My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 856

Vol 5 Chapter 856: Gambling Luck? Bet On The Fart

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Chapter 856 Bet on the fart!

Shui Tiansuo and other geniuses in the last list of geniuses also began to try to walk into the square. When everyone entered, only Lin Chen and his party had no action.

Zijin ray turned his pupils, Lin Chen raised his hand, his tone was dignified.

"Don't move first, there are weird."

Is there a pie in the sky? Lin Chen didn't believe it. Both his "Nine Tribulation Eyes" and Zi Jin Tong were aware of the anomaly. Around these four squares, there was a trace of death and disaster.

Time has passed, almost half a day has passed, and the foremost advances are getting richer and richer. The gold holy yuan coins, a large number of silver holy yuan coins, top-level exercises, some ancient alchemies, purple-order advanced alchemy handprints, everything, even There are all eighth-order ore mines for casting holy artifacts!

Mo Qing is irritated, he has calculated that there are no abnormalities in these squares.

"Lord Lin Chen... shall we enter?"

Lan Ruoxue tried to ask, the voice just fell, and a "chirp" sound suddenly sounded in the room!

A Tianjiao finally withstood the spiritual coercion of the fourth square, illuminating a black light above his head, ushering in not a strange treasure, but a fate-like trial and fortune, condensed into black mist, Instantly enveloped him!


The black mist shook, and the arrogance was like being wiped out of the world that day. No scum left!

"This... what is this?"

Lan Ruoxue's pupils shuddered, and her'Bing Tong' clearly felt that the rising black mist contained an absolute number of destruction. Unless the saint took action, there would be no chance for life!

The instantaneous fall of Tianjiao caused everyone's panic and fear. His spirit was relaxed, and he was squeezed out of the square by the terrible spiritual coercion!

"What just happened?"

"I don't know, the jade sword door guy disappeared at once, his strength is not weak..."

Everyone's cold sweat, the genius list geniuses dare not continue to step into the square!

"Sure enough."

At this time, Lin Chen exhaled, and everyone looked at him one after another.

"The woman in white said before, one step to heaven, one step to hell. And our practice is sealed, and the method of walking past; in addition to relying on spiritual will to resist, there is only luck. This is the last luck. The assessment of luck means that those with poor luck will have to die even if they have strong talents."

Lin Chen's words made everyone initiate and wake up like a dream!

Sure enough, there is no free lunch! The geniuses who have come back can't help but sweat cold, feeling that they have just walked on the tip of the death knife, and it is completely fatal to die!

"Let's withdraw..."

"Yeah, it's totally gamble. I have walked three squares and got enough treasures. Why not gamble again..."

"I have walked four times, and I will die before death. Why would I have the chance to fight this time in my life? I don't believe I will lose to the guys on the genius list!"

Some people choose to leave, others choose to move on.

Tianjiao, who was carrying the space grid to leave, has evacuated one after another, which surprised Lin Chen that this space grid could actually send away.

"It seems that Gu Sheng is indeed looking for successors, leaving a path for all intruders."

The first is to close the door, test your wisdom, and verify that the entrant will discover the secret way of refining fire. The second hurdle tests whether the entrant's mind is protected from the ravages of spirit. The third level tests the strength, letting the temple-breakers face an unprecedented creature.

The final test is luck and chance. No wonder the inheritance of the ancient temple has been put on hold for many years, and no one can take it away. It is extremely difficult to pass these tests in succession.

However, these are Lin Chen's conjectures, and no one understands what the former saint thought.

The thought that had just been crossed in my heart was followed by two black light surges, and the two Tianjiao stepped on the four squares of the sky with robbery, and they were instantly wiped out!


Qin Jue-yan's pupils tremble, how to choose this, do we have to rely on luck in the end?

Leng Yueqi said nothing, looking at Lin Chen.

Lin Chen smiled: "I am always greedy and have never let go of good things, but I never try my luck. Let me try it first, and if I can't do it, I will leave immediately."

Although the ancient sacred heritage is tempting, the real strong man will never give destiny to luck. It can expect it, but it must not be relied on! Relying on your own luck is like looking for death!

brush! brush!

Lin Chens two phantom avatars landed in the Go-Go Four Squares, and their mental coercion suddenly dropped, and the avatars easily resisted.

"Huh? When did the people in the Dark Horse Club recover? After using that stunt, did they recover so quickly?"

Shui Tianshou on the side was surprised that the five people around Lin Chen had all recovered as before, and they had not noticed it just now!

Sigh~! The golden light surged, Lin Chen's phantom avatar passed through the first square, and a pill was dropped on the top of his head. He reached out and held it to obtain the rare seventh-level peak pill "Jinyan Pill"!

Bang ~!

Another doppelganger also has adventures, gaining a war halberd, a top-tier seventh-class top grade, and excellent qualifications!

Lin Chen still didn't go into battle personally, urged by the idea, and continued to let the two go forward, taking turns to go forward, encountering again and again.

Finally, when it reached the fourth square, a doppelganger suddenly cracked the black mist above his head, and wrapped it with lightning!

Everyone was horrified, and it was also the character of robbing. Isn't the person in the'Dark Horse Club' dead?

Brush ~!

The light above the head flashed, the avatar disappeared, and the black mist stayed in place for a while, then slowly disappeared.


In the room, a low horror echoed.

[Successful start of super-dimensional transmission, cost 7.3 million talent points.

"no problem!"

Lin Chen's eyes lit up, and the corners of his mouth rose slightly, regaining the cynicism of the past, and gradually rampant.

"This... what happened?"

"Is he dead? It doesn't seem to be dead, but the situation just now seems to have space to shuttle? But here it can't be used!"

Many Tianjiao were uncertain, Lin Chen then smiled at everyone around him.

"You can start, start with the people around me, one by one, remember, don't panic if anything happens."

Lin Chen gave a smile to all the girls around her, and Leng Yueqi and Sister Su Lan maintained absolute trust. Without a word, they walked into the square in front of the sky and began to accept the baptism of spiritual coercion!

Next to them, Lin Chen's avatar, also walked into the four squares.

Then, when the previously disappeared avatar appeared again, it shocked the audience!

The people in the "Dark Horse Club" are back?

"You also go in. If you encounter a fatal crisis, my people will protect you."

Lin Chen raised his eyebrows and glanced at Lan Ruoxue and Mo Qing. The two were very surprised and immediately thanked with a fist.

Lin Chen stepped into the square and walked squarely, followed by sister Qin Juyan.

This scene has caused many geniuses to wonder and wonder. Are the people in the dark horse club afraid of death? Or is it that they have the ability to cope with the murderous ruin just now?

Thats right, Lin Chens plan is to use super-dimensional teleportation talents to avoid the death-catchering skillfully!

Even if the person around him encounters, as long as he wants the avatar to rush up to launch the "super-dimensional teleport", he can teleport it outside the ancient temple!

Those who have been teleported away will no longer be able to enter, but Lin Chens phantom runes can be reused, and the avatar can be summoned to the body again. This is simply unreasonable behavior of a sky monkey!

Lin Chen's "talent" function is to drill the gap in this assessment!

Gamble luck? Bet on the fart!