My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 860

Vol 5 Chapter 860: Longer Lasting Longer Harder

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Chapter 860

The gods have fallen. This almost ridiculous time has never been heard by most saints, let alone finding a place where gods have fallen.

This'God of War Bracers' may be Lin Chen's strongest and top ace to date!

"If this is the past, the creatures with too much strength or too weak than me will not drop the attribute value. Is it because of the system update?"

Lin Chen couldn't think clearly, and never thought about it again.

The thirty-six domains of the Holy Realm can be said to be strong like clouds, there are many saints, the Holy King is established, and there are more gods to hold the sky.

He is alone, and his strength has not been enough. This God of War bracers may play a major role when encountering a strong enemy at a critical moment in the future!

Lin Chenpan sat on the opposite side of the bones of the ancient sage, healed his wounds, and the ancient sage was not in a hurry.

One hour later, Lin Chen, who swallowed two seventh-tier top-grade top medicines, recovered to 80%.

After recovering, Lin Chen walked to the bone, took the Nahuan ring, and easily engraved the spiritual imprint.

There are only four things in the ancient saint heritage: a red satin, ten thick ancient books, a jade box with the power of a seal, and a sapphire scroll.

After many twists and turns, the ancient holy pagoda left the sky tower in Kyushu, and established a new space plane in the tower. There are not many resources that can be left to Lin Chen.

The sapphire scroll, inscribed "Lingyun Baxiao Casting Record", is actually a complete set of eight-level casting technique!

The ten volumes of ancient books are both the methods used by the ancient saints to cultivate alien crystals and some unfinished conjectures and ideas.

The seal jade box is actually a complete inferior crystal with a blazing glow! And it is still the most valuable, light-based crystal!

The red satin is in line with the two pieces that Lin Chen had obtained before.

"Hey, there is a piece of red silk in there?"

The red satin is as bright as blood, and it is the same as the red satin that Lin Chen got from the dean and false god!

"Senior, what is this?"

Lin Chen asked pretending to be unknown.

"I cant see this thing. The reason why the old man is seriously injured is also related to this thing. At that time, a new plane was born on the edge of the Holy World, and there was an unprecedented war in the history of the Holy World. At that time, the old man had the chance to **** this piece of red silk, and was immediately besieged by several old power guys..."

Gu Sheng showed a look of memory, and then shook his head-"The matter is too far away, and my mental remnants can no longer be remembered. I only vaguely remember the secret of this thing. I know very little, and I have not cracked too much."

"An opponent who can seriously injure the ancient **** of the year must also be the true god! A group of true gods fight? Shit, this is too crazy... I dare not think about it, this thing also involves the **** realm..."

Lin Chen sweated coldly and stopped asking. The secret of this thing may not be revealed until he has enough strength.

The contents of the ten volumes of ancient books cultivating alien crystals are complicated and vast, which is more complicated than Lin Chens study of the "Ultra Shadow Flying Sword". Lin Chen only consumed 20 million points of intermediate-level exercises, first read the part of the first volume. content.

"Cultivation of alien crystals requires the guidance of heaven and earth, and the transformation of the energy of the auspicious spirit into the holy spirit to compress the energy of the alien crystal..."

After merging the memory contents of the first volume, Lin twitched his mouth.

Damn, this is a hairy!

The hard conditions for cultivating alien crystals are first and foremost a lot of good fortune!

The value of Qi Yun Ling Zhi is so precious, and there are only one or two ancestral sects that have passed down countless eras.

Cultivate alien crystals, at least the least, but also three luck plants!

This **** is not Chinese cabbage. Where can he get three lucky plants?

Robbing three second-class denominations? There are at least three saints to face, so sad...

"This is probably the feeling that there are empty bill templates but no money printing machine..."

Lin Chen was helpless, this thing can only be stranded temporarily.

The second is the light system crystal, this object was sealed by the ancient holy, let alone absorbed by Lin Chens strength, the moment when the seal was unlocked, the energy fluctuations at the moment can turn him against the main guest!

"Senior Gu Sheng, since I am your heir, then what else does the rest of the ancient temple give me, and I still can't use the things you left!"

"After you leave, the ancient temple needs a lot of energy to maintain, and many resources still need to exist, otherwise others know that the inheritance of the old husband has been taken away, then you will become the goal of many saints, or do you have the courage to deal with them now? It doesn't matter."

Lin Chen: "..."


In the end, Lin Chen had to rely on himself. The soil alien crystal fragment'Qian Yue' and the dark alien crystal fragment'Magic Shadow' he had previously harvested were absorbed twice.

In the room outside the passage, Lin Chens five avatars immediately sat down to adjust the rate, sharing the efficiency of refining the alien crystal fragments for the body.

Less than half a day later, Lin Chen perfectly absorbed two pieces of abnormal crystals. The value of the intermediate soil system exceeded 120 million points, and the value of the intermediate dark system energy exceeded 150 million points. The strength can be described as skyrocketing!

The speed of refining the Amorphous Fragment surprised Gu Sheng. This child's mentality seems to have a taste of numeracy, which can be perfectly combined with the power of the Heaven and Earth of the Amorphous Fragment. Therefore, there is no slight pressure on refining the Amorphous Fragment. The gap cannot exceed too much...

Lin Chen kept moving, and then swallowed two Ziqing Wudao fruits!

"Good boy, Ziqing Wu Dao Guo, who also has some benefits in taking the Holy King..."

Seeing the spirit of Gu Sheng, he shook his head and smiled.

The consciousness grows permanently and enters the realm of'selflessness' in a short period of time. The wise perception pushes on the more possibilities evolved from the familiar exercises!

Time lapse, period; Many of the exercises that Lin Chen practiced to perfection are reborn again!

"Seven Star Sword Spectrum" comprehends the top level of the Purple Order!

"Annihilation" comprehends to half orange rank!

"Seven Powers" is derived from the latest style: life and death powers, the power is comparable to the half orange level!

"Tai Chi Bible" transformed into a new and unknown realm!

In "Ming Jingyue", Lin Chen gained a deeper experience and insight. The last form of "Jingyue Liao Shen" has reached orange rank!

"The Taishi Bible is one of the earliest exercises I have practiced. This time I took two Ziqing Taoist Fruits, and there are four left. The Taizhou Bible is the most affected!"

Lin Chen's thoughts, such as the spiritual power of Wan Dao Long Ying flying out of the sky, impacted in the thousand-foot space, more than several times stronger than the original!

"Huh? This kid's spiritual power can be divided into multiple independent wills of spiritual will..."

The ancient Saint who was waiting for him was a little surprised. He felt more and more that the teenager in front of him was not simple!

Example: Spiritual manipulation is like a human arm, and ordinary people have only one pair of arms. The original Taishi Bible gave Lin Chen the equivalent of two pairs, three pairs, or even four pairs of arms, making him far superior to others in the spiritual field.

But the "Tai Si Bible" after the breakthrough of epiphany gave Lin Chen more countless arms! His spiritual power can be divided into ten parts and one hundred parts. As long as his mental power is strong enough, even a thousand parts of spiritual will can be differentiated!

Lin Chen, who used to control three Danlu refining medicines with one person, can control five to eight after strengthening the Taishi Bible. Now, he can control one hundred or one thousand!

Even more frightening is that, if the original Lin Chens mental power was compared to a boy with multiple'arms', the breakthrough "Tai Shi Bible" transformed Lin Chen's spiritual power into a sturdy and powerful man with countless'arms' man!

In short: the mental power is more durable, longer, harder and more!

Moreover, because of the "Phantom Rune", this breakthrough has become longer and harder than Lin Chen, but the entire "Black Horse Club"!

"Although the Taishi Bible has no rank, but I have no doubt that it has the value of the orange rank practice!"

This harvest is huge.

Lin Chen breathed a sigh of breath, his eyes were sharp, and his growth in this mysterious realm of the moon is truly earth-shattering!