realized the seriousness of the problem...

When he put this egg into Taoyuan sac, the large amount of silver holy yuan and heavenly earth treasures he had snatched in the great wasteland began to throb slightly, with purple and black eggs as the center, forming a vortex, like a storm As usual to attract the past!

All the medicinal materials obtained before are all sucked up by this quirky egg!

But someone at Lin at the moment, even if there is a hint of thought released into the Taoyuan capsule, he will be aware of this change, but he did not!

His attention is all on the system! He opened the system, clicked on the talent bar, and the light screen appeared.

[Orange Rank Talent: Instant Light Split. It can be used as a talent point without cooling time. It is suitable for all characteristic runes of the host and can divide all attacks into five.

Lin Chen took a breath of air!

This **** is still an orange rank talent without cooling time!

Uncontrollable ecstasy rushed into my heart, Lin Chen smiled unscrupulously!

"Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha! Happy, so cool, without wasting so much energy, I finally got you in hand!"

Hearing his mad laughter; countless days of arrogance and anger were exposed, and the green muscles were exposed, and those geniuses in the genius list were almost angry and their faces were green!

They were even shot by Lin Chen?

And just now everyone witnessed that he personally took a piece of alien crystal, and the mysterious purple egg in the center of the tomb palace. Everyone clearly realized a problem, they were used as targets!

They were completely applauded by this Lin Chen, they were used thoroughly!

Its okay if you dont work hard, but why did you walk around in front of the ghost gate? All the benefits were taken away by Lin Chen!

Fuck, how can this endure! Take a step back to the sea and sky, and the more you think, the more you lose!

At this moment, regardless of men and women, all genius list geniuses are angry!

"Lin Chen, hand over alien crystal fragments and eggs!"

"Damn, dare to use all of us, you really are invincible in your dark horse club!"

"Grass your uncle, dare to treat your grandfather Yuan Demon as a gun, courageous!"

The 35 genius list geniuses swarmed up, breathing riots, glaring and glaring, exposing their murderous intentions, and surrounded Lin Chen!

The five avatars returned to Lin Chen in a blink of an eye, and the Dragon Emperor covered Sister Su Lan withdrawing to the side.

Qin Miao'er hesitated, Qin Jueyan hurriedly took her elder sister's slender hand-"Sister, no matter what, we can't blend in this matter, we can't forget the purpose of coming here, the two of us must never have an accident."

Qin Miao'er bit Hao teeth and fell silent...

The momentum outside the tomb was more and more intense, and Leng Yueqi came to Lin Chen's side for the first time, standing with him, as a goddess in ice and snow, alone and beautiful.

As long as he can be with him, even facing the whole world, Leng Yueqi has no regrets!

"Lin Chen, surrender eggs and alien crystal fragments, otherwise don't blame us mercilessly!"

"You dare to tease us, you are not qualified to own those two treasures!"

Liao Yuanmo held the knife alone, and warned Lin Chen agrily!

Not only the 35 genius list geniuses, but also hundreds of Tianjiao eyes on Lin Chenhu!

No matter how strong Lin Chen is, no matter how powerful the Dark Horse Club is, it is impossible to contend with all the arrogances on the spot. This is a fact that everyone recognizes. The genius list is not a three-teaching and nine-library. !

Lin Chen frowned, Yun Danfeng lightly smiled.

"Oh? There are only two of these babies. If I surrender, how are you going to divide?"

Liao Yuan smiled wickedly: "Do you want to shake us apart? We will solve the split-run problem ourselves, and it is not your turn to worry about us!"

"Yes, if you dare to use us, you are doomed not to touch this thing!"

A lot of geniuses are pressing step by step, most of them don't believe it, Lin Chen will also break out the lore of the lore just now!

It is impossible for him to display such lore skills without a price. Even if he can use it again, there are so many geniuses present, how many can he aim at?

Therefore, taking advantage of the chaos, taking him down, and robbing the secrets and secrets of the Black Horse Club and other people is what all genius lists think, this benefit is worth their risk!


At this moment, a stream of light flashed, blocking between the two sides.

Qin Miao'er!

"Shen Lin Xia Xia also killed that strange creature and saved all of us? How can you revenge!"

"Without his beheading, all of us may not be the opponents of that creature, but in the previous situation, many people would die first, right?"

Qin Miaoer summoned the courage and told everyone that her words made some Tianjiao speechless. The situation at that time was really urgent. If Lin Chen didnt kill him, at least half of them would Fall into the hands of that creature.

But how? The wages of avarice is death! The huge benefits are enough for everyone present to abandon all reason!

There are too many secrets in the dark horse club, which has caused most of the coveted covetousness!

Especially in the very short period of time, the study of "Ultra Shadow Flying Sword" made countless days of jealousy and fanaticism. If they can get this secret, they may have the opportunity to occupy one of the legendary demon lists in the future, Guangzong Yaozu, Become a legendary figure that shines forever!

"Less nonsense, no matter how serious you say it, this kid also took advantage of us, and we almost died because Qin Miao'er, don't think that you rank 90,000 on the genius list and stand up to speak for him. You stop it!"

Liao Yuan was terrified and warned that he was majestic and murderous!

"Miss Qin Miao'er, please leave!"

Several female geniuses warned Qin Miao'er again!

" want to attack Young Master Lin Chen, then count me too!"

Qin Miao'er bit her silver teeth, and she was so clever that she would take the initiative to face the battle once, still with such a resolute attitude, and looked at Qin Jueyan on the side as stunned.