My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 864

Vol 5 Chapter 864: Lin Chen's Terrible Strength

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Chapter 864, Lin Chen's terrible strength!

Xiao Qing's expression was solemn. The power of the "Moon of Speed" just now was equivalent to half-orange combat skills!

However, Xiao Qing hadn't recovered, and a more terrible scene appeared!

"Thousands of miles!"

"Speed Mirror!"

"Seven Star Jian Gang!"

"Fighter Seventh Style!"

Dark arrows and shuttles, soaring thousands of miles! The five dragon dynasty's guns swept down, the guns turned the dragons, the sky was rage, the spiral sword with the starlight and the sword gas storm stormed and arrived!

"The Peerless StyleDestroy the Flower!"

Flying knife shadows, like dancing butterflies, seem to be withered and gorgeous, but in fact the killer is hidden. When aware of the killing in the shadows, flying knife has arrived!

The azure blue dragon gleamed, the dragon emperor flapped between the wings of the purple phoenix, and the dragon tail swept through, like a sword breaking into the sky, dividing the stars!

The strength of each of its moves is so strong that the six heroes of the Dark Pavilion have changed their colors, and they have revealed the powerful pressure box bottom to compete with it!

"Seven Star Sword Spectrum", "Fighting Arrow", "Mirror Moon", "Ten Fighters of Ten Styles", "Ultra Shadow Flying Sword", a trick with top-level combat skills like a storm and a rainstorm, the offensive destroyed and withered , Crazy penetrate the opposite attack!

"Impossible, how could your people be so strong!"

Xiao Qing was shocked, and every move was the power of half-orange combat skills!

The geniuses in the genius list are more than 90,000, and they have only a handful of half-orange combat skills. Does Lin Chen's group all hold half-orange combat skills?

When did this combat skill close to the Orange Tier Legends begin to rotten the streets?

"There are many things you don't know!"

Lin Chen and his five avatars instantly transformed into shadows and dived into the void, as if disappearing in an instant, the breath disappeared and disappeared like transparency, leaving only one Dragon Emperor in the audience!

This was so shocking that the Seven Patriarchs of the Dark Pavilion were even more suspicious. They were the masters of the killers. The frontal fighting was not their best. The assassination was their strongest means. But Lin Chen et al.'s means of killing breath was better than their killers. Want to be better?

Tear ~! The sound of the breaking wind sounded, and the offensive first broke out from behind the seven heroes of the Dark Pavilion! Daoguang sword shadow, flying knife flashes, arrow light guns burst one after another!

[The host completely triggers the purple order passive talent: strong attack, power bonus 300%.

[The host triggers the purple order passive talent: tear.

boom! boom! boom!

This time, it was the entire Dark Pavilion seven heroes who were repelled, and Xiao Qing was the most seriously injured!

Behind him was Lin Chen's knife, and any defense was torn in an instant, but Lin Chen's knife was attacked and seriously injured!

The attribute light ball was scattered all over the sky, Lin Chen didn't want to pick it up, he pressed Xiao Qing step by step, just wanted to kill him first!

"Why his destructive power is so powerful!"

Xiao Qing, who was almost chopped to death, was shocked!

It is no accident that Lin Chen's purple-tier top-level best-of-breed combat skills can exert the power of half-orange rank!

The ultimate moment talent, double the power of all exercises, and double the mental skill by 1+1. The skill displayed by the doubled state of mind is 22, which actually improves the power of Lin Chen by 4 times!

Mind strengthening +13, making Lin Chen's overall element attribute value equivalent to an increase of 240%, a considerable increase of about two and a half times the power of combat skills!

Finally, most of Lin Chen's combat skills have been strengthened by +13, which is also a 240% increase in power!

The three enhancements of mental strengthening, ultimate moments, combat skills strengthening, and so on have caused a kind of superimposed supernatural! Lin Chen, who is in the "ultimate moment", will use 8.8 times the power of his combat skills, nearly nine times more than the original unreinforced!

What the **** is this concept?

This is equivalent to the combat skills Lin Chen used at the moment, which is nearly nine times stronger than that of himself who has not undergone mental and power strengthening and opening the ultimate moment!

The Genesis Nine Tribulation Mind Technique itself can be continuously strengthened by obtaining nine element attribute values. Lin Chens mental foundation is better than most genius list geniuses, and now has to be nearly nine times more powerful...

If the full "Strike" talent is triggered, it is close to 12 times! However, the strong attack talent is triggered and requires hard conditions.

There is no doubt that with a 9-fold increase in normal conditions, Lin Chen's combat skills will exceed the scope of the Purple Order exercises!

Not to mention the orange level, but at least comparable to the half orange level combat skills!

Even more frightening is that Lin Chen has never used a level 6 charge rune until now.

He can go to the next level!

Tear ~! The shadow flashed again, Lin Chen and his avatar sneaked into the shadow again, and the congenital shadow trick played to the extreme!

In the past, Lin Chen only had the limit to maintain the state of the innate shadow tactics. This occult technique is extremely concealed, but it consumes combat energy too fast, and Lin Chen cannot use it for long periods of time.

After absorbing the "Dark Alien Crystal Fragment", the energy of the dark system skyrocketed 150 million points, giving Lin Chen a little splurge of capital, which can be used in combat for the first time!

"Slow rune!"

Taking advantage of Xiao Qing's serious injury, Lin Chen struck out 100 million points of 6th-level slow runes. The gray-white runes descended from the sky, suppressing the ages, and sealing the void around Xiao Qing!

The moment the space became sluggish, Lin Chen lifted his hand and held the clear blue moon with a knife, chopping it down vertically and splitting a moon of speed.

Bang ~! It's so mad and killing like a dragon! While the speed of the Seven Kills Array suddenly accelerated, thousands of off-white breaths emerged from Xiao Qing like a tide!

This breath not only broke the shackles of the slow runes, but also made Xiao Qing crush Lin Lin's "Speed Moon" with one claw. Lin Chen was surprised.

At this time, Xiao Qing's breath became particularly violent and brutal!

"Damn, I didn't expect that Ben Junior would actually be forced to the point where you used Xuanmo Qisha! This is Ben Shao's plan to use it to hit the 70,000 genius rankings, Lin Chen, you can die wherever you go!"

Xiao Qing's voice was hoarse.

At this time he wore a black armor mask, like a ghost, with fangs and fangs. The roots of the mask's roots stretched into Xiao Qing's neck with a vein like a blue tendon, transmitting the pressure of the atmospheric rupture!

At this time, Xiao Qing became brutal, crazy, bloodthirsty, like a gunpowder barrel that would explode at any time, and his cultivation practice temporarily broke through to the three robber warlords, more than five times stronger than before!

The six heroes of the Dark Pavilion who were influenced by Xiao Qing because of the "Seven Kills" also became as crazy and brutal as he was.

Ordinary three robbery war emperor, Lin Chen is not afraid. The three robbers of the genius list are quite terrible!

Not to mention there are six other people at this time!

"Wear this mask, you need to pay a certain price. Let me see how many cards you have! You have a back hand, I Lin Chen, more!"

Lin Chen was full of enthusiasm, laughing with great enthusiasm, thinking about the successive systems, and unlocking the 6th level rune!

He held the knife in both hands, and the bright blue moonlight glowed like a blue light, like a mirror moon hanging on the sky, just like a knife and burst out!

"Jingyue and God!"

Bang ~!

A moon mandled from the blue blade, slashing through the sky! Like the moon in the mirror, all the light is brighter than the world, so that the sky is reflected by the moonlight in an instant!

Yingyingshuiyue falls like a galaxy and cuts the sky!

Xiao Qing's pupils were terrified. With this knife, he felt the smell of destruction!