My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 857

Vol 5 Chapter 857: This Person Will Die

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Chapter 857

"Well, this spiritual coercion is very strong, and the first grid must have the spiritual power in the early days of Tongtian Realm to be able to pass."

Lin Chen walked in a leisurely court, and his spiritual power through the peak of the Tiancheng stage was not deficient at all. These pressures were growing step by step.

He received all the orders and accepted them all into the Taoyuan capsules, and walked through the eight "Going Four Squares" in one breath.

These eight days walked in four squares, three of them were incidental, and five were empty, but at least they did not encounter the "robbery grid".

His casual indifference like going out on vacation, caused all Tianjiao to enter a state of coercion that doubts life!

The ancient sacred heritage may not be available to Lin Chen, but he will definitely become the most profitable one!

He put the Dragon Emperor on the spot, and even if it was sent to the outside world, he could be sent back at any time using the Dragon Emperor as the spatial coordinate. As long as there are enough talent points, he can make a repeated horizontal jump outside and inside the ancient temple!

Immediately behind Lin Chen is Qin Miao'er. Her spiritual realm is stronger than Lin Chen's, and she has reached the point of reaching heaven. The resistance to spiritual coercion is the most relaxing one in the audience!

Lin Chen walked to the tenth day and walked four squares, the coercion soared, and raised to the peak level of the middle of Tongtian Realm!

Lin Chen still passed by easily, and a blue light appeared on the top of his head!

The blue light is fascinating with the splendid and splendid brilliance, like a glowing mist, beautiful and gorgeous, Lin Chen grabbed it in hand and it became a half-meter long blue crystal!

"This is the eighth-order sacred material, the sea blue sacred crystal!"

Lin Chen was very pleasantly surprised. The eighth-order different ore is extremely valuable. It is used to make the holy weapon. The "three thousand meteorite stones" previously obtained were still obtained by luck bursting the watch in the orange crystal treasure chest.

Lin Chens adventure caused other Tianjiaos eyes to warm up. Tianjiao, who had previously planned to leave, once again walked down the sky and walked into the four squares. Not left!

Someone fell again, so that everyone can understand the reality again, this is a game of luck and fate!

Finally, after sighing for most of Tianjiao, he jumped into the space square and left one after another.

"It's so good!"

When Lin Chen was planning to move forward, he found that everyone's spiritual realm was not very strong. He took out several jade bottles from Na Jie and threw them at Sister Su Lan and Leng Yueqi!

The three girls took it, cheeks were ecstatic-"Wanqing Biyulu?"

"Use this if you can't support it anymore."

Lin Chen laughed, and then continued to move forward, Qin Miao'er next to him passed through a square, rushing to the golden lotus, the silver sparkle flashed, and there were adventures.

Following the doppelganger next to her, she was not too lucky, and she got a scroll with a strong spiritual force.

"This is... "Vientiane Blue Sky Hand", the top-ranking alchemy handprint of the Purple Order?"

Seeing the great opportunity of the avatar, Lin Chen was amazed. The alchemy handprints are still extremely scarce in the Holy Realm. The Purple Tier Intermediate and Senior are already tops, and the Purple Tier is top.

After five more advances, Lin Chen's luck seemed to be very good, but he hadn't yet encountered the ill-fortune. On the way, he obtained another roll of holy artifact casting spectrum and ten gold holy yuan coins!

Lin Chen marched all the way to the eighteenth grid, with brilliant fireworks above her head, and slowly passed on the next thick and simple ancient book. All the contents of the ancient book were burned by spiritual force, and every page contains a lot of information!

"The alchemy handbook of the Cloud Dome Pill Saint...My mother?"

This is actually a book of alchemy for the life of Dan Sheng, and its value is even more exaggerated than "Vientiane Blue Sky Hand".

A saint-level pharmacist, countless pharmacists dreamed of looking forward to his presence, and the essence of his lifelong study is too precious!

"The coercion of the eighteenth square is already my limit, and the spiritual coercion of the nineteenth square is beyond my reach.

Lin Chen looked around, Qin Jueyan had already reached the limit at this time, she returned to the original position at the twelfth square, while Mo Qingsuan and Lan Ruoxue walked the square at the eighth and sixth places. Encountered the "Truck of Luck" were taken away and transmitted to the outside world.

Leng Yueqi stopped at eleven grids and was refining Wanqing Biyulu, while Sister Su Lan stopped at the sixth grid and Qin Miao'er was at the seventeenth grid.

At this time, only Lin Chen and his party were left in the room, and almost everyone left or was wiped out by the robbery!

"Fortunately, everyone's luck is better. This harvest should be very sufficient, and my avatar is okay. After consuming 78.7 million talent points back and forth, I am still back. I am still two points away."

Lin Chen sat down cross-legged, took out three bottles of Wanqing Jasper Dew, and began to refine it. The spirit was like a divine initiation, like a river like a sea, and it merged into the sea of spiritual consciousness, and the attribute value was continuously absorbed and taken away.

A vaguely white figure appeared faintly in the void, breathtaking.

"Its a magical little guy. Not only is he lucky enough to cover the sky, I can even avoid the trial and death in the four squares. Ive never had such a temple-breaker in the past, but the master has told me that the more unexpected it is. Those who break into the temple must pay more attention and care..."

The passage of time, this time surprisingly, still no one was eliminated, Sister Su Lan and Leng Yueqi each ushered in a spiritual breakthrough, and they have moved forward two more times, and then returned to their original positions, each with unique adventures, waiting for Lin Chens Happening.

And Qin Miao'er was forced to repel him when he reached the 19th square, and it was difficult for the completion of Tongtian Realm to go through the last two days and walk the square!

The women waited for Lin Chen in situ, refining the 15 bottles of Wanqing Jasper Dew, Lin Chen opened her eyes at a certain time, and the terrible spiritual storm was like a hurricane!

His mid-level mental power attribute value has been increased by 59.7 million points in one go, plus the original accumulation and the many attribute values received for entering the ancient temple, the total number just broke 100 million points!

One hundred million points of intermediate spiritual strength, just stepping into the world of perfection!

The early Tongtian Realm and Tongtian Realm's complete spiritual strength are two distinct levels, like the difference between a chick and an eagle. Lin Chen's spiritual strength is several times more powerful than before!

"It's not enough, this way it can't pass the last two grids, system, I want to strengthen the Taishi Bible!"

A series of enhancements by Lin Chen consumed 84549 enhancement points and strengthened the +11 Bible of Taishi to +13 at a stretch! Overall power increase: 240%!

Boom~! Spiritual power shines like ten thousand stars, Lin Chen rushes out, rushes to the nineteenth day and walks the square!

Stronger spiritual coercion came suddenly, as countless iron **** weighing 10,000 tons fell, it was this huge and vast mental pressure that repulsed Qin Miao'er just now.

Strengthening the +13 "Tai Chi Bible" is like countless push hands, pushing away countless tens of tons of "spiritual iron ball" gears, such as four or two kilograms, all blocked!

"Get me up!"

Lin Chen drank coldly, his mental strength rose again, and rushed towards the twentieth day to walk the square!


Outside the ancient sanctuary, the air was full of blood and blood.

Those celestials who had passed away from the ancient temple had all fallen under a sea of blood! Not alive?

This ancient temple inheritance is almost annihilated by the whole army!

"Yue Qi's man? Lin Chen? Fuck, what are you saying?"

In the sea of blood, the pale-faced young patriarch pinched the neck of a crippled genius list almost madly.

In anger, he accidentally exerted too much force, and the other party rolled his eyes and directly killed the genius!

"Leng Yueqi has a man? Impossible, she only belongs to the master of the young master!"

Throwing the dead in his hand into the sea of blood, the master of the dark pavilion stared at the ancient temple at sea level, and his expression was extremely vicious!

"The genius list is 92333, Lin Chen? The Ben Shao patriarch is ranked by 84,680. He doesn't match Ben Shao's shoes. He dares to touch the woman I like and die! This person will die! Today I put down a seven-kill line, even if Eastern Promise of the 80,000th in the genius list will come to death! Not to mention a **** beyond 90,000!"