My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 862

Vol 5 Chapter 862: Poked Him

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Chapter 862

"Any form of defense that can tear an enemy can only be hard against it? Good thing! If it complements the rune of penetration, wouldn't it allow the enemy to resist my attack with 25% power penetration?"

Lin Chen was pleasantly surprised. The only thing missing from the United States was the probability, only 10%.

"System, upgrade charge rune."

Destroy the harvest of a large number of geniuses, plus the previous accumulation, the rune evolution stone has exceeded 70.

[Successful upgrade, level 6 recharge rune, can increase the attack power of 600%.

Lin Chen felt more confident, and he looked at the property bar.

[Enhancement point: 99555 points-blank attribute: 780,000.

This time, he is ready! This attribute value can definitely make him qualitative transformation!

"System, I want to strengthen my mind!"

[Consumed 12,950 enhancement points, failed to strengthen mentality.

Lin Chen's heart is dignified, and a failure is more than 10,000 strengthening points! How many exercises and weapons can be strengthened.

However, this is the final step of the current stage of mental strengthening. Once the strengthening is successful, it is +13 mental! The overall power increased by 240%, Lin Chen's strength will soar again by 70%!

"Come again!"


Failure to strengthen, failure to strengthen!

A series of reinforcement failures, the reinforcement points are quickly exhausted, and Lin Chen has transformed 430,000 blank attributes!

[Consumed 12,950 reinforcement points, failure to strengthen.

[Reinforcement failed...]

However, crazy reinforcement failed!

Counting the original number of times, mental strengthening has failed more than 40 times!

Lin Chen cold sweated, turning the last 350,000 blank attributes into enhanced points.

[Consumption of 12,950 reinforcement points, failure of reinforcement...]

Lin Chen was almost desperate to fail all the way to the last more than 50,000 strengthening points!

It is terrible to strengthen the consumption of mental methods!

He thought that counting the 780,000 blank attributes, the overall actual has 880,000 strengthening points, enough to strengthen and improve, and there is still a part to strengthen the Ultra Shadow Flying Sword, and now even the mind method has not been strengthened!

"Hey, only try to find more values next time and try again. I already knew that it would be better to strengthen the Umbra Flying Sword..."

Lin Chen was frustrated, and finally ordered the'enhancement' function with no hope.

[Consumption of 12,950 enhancement points, the success of the strengthening of the mind "Genesis Nine Tribulation", power increase: 70%. +13 Overall improvement: 240%, has reached the upper limit of strengthening, there is no room for strengthening.

Boom~! The origin of the Nine Tribulation in the Nine Life Wheel has skyrocketed once again


Lin Chen's mouth twitched...

On the verge of final lore? Only the last point of the 53800 strengthening point actually went up!

"Damn, the heart can't bear it... there are 40,000 enhancement points left, as much as you can!"

In the end, Lin Chen spent 40,000 enhancement points to strengthen the "Ultra Shadow Flying Sword" to +10, and the overall combat skill was improved by 110%.

Lin Chen has learned a certain lesson from this strengthening. In the future, there will be a direction to steadily improve the strength. First, strengthen the aspects that can be steadily improved. If this mentality fails completely, then Lin Chen really pulled his pants! 880,000 points to strengthen the point to float!

Suddenly, an idea came out of Lin Chen's mind.

He was curious to click on the Ultimate Armguard and God of War Bracers to activate the enhancement function.

[System Tips: This item comes from the next version of the system, the set function, which cannot be enhanced at this stage.

"Package function? Will the next version of the system have more powerful functions than enhanced functions?"

Lin Chen was curious.

Boom~! Suddenly, Lin Chen breathed heavily, and there was a throbbing and faint pain in his body!

This pain comes from the blood of Dragon Emperor!

"The feeling is that my Dragon Emperor has been hit hard?"

Lin Chen's expression changed suddenly and he immediately exited the system.

"Senior Gu Sheng, what about my friends?"

Ancient Saint Road: "My maid should send them away. The energy required to consume the ancient temple every day is very large, which is related to the remaining time of my spiritual will."

Lin Chen's heart chuckles! The crowd sent away, the Dragon Emperor was seriously injured, did not something happen?

"Senior Gu Sheng, the junior has something to leave first. The requirements and conditions of the senior, as long as my Lin Chen is still alive, he will definitely avenge the senior!"

Lin Chen clenched his fists, Gu Shenghao smiled and said: "Haha, I originally planned to give only half of the heritage, but now it's all for you, little guy, you have the power of the old man in the sky tower, you Fate with me, the old man believes you."

Lin Chen clenched his fists, and had not yet waited for the ancient Saint to send him away. He had already spent millions of talent points, opened the "Super Dimensional Teleportation" fixed position of the Dragon Emperor, and turned into a ray of space disappearing.

"The old temple of the old man still made this kid come and go easily? No wonder he didn't panic when he was evaluating luck."

Gu Sheng couldn't help laughing, this is a secret!

"Is he gone, is he worth your trust?"

Qian Yi in white appeared beside the ancient sage, seeming to ask.

"Perhaps there is no better candidate than him, besides..."

The ancient saint stood with his hands down, his eyes showing a particularly deep and vicissitude of expression.

"Besides, this little guy, he is not small, he has the mark of the demon clan on him, and even the old man is afraid!"

"At that time, the demon clan once appeared a top strong man, who alone broke into the holy prison, killing the holy world and the gods did not dare to show up.


Outside the ancient temple, the waves were turbulent.

The sky is even more mysterious, and there is actually a wave of **** sea waves. There is a hoarse noise of howling ghosts hidden in the wave, such as the blood sea corpse mountain, and the sullen atmosphere can disintegrate all the fighting intentions!

In the space enveloped by the sea of blood, beautiful and beautiful images emerged, each with its own merits.

It was like Leng Yueqi and Sister Qin Jueyan!

At this time, the ladies were all seriously injured, and even Qin Jueyan and Qin Miao'er were hit to varying degrees!

The Dragon Emperor has been hit harder by protecting Sister Su Lan. If it fights alone, the combat power it exerts is completely different!

The young man floats in the air, arms his chest in his hands, and looks at the girls with great interest.

"Hahaha, I didn't think that this action not only won the return of the moon, but also included so many beauties.

"I'm afraid you can't afford it."

Qin Juyan sneered.

The side of Qin Miao'er Hao's teeth was bitten, his spirit was broken, and his pretty face was pale.

Young Pavilion Master Xiao Qing smiled slyly-"Well, the strength of your sisters is indeed very strong, not the strength you should have in this ranking. At your level, it is at least about 87,000 genius lists. Come, I really can't take you."

"It's a pity that Ben Shao's **** sea turtle tactics can make the power of the six heroes all belong to you. You are not opponents. Now surrender and swallow Ben Shao's heart-finishing pill, there is still a way to live!"

Hearing the other person's laughter, Qin Juyan secretly cried awful!

"Oops, it turned out that he also brought the Six Secrets of the Dark House! These six people are also called the Seven Secrets of the Dark House, and each of them is among the top killers with more than 95,000 talents. this?"

Thousands of blood seas are running, there are six figures hidden freely, constantly injecting Xiao Qing with massive fighting spirit and energy of qi and blood, so that his breath exceeds the limit and keeps the peak unabated!

"Leng Yueqi, be my woman!"

Xiao Qing laughed arrogantly, and turned into a **** light towards Leng Yueqi who was injured!

Lengyue Qihao's teeth clenched, her hand clenched a short knife, she would rather die than fall back to each other!

Dang ~!

A shrill gold-iron collision exploded, and the blood sea stirred up!

"Dare to hurt Sister Yueqi, damn, poke him for me!"

A silver robe crosses Leng Yueqi in front of him, and the **** sea of shock is exploded by the murderous explosion!

With the advent of a space beam, six figures descend into the enchantment of the **** sea!

"What?" Xiao Qing was startled!

Then, the gunpoint of the five-colored dragon light slashed fiercely towards his Kiku area!