My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 863

Vol 5 Chapter 863: Dark Pavilion Seven Heroes Vs Dark Horse Club

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Chapter 863

Xiao Qing's reaction was like electricity, and his blood was condensing like wind and thunder, and his **** were outstretched with his backhand.

"Yeah, your posture of wiping your **** is really unique, reminds me of the little black dog next door."

Lin Chen sneered. At this time, Xiao Qing covered Ju with his backhand.

"Be careful, he is the leader of the Dark Pavilion in the rank of 84680 on the genius list. Futu is dead. Xiao Qing! Today he also brought six genius list killers to cooperate in combat, which is far more powerful than the original ranking!"

Qin Jueyan exclaimed, Lin Chen handed Leng Yueqi two immortals and smiled: "Relax, I will hand it over next."

"Well, my nine tremendous cold veins have not yet transformed into a high-speed growth period, and I have to leave it to you."

Leng Yueqi smiled like a flower, and the beautiful and worldly smile made Xiao Qing shocked and stunned!

In his heart, Leng Yueqi is so lonely and cold, like a fairy in the moon, without asking ordinary people. Today, a smile appeared to a man, and a fairy like a fairy!

"You are Lin Chen?"

Xiao Qing gritted his teeth.

"I don't want to answer the question of the dead. You touched my bottom line. You and your people must die!"

Lin Chen laughed at the murderous man, raised his hands and snapped his fingers!


[The host launches the blue order nirvana: Tianyin Bingsha Prison. Applicable goals: three. Three hostile targets closest to the host have been targeted.

Bang ~! The frost and hurricane flows cold and cold, covering Xiao Qing and the two in the blood sea!

The cold and cold currents around them rolled like a weathered tornado on the ground, as if to freeze all vitality, and the cold that penetrated like bone marrow factor came suddenly!

"The power of frost?"

Xiao Qing was stunned, but scratched the void with both hands, and the blood sea exploded!


The ice is like a tide, the blood sea is tumbling and blasting up the tens of thousands of blood waves, watching from a distance, like dozens of blood rainbows flying through the sky!

This time Lin Chen was moved to kill the heart, he used a blue-level killing technique in one shot!

All the avatars and Lin Chen launched the nine-robber battle and turned into a nine-color barrier to protect everyone.

The ancient sanctuary sank down the sea, and blood rain dripped, the blood sea dissipated, and everything was lamented.

"They are dead?" Qin Jueyan marveled. Lin Chen's move was even inferior to the flames she controlled!

"No, it's not over yet!"

Lin Chen and Qin Miao'er spoke in unison.

In the Blood Sea Explosion Center, a round of seven Big Dipper battles emerged, such as seven lightning flashes, and seven and half moon-shaped dark red blood shadows connected together, infiltrating the murderous murder of everyone on the scene!

"It's worthy of Leng Yueqi's fancy man. Sure enough, he was able to break my sea of floating blood. If not, this hunting would be meaningless!"

Xiao Qing grinned, but he was shocked. His Blood Floating Tutu Technique is a very strong top-level purple mind of the Purple Order. It needs to collect the blood of the strong. The more the blood gathers, the stronger the power.

If it is in the hands of his father, this mentality has the power of half orange rank!

Every detonation of the "Fu Tu blood sea" represents the consumption of the strong blood collected by Xiao Qing, and the cost is very high. I did not expect that Lin Chen would force him to detonate the blood sea as soon as he came up!

If not, he would have been seriously injured by the tactic "Bing Sha" just now!

"This is the unique seven-kill lineup of the Dark Pavilion. The seven people have continuous killing intentions and the offensive is like a sea of turmoil. It is a famous skill of the Dark Pavilion. Not inferior! The fatal flaw of the formation is also an advantage, if one person is killed, all the members will die!"

Qin Juyan solemnly told Lin Chen to raise his hand with ease.

"The sea of blood has exploded, and they can no longer block the space. You must retreat first. What kind of formation will my dark horse control him, even if the saint comes today, he must die!"

Lin Chen's killing intentions first revealed that if he didn't use "Super Dimensional Teleportation" in time, Leng Yueqi would be in jeopardy!

For this person, he was killed by Lin Chen!

The women stared back at each other.

Roar ~!

Without any combat constraints, the seriously wounded Dragon Emperor broke out a roar of tyranny!

"The ancient temple has a time limit. You are the last person to come out. It seems that the inheritance of the ancient temple is likely to be left in your hands. If you kill you, you can kill two birds with one stone!"

Xiao Qing gave a cruel smile, and led the six heroes of the Dark Pavilion to Lin Chen.

"Seven changes!"

Lin Chen used the first seven changes as the initial cultivation of the nineth layer. At this moment, he finally felt the boundary between the top of the nineth layer and the king of the battle!

Roar ~! The Dragon Emperor struck, the Dragonclaw pocket was torn off, the five avatars showed their magical powers, and collided with the Dark Pavilion Qijie!

Lin Chen drew his sword in an instant, and the blue moon shook Xiao Qing!

Dang~! Bang~!

Xiao Qing's five fingers condensed into blood claws and actually received the blade of the blue moon!

"Isn't the holy artifact complete, hahaha, you won't be able to use it for long!"

Xiao Qing laughed, his blood claws flew wildly, and hundreds of blood stains like the endless blood net imprisoned Lin Chen's retreat!

"Then give it a try."

Lin Chen sneered, the blade turned around, cut across, and the knife slashed the trajectory of Mirror Bright Moon!

Or the speed of the moon, or the mirror of the attack rebounds, the sword is fascinating! Successively collided with the blood stains in the sky!

The battle between the two sides was intensified, and the Dragon Emperor and the five avatars confronted another six heroes in the dark pavilion. The attack and defense collided, and the battle was shaken to the sky. The battle gradually became fierce!

In addition, the strength of the six heroes in the dark pavilion was not inferior to Xiao Qing! It's all a matter of culminating in peak cultivation, and their rankings are seriously inconsistent, so that they can now confront Lin Chen's five avatars without falling down!

They originally ranked only about 94,000 in the genius list, Xiu Wei is still in the ninth stage of the ninth layer, and the fighting power is different from Xiao Qing by several grades.

But now, each of them holds the strength to surpass Xiao Qing, and Xiao Qing's strength has broken through to unprecedented boundaries, even the strength has briefly entered the second robbery and emperor Xiu Xiu, steadily overwhelming Lin Chen Several realms!

"Its because of the Seven Kills Formation that all of their original fighting spirits are connected together through the formation method. The temporary impact of the cultivation base to a new realm is equivalent to putting life and death on a front line, as long as one is killed. Everyone, everyone must die!"

During the knife attack, Lin Chen's eyes narrowed.

No wonder Xiao Qing is so confident. This is equivalent to having 7 genius lists with a ranking of more than 85,000 in joint operations. Xiao Qing's strength is even more than the top 80,000 ranks, and even the "blue moon" can be confronted!

Encountered this lineup, all the genius list tried throughout the month, indeed no one will be his opponent!

"If it were not for my cultivation to break through, my mind +13, I am afraid that I have been suppressed now, but unfortunately, your opponent is my Lin Chen! The ultimate moment!"


The breath of Lin Chen and the avatars suddenly soared, and the moment the blue and quiet glory flowed, the body and the offensive immediately reversed!

"Speed Moon!"

At this moment, Lin Chen waved a knife again, and Yue Mang hacked away!


Xiao Qing's face changed slightly, how could this offensive soar suddenly so many times?

"Blood Dragon Kill!"

Ten claws and blood blades slammed together, and blood like a wild dragon swept its tail, slamming Lin Chen's shocking sword! The blood blade claw marks explode into the sky, Xiao Qing's expression is dignified!