My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 852

Vol 5 Chapter 852: Dark Horse Club Vs All Geniuses

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Chapter 852, Dark Horse Club vs All Geniuses!

The younger sister who has been gentle and kind since childhood, will take the initiative to face the battle?

"Hey, since Sister Miao'er has made a stand, then I have no reason to refuse."

Qin Jueyan smiled enchantedly, flashing his figure, standing beside his sister and standing in Lin Chen's camp.

"Everyone is calm, they are not our opponents!"

Liao Yuanmo took the lead and sneered. Lin Chen was full of people, but now there are only nine people. The Dragon Emperor next to him seems to want to protect his female family from daring to go to war easily, 9 vs 35? There was no fight at all!

Moreover, there are more than a hundred Tianjiao here, but among them, there are a number of joint forces that can contend with the ruthless role of the genius list, this force is also not weak 1

Unless it is, all these nine people are geniuses who are ranked 85,000 in the genius list, it is possible to get out, just get out!

Otherwise; this battle has only one inevitable trend!

On one side, Lan Ruoxue and Mo Qing count as cold sweat, this kind of battle is too heavy for the two of them! If it is easy to stand in line, it will fall here!

In the end, after a complicated sigh, the two chose silence.

The silver robe rolled, Lin Chen walked slowly into the middle of the second woman, whistled, and his hands smoothed the blue hair of the second woman, making Qin Miao'er scream, Qin Jue-hyun cast a murderous charm White-eyed, but with murderous murderousness.

The teenagers long eyelashes picked up a bit of anger, and smiled cheaply-"I know that the entire Holy World is difficult to find a man more handsome than me, but you are so active, or sisters, I am very embarrassed Yeah, like this kind of fight, you should go aside, girl, lets change the day next time."

After that, the palm wind robbed the fighting spirit like a storm, and gently pushed, a strong and gentle hurricane pushed the two women away, drifting into the distance.

"Oh? Are you planning to surrender and hand over purple eggs and alien crystal fragments?"

Liao Yuanmo sneered.

Lin Chen smiled and said-"You say you are a big man, always ask me to take my eggs, you are not ashamed, the eggs are not given, there is a **** gun, you call the most beautiful girl in your family Take it."

"You..." Liao Yuanmo stared in anger, seeing that Lin Chen had no intention of surrender, all the geniuses immediately brewed the offensive, the fighting spirit was surging, and the atmosphere was on the verge!

Lin Chen looked around all the arrogant geniuses in the Quartet and laughed jokingly.

"The people in our dark horse club do not have any advantages. They are particularly respectful of the elderly and young. They are handsome and at the same time they like fairness. I will give everyone here a fair choice. Quit the latter. I will not blame it. , Life and death from heaven, I only say once."

Lin Chen said, on the contrary, many genius list geniuses laughed. Did this guy wake up or live in a dream?

Hundreds of top tier geniuses in the late nineth layer and 35 genius list geniuses, this lineup, even the genius list geniuses ranking 80,000 are also very likely to fall!

"Very good, no one backed away. It seems that you are all brave, then come on! Hahahaha!"

Lin Chen laughed loudly, choked, a bright blue sword held in his hand 1

Before everyone was surprised, we saw a more disturbing scene!

The other five people in the Black Horse Club faced the arrogance of the people in all directions, without any cowardice, and they all pulled out a flying knife to hold in hand, four gold and one blue!

Look at this posture, is it... Peerless Flying Sword?

Lying trough, shouldnt he be the one who learned the Peerless Flying Sword from all the dark horse clubs?

Every corner of Tianjiao's mouth is slightly drawn, which is too crazy! What evils are in this dark horse club!

The blue flying knife, which Lin Chen obtained from the previous trial, is the famous sword of the water system, ``Youlan'', a top-grade seventh-grade!

Leng Yueqi stood still, Lin Chen let her back to the side, no intention to shoot

"Why is he so reckless! Send us out, he will be killed!"

Qin Miao'er, who was pushed a hundred miles away, was anxious, rushing to support Lin Chen again.

"Sister Miao'er, he's doing it for you! Don't act rashly, but rushing up now will disturb him!"

Qin Jueyan hurriedly stopped, the offensive of the two sides was started, and the shot was only in an instant!

The glorious fighting spirit shines in all directions, and the sky and the earth are full of murderous hidden attacks aimed at a position!

The five avatars proudly stood beside Lin Chen, each holding a flying knife, his face did not change color, and he was not surprised.

And Lin Chen, holding the blue moon in his hand, is gaining momentum! The hair fluttered, the silver robe fluttered, and the strong wind could not disturb his eyes. The condensed momentum of the arrogant geniuses could not overwhelm his waist. King's Land!

Seeing this moment, Qin Jue-hyang's fragrant heart unexpectedly appeared a trace of death fear, almost subconsciously, hugged Qin Miao'er's slim waist, without a word, with his sister crazy retreat!

Bang ~! A sword mandala illuminates the world, the domineering is exposed, and the momentum is directed at Jiuxiao!

I dont know which genius was the first to move. Immediately after this sword, the torrent of eruption and the destruction of tens of thousands of volcanoes erupted, shaking in the wilderness!

Countless swords, swords, swords, swords, swords, palms, fists and seals, Lin Lin is brewing all kinds of offensives, all kinds of changes and thousands of attacks, including pure power, fighting spirit, spiritual power, alien power, blood power, Offensive of ancient mysteries, mysterious weapons, hidden weapons and so on!

That mighty force was rolled up in all directions by huge waves, and it seemed that he would smash Lin Chen with his head, and the ground and the sky above him would be endless attacks. You can crush countless strong!

At this moment, the avatars were moving together, and the whole body circulated the blue and light, condensing all the spiritual power, energy of blood and blood, and the cultivation of vigor, devoted to one blow, and the flying knife turned into a golden flash in the hand!

Jin Hui was like a rainbow, across the sky. Like a twilight in the era of the gods, take away the sunset and usher in silence!

Peugeot Flying Knife Type 4! Lin Chenling's avatar decisively made the strongest move, ranking in the half-orange level, and his power was infinitely close to the lore of the orange-level exercises!

Four golden lights and a blue light flashed away, scorn~! What followed was the cracking sound of the air!

"Hahaha! 149 arrogance, 35 genius list geniuses to fight for my orange rank talent, come well!"

Lin Chen laughed arrogantly. The brand-new "Moon of the Mirror" suddenly operated, the pure power burst, the arm swept swiftly, and the knife was out, the water and moon **** illuminated thousands of miles, and the moonlight flew for hundreds and thousands of miles. Xiao Xiao, swept away!

"His! What a terrifying offensive, the people in the Dark Horse Club, all of them used the Umbrella Flying Sword?"

Mo Qing was air-conditioned, but he immediately realized the more terrifying fact that the charm and attainments of this flying knife actually surpassed Ji Wutian in an all-round way and was a brand new state!

"Don't the people in their dark horse club not only learned "Ultimate Flying Sword" in such a short time, but also cultivated it to a level that Ji Wutian, even ranked 94250, has never reached?"

This... how is this possible!