My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 854

Vol 5 Chapter 854: The Power Of Instant Light

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Chapter 854

"No! I shouldn't let their brothers go to Cangyue for a trial. I lost two geniuses at Yunqing Palace all at once!"

"Hey, we can only train new young people, but I don't know who will inherit this ancient temple..."

The thirty-six territories of the Holy Realm began to cause major earthquakes one by one, and 30 geniuses fell in an instant, which will leave a strong and bright stroke in the history of the Holy Realm!

"Lin Chen, hey, is that the mortal grandfather said..."

"It's the squad leader, he's here! It must be the squad leader, only he can do such incredible things!"

"The starting point of this person's entry into Cangyue's secret realm is from Bingxin Palace. Fuck, go to Bingxin Palace!"

"He's here, this child has really arrived in the Holy Realm, and it's turned upside down!"

"Ha ha ha, after all, he was a teenager who dared to challenge the crazy criminals of the holy prison. We did not bet the wrong treasure. Bai Junhao and other little guys have also been carefully cultivated in our door. The love has been handed over, waiting for his Rise strong!"


Various forces, various denominations, many families, some are happy and some are sad, some are mad and some are hi. This seems to be the beginning of a big era, everything points to a name!

Dark Horse Club Lin Chen! !

The top of Bingxin Palace; this time it was not the spiritual storm, but the deity, the three elders of the Holy Land gathered!

For a long time; the first elder of the yellow robe said first.

"Something seems to be beyond our expectations, very serious."

"Everyone has an unwritten rule in the past. For the younger generation, we old guys cant intervene, and the grudges of fighting each other in the secret realm cant be vengeful, but this time its too extensive, it will inevitably be a little grumpy. The old monster will come over!"

"Damn, how dare you do this, and you can wipe out 30 geniuses in one breath. Is this kid serious? Why is he still inseparable from Ji Qingming that day?"

"Unless he has improved so much all at once during the time he entered the Cangyue trial?"

"Unlikely, a person who can only fight the end of the genius list for thousands of rounds, soaring to one person and killing 30 genius list geniuses in less than a month? The old storyteller who the old man met on the roadside did not dare Pull like this."

"Oh, maybe there is only one possibility. As Elder Jane said before, this kid really has the power to destroy the criminals of the holy prison. Only this explanation can make sense why he can achieve such a terrible record!"

At this point in the conversation, the three looked at each other, and they all decided on a plan.


In the ancient holy temple, a thousand miles in the great wasteland, a mess, everything was destroyed into ashes, only the broken and incomplete wolf smoke.

The ground was cracked, the earth was cracked with shocking cracks, and dozens of craters, like giant mouths in the abyss, gradually emerged from the wolf smoke.

Some dazzling treasures of heaven and earth, Danfang exercises, secrets of handprints, all scattered along with the broken high-level Nahuai, but no one dared to move!

The tomb house in the center is unharmed.

At the top of the tomb, a silver robe stands with a knife, the sword is blue and the moon is like a moon, and the golden inscription above the head, Jin Huicancan shines down, highlighting the ranking of Lin Chen's genius list at the moment. Like a new born overlord, overlooking the earth, sentient beings are born.

He ignored it and looked down at the audience, holding a knife and standing indifferently.

"Who else."

Who else!

Who dares to respond? Who dares to speak!

The previous 149 Tianjiao, from the chaotic storm collision, survived only three people, and has been completely disabled!

And genius list genius, only five people survived! Thirty people fell!

This is an unprecedented record, and there are almost no such terrible record collisions in the genius list at the same level!

Even the five geniuses who survived the genius list were still extremely good in terms of speed and defense to survive the previous explosion.

Even so, these five are all lacking arms and legs, facing disability, and there is almost no possibility of returning to the peak!

Lan Ruoxue, Mo Qingsuan, Sister Qin Miao'er and others were completely dumbfounded!

The young man stood with a knife, and Jinhui sprinkled the sky, like a god, no one can be enemies!

"There are such strange boys in the world..."

Qin Miao'er's beautiful eyes flickered, and her heart throbbed again and again.

The remaining dozens of Tianjiao and four other geniuses who did not participate in the suppression of Lin Chen had a feeling of dreams and dreams, and they were all stunned and unbelievable!

With so many people entering the ancient temple, they are now left as a group?

This is not because of the ancient temple, or because it provokes Lin Chen!

Could this guy be more terrible than the ancient temple?

"Too evil..."

"These guys are all lunatics. The dark horses are fighting, and life and death are bearish. This is not a joke..."

"Really only us?"

At the same time of being shocked and shocked, more is still afraid and happy!

When the two sides met, they regretted not joining the big army. Now let's take a look and join a fart!

Damn, because of hesitation, they also retrieved a life!

The Dark Horse Clubs offensive is truly earth-shattering, and even if they join, the ending will not change!

But at this time, the five "black horse clubs" standing next to Lin Chen were loose in spirit and pale, as if they were thin and bone-thin. This is one of the prices paid by the geniuses in the killing genius list!

This is the sequelae of the fourth type of "Ultimate Flying Sword". All the forces have burst out, and the flying knife has a life and death, leaving almost no future, but its power is also terrible, and the power will be infinitely close to the Orange Battle. Skill!

No, to be precise, it may have reached the level of orange-level combat skills!

Because Lin Chen launched the 5th level rune and the ultimate moment, the actual power of this move has increased by 9 times!

The real problem is that Lin Chen's cultivation is too weak, no matter how strong his combat skills are, he can't make up for this defect. The real orange-order combat skills are by no means a war emperor who can make his peerless prestige.

But compared to the same level, Lin Chens Peerless Fourth Form is already extraordinary, at least three to four genius list geniuses can be spiked positively, and it can be spiked without sneak attacks if the other party is on guard!

Add 25% of the power to penetrate the rune, and then launch the orange-level talent Instant Light Splitting from the five phantom avatars, which will be transformed into five. This created the legendary record of the geniuses who fell into the 30 genius list!

The energy, spiritual power, and even the fighting spirit of the five phantom avatars are now exhausted to an unbelievably weak state, and even a triple war emperor can kill one of them.

And Lin Chen's new "Mirror Bright Moon", a trick "Mirror Moon Rising God" has initially surpassed the category of "Purple Tier" grade, infinitely close to the Banban Orange Tier combat skills, but also cut by the eighth-tier knife, powerful It's no worse than the phantom flying knives that the avatars drained all released!

Leng Yueqi's glamorous and beautiful face unconsciously set off a sweet smile with an extraordinary style, which was almost the appearance of her extremely cold person.

He has always been so special, and has never changed. If love begins with the attraction of merits and ends with the acceptance of shortcomings, then he seems to have attracted people with unexplained advantages.

"Why do you force me to shoot? I gave you the chance. Why do you need to die, help you get a tomb monster, and also come to provoke me."

Lin Chen put away the "blue moon", but in his heart, he couldn't help but emerge a pride overlooking the sentient beings!

Finally, his Lin Chen also has the ace and confidence to compete with all kinds of geniuses!

The "Instant Light" talent, Lin Chen's true permanent orange rank talent, this will be his guts to fight against the geniuses of various geniuses!