My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 861

Vol 5 Chapter 861: Fusion Talent

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Chapter 861

In just one month, Lin Chen's growth can be described as turning against the sky!

One is the system update, and the other is the increased access to resources.

If Lin Chen failed to enter the Cangyue Trial because of Bingxin Palace, and he did not have the right to enter the secret realm, only the aimless intrusion in the strange domain, the growth rate can never be compared with the present.

Create a sect, improve the ranking of the genius list, the only two roads in front of Lin Chen, this is his way to get higher and more secret opportunities!

However, the faster it rises, the more it means that Lin Chen will stand on the cusp of the Holy Realm! Unless he bowed his head and voluntarily joined some of the top sects of the Holy Realm!

"Only one step left is the Nineth Warlord. The many geniuses that I wiped out before, let me harvest 1.5 million silver holy yuan coins. This time I will be able to break through the middle of the Nineth Warlord and even the later period of the Nineth Heavy!"

Lin Chen was so proud that his spiritual ideas penetrated into Taoyuan's capsule.

In one thought, Lin Chen teleported the whole body in the square room of Tianzong to his side.

"Huh? This little guy actually put a space shuttle inside my ancient temple to bring the five people outside? It's magical, obviously it's just the war emperor who cultivated..."

The ancient holy gem is amazing.

Lin Chen is planning to take out his huge sums and prepare to break three realms...

At that moment, he was dumbfounded!

"What about my money? What's the matter with my grass!"

In Taoyuan planting capsules, there are only 30,000 silver holy coins under the Qingyao tree?

Earlier gains from many arrogances and geniuses from various genius lists, and massive training resources, only less than 10% of the original left!

"A thief? No! Without my permission, the saint can't sneak into my Taoyuan capsule!"

Lin Chen glanced inside the Taoyuan capsule planting space.

At this moment, all the energy converges in a valley, and there is a distance from the Qingyao tree. In the center is a purple and black egg with cracks!

All the medicinal material energy lapse is absorbed by this egg, and the absorption speed is getting faster and faster!

"Grass, the ghost of this egg!"

Angrily nearly burst the purple egg, Lin Chen controls Taoyuan sacs, and it is extremely disgusting to separate the egg with a space barrier to seal the egg.

Lin Chen ingested all the medicinal materials and the remaining silver holy yuan coins again.

"It's a big loss, this time I've been sucked to the bottom of my life! Damn, this time I'm the ultimate wage earner!"

Lin Chen's mouth was trembling.

The more than 1.6 million silver holy yuan coins harvested before, placed in the sect of this level of Bingxin Palace are also a big expense!

There are now more than 50,000 stolen pieces, the eggs of this dog thief!

"Later, I will ask Senior Gu Sheng what kind of egg this is, so I can only cultivate first!"

Lin Chenping recovered his state of mind and cooperated with the phantom avatar around him to enter the state of cultivation.


"The time limit has expired and the ancient temple has closed. Please leave."

The woman in white fluttered.

"Senior, what about him?" Leng Yueqi was slightly worried. The Cangyue trial had a time limit. When the time came, everyone had to teleport away.

"Relax, the host is free."

When the woman in white waved her hands, Sister Su Lan, Leng Yueqi, Sister Qin Juyan and Lin Chen's Dragon Emperor were sent away.


Beside the ancient holy skeleton. Lin Chen's body plus five avatars are extremely efficient in absorbing the silver sacred yuan coins, rolling into the body like a silver wave, and more than 50,000 silver sacred yuan coins in the peach sac are disappearing at a rate visible to the naked eye.

Finally, when Lin Chen absorbed up to 45,000 silver holy yuan coins, the nine-color life wheel in his body was turbulently split, and the origin of the nine-robbery broke through the shackles!

[Congratulations to the host's advancement to Zhanhuang Jiuzhong's early cultivation.

Seeing that there are less than ten thousand silver holy yuan coins left, Lin Chen had to draw Tianyi holy water again. This time he poured eight pots of Tianyi holy water, and Qingyao tree began to absorb air transport and holy water again, growing rapidly.

In a moment, the Qingyao tree grew to 88 meters, and a large number of silver holy yuan coins and heavenly treasures were produced at high speed, which officially entered the peak of growth period!

Then, Lin Chen moved the egg out of Taoyuan to plant capsules.

"Senior Gu Sheng, what is this thing?"

Lin Chen asked, Gu Sheng smiled and said, "This thing is the result of my visit to the Holy World. Its secret is no less than the inheritance of the old man. Its source of life includes many spiritual races, namely: Devil, Dragon, And the Shadow Clan!"

"The tomb mansion that you killed was both the shadow family and the accompanying shadow when I got this egg. The shadow family was born from the orcs, and they have been transformed into one of the most mysterious species in the universe through countless eras. , The body is a group of darkness, with magical powers that shuttle through the void, and the top shadow creatures can change into most of the appearance of race."

"And the creature in the egg seems to have a blood-lined creature dominated by the shadow clan. Unfortunately, after I got this egg, I was almost there and I could not hatch it. If you have the ability, you may try to hatch it. A glimpse of its ontological secrets, of course, the old man does not guarantee that you will be the master of it."

Lin Chen waved his hand in disgust "That's fine, I don't want to spend a lot of resources to incubate a guy full of unknown factors."

He already has a dragon emperor with multiple bloodlines. The dragon emperor who raised him still thinks that he has few resources. If the million silver holy yuan coins and massive medicinal resources are absorbed by the dragon emperor, it might have reached 6000 now. Wanlong and above!

Lin Chen just finished speaking, with a bang, the purple egg covered with cracks flew to Lin Chen lightning, knocking Lin Chen to tens of meters away, dizzy!

"My day, an egg dared to hit me. Are you floating or am I unable to shoot?"

One person and one egg beat each other!

The ancient saint looked ridiculous.


For a long time, the egg stopped. Lin Chen's strength was suppressed, and he evenly split with it.

Suddenly, it turned into a streamer and shot into the Taoyuan capsule!

"Can it ignore the spatial boundaries of the air transport capsule?"

Lin Chen was amazed that the Shadow family had magical power in space, and this egg had spiritual wisdom before it was born, and could shuttle through the void. If it was allowed to grow in a broken shell, would it be good?

"Too weak, seal!"

Lin Chen thought that the space boundary within Taoyuan's capsules was completely controlled by him, and the purple egg was sealed as soon as he thought.

"Fortunately, although it can break into the air transport capsule on its own, fortunately its space magical power is not enough to break my shackles."

Squeezing a cold sweat, Gu Sheng smiled and said: "This little guy seems to be following you."

Lin Chen pouted: "Even if I die outside, I won't incubate this thief if I jump from here. It owes more than 1 million to Lao Tzu. I remember it for a lifetime."

After all, Lin Chen opened the talent bar.

[Passive Talent: (Blue Rank) Reinforced Iron Bone 200%, (Blue Rank) Double Cultivation Acacia, (Blue Rank) Life Increase by 200%, (Blue Rank) Divine Power 100%, (Blue Rank) Emperor Destruction, (Purple Rank) )Strike,

"The system will give me four passive talents, such as reinforced iron bone, life growth, divine power, and emperor destroyer."

The above talents have no bonus to Lin Chen, because his realm of physical refining has exceeded the bonus range.

The talent of divine power is only effective under 10 million dragon power.

Reinforced iron bones and life growth talents also failed due to Lin Chen's physical strength exceeding 10 million dragon strength.

His flesh-shell defense and life-healing ability far exceed those in the past, in fact these talents have long been useless to him.

For the Emperor Destroyer, one-thousandth rate triggers a spike, which is only valid for the late nineth layer. With Lin Chen's strength, there must not be any threat to him in the later period of Jiuzhong today!

Even if there is, he will not rely on this empire destroyer.

As for the "Double Cultivation Acacia", um, he must find an opportunity to experiment!

[The Fusion Host specifies a passive talent, consuming 8.9 million talent points, 17 million heavenly values, and obtaining a purple rank passive talent: tear. Any host attack with a killing intention will have a 10% chance of triggering a tearing effect, which can tear the enemy's fighting strength, treasure, or other forms of defense. All runes and talents are superimposed, and it is only valid for the Ninth Holy Land.