My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 853

Vol 5 Chapter 853: Shaking The Holy World

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Chapter 853: Shaking the Holy Realm!

Is it possible to complete the practice of "Zeiying Flying Sword" at the top of the Purple Order in less than two days, and surpass Ji Wutian's "Zeiying Flying Sword"? Is this possible?

And its not just one person, its five people who did it!

But the fact that this near reversal attempt is before us, Mo Qing has to believe!

"It's a very offensive offensive. This kind of attack can be erupted with the cultivation of the late nineth layer. It is unseen and unheard of! It may be the legendary orange-level combat skills! But it is not enough to resist all attacks!"

Thousands of miles away, Lan Ruoxue sweated in the palm of her hand, Qian Qian stared at the situation in front of her eyes.

Counting the 149 arrogant offensives, plus the 35 genius list, this is equivalent to the full-scale offensive jointly launched by more than 60 genius lists. It is too difficult to rely on six people to resist!

Even orange-level combat skills are impossible!

Unless the cultivation of Lin Chen et al. is all above the three-robbery warlord cultivation, the orange-level combat skill used is a completely different concept!

The dark horse club is gone!

Almost everyone's heart scratched such a thought, a cold cry all over the wild!

"Die to me!"

[Host starts orange rank talent: instant light split. Talents are used six times, applying all characteristic runes, consuming 66 million talent points.

Bang ~!

Almost one-tenth of a thousand breaths, all the offensives of the Dark Horse Club suddenly changed dramatically.

The amazing Moon Mana, which holds the unique power of the eighth-order knife, is like the Jinhui flying knife, and it suddenly splits into five!

This sudden shock made all the arrogance and geniuses unexpected, and even the time for the reaction was not there. The two sides offensives collided violently and rolled up a shocking explosion!


Holy World, Qiyu Dongfeng Building.

Today, the sacred world's famous Dongfeng Sanlao, the three saints gathered here to play tea and have fun.

Among them, the two old men are watching the chessboard attentively.

Suddenly, the dozens of names on the gold list suddenly dimmed and finally disappeared.


The old man took a sip of hot tea and splashed another old man who was playing chess!

"Yinfeng, you **** crazy, drink tea and drink tea, you spray a hair!"

"Laozi's dress was embroidered by an old lover. Look at what you do!"

The other two elders were shocked and angry, so why did they spray it again!

I saw that the old man, who was called'Yinfeng', ignored the bleak name on the gold list without paying attention!

"Fifteen, eighteen! There are eighteen genius places in the genius list that faded and disappeared at the same moment, which means that they are very likely to fall at the same time!"

The elder Yinfeng was shocked, and the other two elders were also frightened, and quickly looked at the many names on the gold list!

Judging by their experience, the genius list is nothing but a fuss.

Even if it is called the ceiling of the sacred world billions of arrogance, the competition of 100,000 places in the genius list is still very fierce, and it will change by hundreds or even thousands of places every year. This is not surprising.

Even in the past history of the Holy World, it is not surprising that a few geniuses fell within a day.

But in a flash, eighteen fell simultaneously, which is almost unprecedented!

And this is not the same day, it is the same instantaneous fall, which is almost never the case in the past!

But at the next moment, what made the three elders even more numb, it was almost another moment, and Jin Cancan's name on the gold list was dimmed by five!

No, eight!

Only when it was finally confirmed that it was twelve names!

Twelve plus eighteen...


San Lao took a breath in a hurry!

30 genius list geniuses falling at the same time? What the **** is going on?

It is important to know that genius list is not a genius of three teachings, nor a generation of stinky fish. They are all big sects from all walks of the Holy Realm, and only one or two are cultivated after exhausting infinite resources!

Even if a saint accepts his disciples himself, he may not be able to cultivate a genius list genius!

To breed genius at this level, not only requires manpower, but also infinite opportunities, resources, talents, luck, experience, and too many factors are only possible!

The genius list genius's life-saving means must not be less, what caused their widespread fall?

But seeing those bleak names, there is no alternative name, is it that they have suffered a large-scale disaster?

At this time, only one name was promoted, and it was particularly conspicuous, all the way up to the highest one in the name of the fallen genius list.

The genius list is 92333 Lin Chen. Title: None. Belonging to the denomination: Dark Horse Club (no denomination grade). Possession skills: unknown, unknown talent, unknown physique, unknown origin.


Holy Realm, Holy Sword Pavilion.

"This... the old man didn't make a mistake. The geniuses in this genius list are suddenly thirty fewer?"

"Wuer Tianjian! No, who killed the son of this seat, fuck, I want to destroy him!"

The roar of hoarseness reverberates in the Holy Sword Pavilion.

South Territory, West Temple.

Several old men rushed out of the border, and one of the white-haired old men knocked on the blue crystal abacus in their hands. After a quick beating, they stroked their long beards and narrowed their eyes.

"After the preliminary deduction by the old man, I learned that most of these geniuses come from the strange land, and the secret realm entered was the Cangyue secret realm discovered in earlier years. Could it be said that there was a surprise change over the Cangyue secret realm?"

"Hey, look, a brand new name is coming!"

"Dark Horse Club... Lin Chen?"

"Lin Chen...Lin Chen, eh? Is it the one that the ancestor said, looking for it in the early years, or Qing Xuan, the love of Nizi, Lin Chen?"

The moon veins meander and the palaces are lined. There are so many flower curtains, and they are fragrant.

The mountain range here is Qianmei Moon Vein, which is the area controlled by Qianmei Palace.

In recent years, the Qianmei Palace has a vigorous momentum, and there is a tendency to march into the Sipin sect.

Qianmei Palace had three genius list geniuses, but recently added two more geniuses, nominated genius list!

They are Yue Linlin, who is ranked 97775, and "Liu Qian Cui", and Lin Lin who is ranked at 98,441.

The two are also known as Qianmei Palace in recent years. They are inseparable from each other. In this Qianmei Palace, which recruits women, it is the most difficult to handle. It is rumored that they have already loved and even advertised to the outside world. For the same person!

This rumor has made countless geniuses envious of jealousy and hatred, and they can at the same time be in love with the two great lovers of the country. Who is this person?

Countless people have asked this question about two women, and they have only given one answer: the world is unique and unique.

Today, the two beautiful ladies happened to be fine. When they gathered in the boudoir of Fangge, Jin Bang came throbbing and opened it. It turned out that the names of thirty geniuses were gradually dimmed!

"It seems that something big has happened. The Holy World has never had 30 geniuses fall at the same time!"

"It's not like Xiaoke, I'm afraid it's not easy... eh?"

The two beautiful ladies who were just amazed at the beginning, suddenly saw a brand new name rise, and the heart was both throbbing and shocking!


This day was the first wave before the Holy World opened its magnificent changes.

Thirty genius list geniuses fell at the same moment, but the only unknown name, almost hitting 94,250 with the appearance of being born, then reached the highest ranking of the declining 30 genius list geniuses. : 92333!

A few or even a dozen geniuses fell on the same day, so it was not such a big deal, but 30 geniuses fell at the same moment, the history of the Holy Realm has not yet!

At this moment, the territories of the Holy Realm, 36 territories, set off a terrible earthquake, and billions of powerful people who are concerned about the genius list are all stirring up waves!

This matter has even attracted the attention of the monster wizards in the legendary monster list!

Holy world shakes!