My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 855

Vol 5 Chapter 855: The Last Level

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Chapter 855

Seeing the scattered sky-wide attribute light spheres and attribute chests, it was dazzling and dazzling.

In particular, there are five orange crystal treasure chests. Lin Chen can see the flower blossoming in his heart, showing a simple smile that is harmless to humans and animals. This orange crystal treasure chest is not defective. Every thing opened from the orange crystal treasure chest is not bad. .

Lin Chen waved his hand and the Dragon Emperor was driven.

The Dragon Emperor skimmed through the great wasteland and collected a large number of attribute light balls, and collected all the scattered large amounts of different treasures and silver holy yuan coins into the Taoyuan capsule!

[The host gains 180 strengthening points, gains 190,000 mental powers, 150 strengthening points, 210 strengthening points, 300,000 talent points, 500,000 rune energy, 440,000 heavenly values, 100 million fighting spirit essence , The essence of 150,000 exercises...]

[The host obtains 50,000 ignition energy, 40,000 water energy, 40,000 wind energy, 20,000 thunder energy...]

Massive attribute light spheres have been taken away. Although there are not many attribute light spheres dropped by each Tianjiao, but the quality is extremely high, and there are too many geniuses falling, the total number of forests is always a very scary number.

[Open seventy-eight amethyst treasure chests, get: 50 rune evolution stones, 35 million talent points, 150,000 strengthening points, 8 million rune energy, 10 million heavenly value...]

[Open five orange crystal treasure chests to obtain: 400,000 blank attribute values, 10 gold holy yuan coins, one holy scroll, one eighth-order ore, three thousand meteorites, and one piece of Qianyue alien crystal.

Lin Chen sighed slightly, the holy artifact casting scroll? There are 8th-order different mines! This is one of the materials for casting holy objects!

Then, Lin Chen saw that most of the life-saving cards of the geniuses in the genius list were broken into slag, and even the silver holy yuan could not be repaired. Lin Chen also felt very sorry. If he could obtain the complete background of the 35 geniuses in the genius list, then he Chens assets are a bit scary...

The arrogant people who had previously madly robbed various cultivation resources and heaven and earth and different treasures all made Lin Chen a wedding dress at this time, all belonged to Lin Chen!

Lin Chen was amazed that he absorbed so many attribute light spheres, the element attribute value and so on surged for a while,

"Lin Chen, are they okay..."

Qin Miao'er flew, worried about his phantom avatars.

"It's okay, it can be adjusted for a while, the aftereffects of combat skills."

In order to avoid suspicion, Lin Chen did not re-launch the Phantom Rune immediately.

In fact, only Leng Yueqi and Sister Su Lan knew the true identity of Phantom Doppelganger. Others thought that Lin Chens left and right arms were about to hang!

Even if it does not die, I am afraid that it will be difficult to return to the peak in the future, and even those geniuses who have not shot have admired the courage of them!

He did not hesitate to give his life to Lin Chen, and he hardly hesitated. What kind of friendship and emotion can this achieve?

It is conceivable that the people in the "Dark Horse Club" have a life-long friendship!

The surviving Shui Tianshou couldn't help but sigh, maybe everything that the Black Horse Club and others have is given by Lin Chen, and they have absolute trust in Lin Chen!

So far, Shui Tiansou has never forgotten the moment of the underground world. Lin Chen only needs a snap of his fingers, and the fighting power of everyone in the Black Horse Club will advance by leaps and bounds. Lin Chen only needs to kill Ji Wutian, and everyone will learn in a short time. I met "Ultimate Flying Sword"!

This is a method that even the saints can't reach, but it is easily realized in his hands again and again. How old is he? What is his strength?

What is a legend? What is acting against the sky? In this situation, the boy in front of him is both a legend and a man who is against the sky!

His trip to Shui Tianshou may have witnessed that a real living legend is about to rise in the Holy Realm!

"By the way, send you something small."

Lin Chen gave a gift to the two sisters Qin Miao'er, who contained the individual exercises and medicinal materials and immortals that were most suitable for the physique of the two women. They were all collected by Lin Chen after searching for those fallen geniuses. .

These two Nizis are not bad in nature, and they are considered to be people who can stand up to speak for themselves and even stand in their own camp under the circumstance of being surrounded by geniuses, but it is not necessary to have the courage.

"It's a genius in the world, and it's a terrible god!"

Mo Qing was amazed and sorry. He missed the last chance to make a good relationship with Lin Chen. Even if he stood up to say a few words for Lin Chen, the relationship is different now.

Lan Ruoxue's mixed flavors have similar ideas with Mo Qing's calculations.

After some resignation, Qin Miao'er still accepted Lin Chen's gift.

Seeing her own sister holding the ring as she received a lover's gift, Qin Jueyan couldn't help but support her. Her sister really wrote everything on her face.

"It's time to go to the next level."

Lin Chen took the lead and rushed to the end of the great wasteland. An ancient stone wall gradually appeared, and a Baizhang stone door stood in the middle.

After Lin Chen took the lead in entering, the others were not far behind, and they thought that the ancient sacred inheritance commanded so much attention, and everyone followed their teeth.

Walking past the end of the ancient door, it was actually a dark and gloomy room.

It was dark all around, and even the cultivation of everyone was instantly sealed by a certain breath, and many people were frightened and panicked!

At this time, if they were reduced to ordinary mortals, they could not even fly in the air, and mental perception could not detect anything beyond 100 meters.

Only Lin Chen was calm and calm. Although Xiu Wei was sealed, he was still ready to use the "super-dimensional transmission" and slow runes.

After walking for a distance, everyone's mind was a little calm. In the dark room, the only thing that could be seen was the squares on the ground like crystal lines.

Each square is bred with precious light, some of which transmit a blurred and gorgeous rainbow, and some are free of gray light, sometimes glowing bright red light, and sometimes the light is introverted, I do not know whether it is fierce or lucky.

The voice of the woman in white passed quietly-"You hall-breakers, this is the last test for you, this is the four squares of heaven, one step of heaven and one step of hell. And those who reach the end can get the inheritance of the ancient Saint. Every time you move a square, you will be under great mental pressure. I hope you can do what you can. If you cant hold on, you can choose to quit and go to the next space grid to send away."

Boom~! As soon as the voice fell, lights ignited in the room, showing many squares in each row of passages, and walked across to walk roughly twenty squares.

Hearing the woman's words, many surviving Tianjiao and geniuses were ecstatic!

As long as you can walk over, you can get the inheritance of the ancient holy? Can you retreat?

Some Tianjiao could not wait to try to enter the first four squares, with a loud bang, the simple and vicissitudes of the spirit pressure swept through the time, and several Tianjiao towns immediately held their breath.

After a while, brush ~! When Guangxia rushed up, two Tianjiao top-level best-of-breed weapons and a volume of purple-tier top-level best-of-breed techniques appeared above their heads!

"As long as you can withstand the spiritual coercion in these four squares, you can get treasures!"

"Great, so you can get the treasure without fighting!"

All Tianjiao are ecstatic, if they now speak with strength, I am afraid that no one is the opponent of Lin Chen's group!

This way is most beneficial to them.

Lin Chen suddenly frowned.