My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 858

Vol 5 Chapter 858: Cultivation Of Abnormal Crystals?

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Chapter 858 !

Holy Realm Tianyao Mountain, this place is the junction of Holy Realm and Dragon Race.

Between the rolling hills, there is a stone house standing hidden.


The sound of a cloud blew the clouds, the mountains moved and the space twisted.

"who are you."

The young man stood on the top of the mountain, stood with his sword, his eyes narrowed, and stared at the black robe not far away.

"Sure enough, the predictions of the fortune-tellers in the clan did not go wrong. The human race really appeared with a shocking god. You only have two choices. First, it belongs to my demon race, and second, you die here."

The black robe has a hoarse voice, and can not distinguish between men and women.

Choke~! The sword came out like a dragon, the young man pulled it up, and the tip of the sword pointed at the black robe.

"There is a third choice, you, died under the sword of my Lin Xingchen."

The black robe sighed-"Then you die!"

The two eclipsed the sun and the moon, the atmosphere of the world's sinking from brewing in the Tianyao Mountain climbed to the extreme, and the terrible killing was triggered at once!


"Ten thousand years, in the end someone passed. And, still a Kyushu man!"

The vicissitudes of the voice echoed, and when Lin Chen used all his strength to rush across the twentieth day and walked the square, the space rippled and a void figure emerged from the air.

A void space barrier separates, and from the other side of the room, Lin Chen can be seen disappearing in place.

"What about the squad leader?"

Su Lan was anxious, Leng Yueqi patted her-"It's okay, I can still feel his existence, should pass the test, Gu Sheng's will is talking to him."

Qin Jueyan looked envious, the inheritance of the ancient Saint!

This is how many saints dream of it. It is said that his fall involved the wars of the saints related to the early ancient civilizations. Those who experienced that battle avoided it, but they were coveted by the ancient saints.

"Oh, you are the ancient saint?"

Lin Chen was curious, somehow, he had an inexplicable sense of intimacy towards the illusory old man in front of him, and it seemed to be related to something in him.

Even if it is inexplicable and kind, Lin Chen is still ready to use the "super-dimensional transmission", in the face of a former saint, he will never take it lightly.

"Oh, young man, the ancient holy is only the title of my end of the journey. In a longer time ago, some people called me: the ancient **** of the sky. Moreover, the old man is on you, I feel the power I left in the world, you I'm destined."

The old man smiled at the care, and Lin Chen's brain swept a lot of information?

Kyushu mainland, sky tower, orange rank trial secret realm, ancient **** cave house?

Ancient Saint? Ancient god!

"Are you the master of the ancient Shendong Mansion in the Sky Pagoda on the mainland of Kyushu?"

Lin Chen's expression appeared a little shocked. Could it be said that he is not a saint, but a god, a god?

"That's right, the sky tower is the demon cave I left behind in the suppression of Kyushu. There is a head guy who has a strong vitality. With the serious injury that I was about to die at that time, it is difficult to destroy it and its nest, only temporary suppression. Then I used most of my strength to suppress the injury. After diving into the Holy Realm for millions of years, I was discovered by some Holy Realms, and later the Sage War broke out due to certain variables."

The old man Yun Danfeng smiled, as if those past events that shocked the Holy Realm were just passing by.

Lin Chen suddenly realized that it is no wonder that Kyushu mainland, as a mortal who can produce so many amazing and amazing people in the realm, once shocked one party, it turned out that a true **** had arrived on the mainland of Kyushu!

"I don't know what it takes to get the inheritance of my predecessors. What else do I have to accomplish, first of all, I am timid, if you let me do anything to save the world, it will be free."

Lin Chen asked with a cursed lip, and the old man was startled, and then he smiled and said: "Little guy, you are very cunning, quite right to the old man's appetite, yes, there is no free lunch in the world, want to get inherited, you really want Help the old man accomplish one thing."

"Do you know why the saints in the Holy World are eyeing the old man's things, because the old man has created a manufacturing method that can artificially cultivate abnormal crystals."

Without talking about the matter, the old man first throws a news about a heavyweight bomb! Let Lin Chen's mouth tremble a few times!

Artificially cultivated abnormal crystal?

The value of the alien crystal Lin Chen has initially understood. The complete alien crystal, even of the inferior grade, is of high price. Generally, the saint does not necessarily own it, and only holds the alien crystal fragments.

The formation of abnormal crystals originates from the accumulation of a lot of space-time planes with special energies between heaven and earth. The formation conditions are extremely difficult. In the early stages of the formation of some abnormal crystals, their energy was once the size of a comet or even greater!

The inferior and inferior crystals are ridiculous and precious, and they even talk about the existence of more advanced middle grades, top grades, top grades, and even extraordinary grades.

"However, the cultivation method of the old man can only create inferior and middle-grade crystals. The energy required by the top grade crystals is very different, which is difficult to create artificially. Otherwise, if even the top grade crystals can be artificially created, then even the Holy World is dominated. The spirit of the **** may also shoot, and want to break through this boundary, unless the old man restores the strength of the heyday, hehe, these are discussed separately, young people, if you want to get the inheritance of the old man, you have to help me kill someone."

To the end, the old man's tone was a bit cold.

Lin Chen frowned: "Senior, this person is..."

"This person is named Yin Tianzi. He once nominated the Sacred World Monster List. It was the only apprentice the old man had taken after he arrived in the Sacred World. After all kinds of training, he only grew up to restore his strength one day. Unfortunately, his wolf ambition, After discovering my secret of cultivating the alien crystal, I joined many holy realms to siege me..."

The old man shook his head, his tone was complicated, and then asked-"How, boy, the old man made this request. Now that man is about to die, many things are also seen through. The resurrection is impossible. Unless there is a true god, otherwise it can only be done. Wait here for the last ray of mental distress until it dissipates."

"I've noticed your performance on this road. The old man's vision of people rarely makes mistakes. Your future can at least reach the list of evildoers. If the old man can help, there is a great potential for impacting the sage list. The history of the world cannot be overstated."

As soon as the haze closed, the old man smiled and smiled.

The enchanted list is the place where Lin Chen must arrive. Without this qualification, he is not qualified to go to Shenyan Palace to pick up Sister Ruoyan.

"I don't seem to have a reason to refuse. If it is only this condition, I can only reserve the head of the cloudy child!"

Lin Chen is so passionate that the two sides are together!

The method of artificially cultivating the abnormal crystal is too valuable! It has an insignificant influence on Lin Chen's future, second only to his system and mentality!

"Little guy, go straight to the end, there is something that the old man has left to you. Let's say well, you can't regret it. After that, the Yin Tianzi has been taught by the old man, and may have become the eternal giant of the Saints List. , You have to hurry up and practice."

When the old man waved his hand, the brightly lit passages were rolled apart, and Lin Mou's mouth twitched slightly, crying and laughing.

"What's so special, how can you feel like you are on a thief ship..."

Lin Chen walked into the passage, and suddenly, he suddenly stunned, his expression was more shocked and stunned!

In the passage, he saw the glory of attributes unique to himself!

Lin Chen saw this glory for the first time!