My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 859

Vol 5 Chapter 859: Ultimate Armguards Ares Bracers

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Chapter 859

At the end of the extending channel in front of my eyes, there is a floating golden light to the extreme, which makes Lin Chen's pressure multiplied. What kind of power is there to suppress the world and the world?

"I am obedient. What kind of treasure is there? I was so scared when I faced the attribute light for the first time!"

Lin Chen clutched her heart and throbbed slightly, actually smelling a little difficult to breathe!

"Seven changes, the ultimate moment!"

Boom~! Lin Chen released all of his strength, and the domineering power was somewhat slowed down.

"Well? Why did this little guy use the secret method to improve his strength? Is it because I am worried about him? But his attention is not on the old man, blame..."

The unreal old man who followed Lin Chen couldn't help but be surprised.

Lin Chen walked into the channel anxiously. At the end of the channel, a sapphire-shaped dry bone lay in his eyes. The dry bone sat on it, and there were countless scars between the bone scars, shocking and dim light. This may be a With the bones of a once god!

It is a pity that this round has been hit hard many times. The ancient **** of the sky turned into an ancient holy man and finally fell here. This dead bone has no more divine power.

However, what attracted Lin Chen's attention was a treasure chest on top of the dead bone!

This treasure chest is light golden, simple and unpretentious, without the dazzling splendor of the orange crystal treasure chest, without the noble breath of the five-light supreme treasure chest, and some are just the ultimate dominance that dominates the heavens and the world, just like a ancient **** lying on its back this!

Lin Chen stepped forward, trembling and opened this unique property treasure chest, raised a golden shining wrist armor!

The moment the treasure chest opened, Jin Hui disappeared and was incorporated into the wrist armor, such as the galaxy restrained and receiving the universe.

Lin Chen looked at it, the wristbands were engraved with golden dragon-like mysterious lines, orange-gold with red, gold-fingered fingers, shining brightly, viewed from the front, like a golden light fist with a front wristband.

"What's this... It's not that there is no soul charm of war tools and treasures, and the material is also very mysterious, unlike a holy weapon, is it an artifact?"

Lin Chen looked at it with his golden wristbands, and even the illusory ancient saint stepped forward, feeling the beard and wondering: "This is something you took from Najie? It doesnt look like a war weapon, no holy weapon. The magical charm and the glory that never contained an artifact, it is this cast material that even the old man can't see through, it's strange..."

From the perspective of the ancient saint, Lin Chen opened the treasure chest and took out the object as if it was taken out of the Nahua, because he did not put it directly into the system.

Even Gu Sheng, a former deity, said that this thing is not a war weapon or a treasure weapon, maybe it is something else?

Lin Chen inquired about the system, even more surprisingly, he didn't even know the system!

Attribute chests that are not known by the system can also be dropped?

"What the **** is this..."

Lin Chen was curious and put this golden wristband into his right hand.

In the first second of putting on the golden wristband, Lin Chen did not feel abnormal!

Bang~~! Boom~! Boom~! Boom~!

Wandao Jinhui glowed from within the gold bracers, the light actually penetrated all the barriers of the ancient temple, and even the outside world was clearly visible!

The almost invincible momentum exploded from Lin Chen's body, just like the fall of the overlord, the entire ancient temple began to crumple, and the space crystal wall began to crack, twist, and even directly crack!

Only the power of the Holy Realm can tear the space of the Holy Space Time and Space Plane!

" this?"

Lin Chen was shocked, his arms were radiant at the moment, and Jin Hui was like a rainbow, like a billion-dollar dragon condensing in his palm.

At this moment, he had an invincible feeling of picking stars and moons, as if he could crush countless stars with just one finger!

If he punches out at this time, perhaps he will surpass himself before using the enhanced version of the God Killer talent!

"Huh? This thing is weird!"

Gu Sheng's eyes were squinted. This golden wristband was normal and plain, but the moment Lin Chen wore it, like the awakening of some supreme power, ruled all directions and dominated the world!

The moment you wear your wrist guard, the light screen pops up in front of your eyes.

[Get the Golden God of War SetParts: Ultimate Armor-God of War Bracers-Absolute strength, ultimate attack, ultimate destruction, only applicable to the host body.

Lin Chen just saw the content popping up on the system's light screen, "Pouting", and spurting blood in the mouth, crazy spouting blood!

No, to be precise, it should be the bleeding of Qiqiao, Lin Chen's eyes, mouth, nose, ears, blood stains constantly appear!

[The arm bracers are extracting the vitality of the host, the host is collapsing, please immediately release the arm bracers!

At the moment of the system warning, Lin Chen was almost exhausted, and he lifted off the armguards!

Then, the light was dim, and countless Jin Huina returned to the bracers, and the invincible momentum that dominated the heavens and the world disappeared in an instant!

Lin Chen knelt on one knee, panting like a cow, his mouth and nose were full of blood, and the blood stains were so shocking!

"Damn... what the **** is this, I wore it for four seconds, and almost killed Lao Tzu's life!"

Without saying anything, from the Najie, a Jiyang Returning Life Pill was brought out. After swallowing it down, Lin Chen again used the Mu Ling Jing Yuan method to regulate the injuries in his body before he was temporarily stabilized.

When he looked back at the'God of War Bracers' again, he returned to his previous calmness, and carefully observed that even the energy fluctuations of the weapon were not.

"It's amazing! Young people, you have a lot of secrets. This thing has exceeded the knowledge of the old man. It is exclusive to you, and only you can exert its power."

The experiences of such characters as Gu Sheng are rare and shocking.

"Senior, is this an artifact?"

Lin Chen asked boldly while adjusting his injuries.

"No, it's not an artifact. If it's an artifact, with your war emperor cultivation, the energy of the artifact can both annihilate you into ashes. These magical things are also seen for the first time, but I don't think it will be inferior to the artifact. If you continue to wear it just now, the power it can exert may be able to reach the level of an artifact."

Gu Sheng said seriously, Lin Chen couldn't help but smile bitterly.

Just now if he wore a punch with this gadget, he was hard to imagine how powerful the power was, but he estimated that he would rise up on the spot!

This bracer cant be worn without enough strength and repair! At least using it in Warlord's territory is equivalent to finding death!

In the battle with the false god, Lin Chen experienced the power of holy realm refining.

But the moment he just wore this'God of War Bracers', the pure power soared to a terrifying extreme, which is far more than himself before using the'Enhanced Version God Killer'!

"No matter what, this Ares Bracers is definitely a treasure that is powerful enough to withstand the sky, and it is dropped from the attribute chest. Only I can use it!"

After returning to God, when thinking carefully, Lin Chen was very excited!

Although the ancient sage fell down and repaired due to serious injuries, it was also the legendary "True God"!

The attribute chest of the "God of War Bracers" is dropped after the death of the true God. This is the real encounter!

Damn, if it's normal, how can someone in Lin find a place where the true **** fell?