My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 865

Vol 5 Chapter 865: The Dark Horse Club Was Born

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Chapter 865

The final form of the brand-new "Mirror Bright Moon" was promoted by Lin Chen to the half-orange level due to the "Purple Green Enlightenment Dao Fruit".

Lin Chens half-orange-level Jingyue Jishen blessed the 6th-level charge rune and Lin Chens pure power, exerting more than 15 times the power of the original base, and was cut by the eighth-level knife!

The power of this knife is no longer close to the orange-order field, but the power of the genuine orange-order combat skills!

"Slow rune!"

When Lin Chen wielded the strongest sword, the five avatars played five 6th-level slow runes with 50 million rune energy, and calmed the six heroes of the dark pavilion for a moment!

The Dragon Emperor flipped the huge dragon body, the dragon claws flowed with a sharp blue light, and waved the Wan Zai Xuanguang Blade, the dragon tail exploded, and the azure blue dragon sword swept away, struggling to drag the Dark Pavilion!

Liu Jie, who happened to be blocked by the slow rune, had to break the shackles, and he had to deal with the Dragon Emperor, unable to take care of Xiao Qing!

"Four Shadows!"

The five great avatars instantly pulled the flying knife around their waists, and the flying shadow of the four gold and blue flying knife flashed like a stubborn glance, approaching the extreme, pointing directly to Xiao Qing!

Lin Chens goal was him from the beginning!

This formation center is dominated by him. Lin Chen's killing of others is not sure whether he can lift the formation at any time. Killing him is the most safe choice!


"Blood Thunder Sacrifice Heaven!"

A blood thunder exploded from the top of Xiao Qing's head, and Xiao Qing's body shone with two pieces of abnormal crystal, one water and one thunder?

Among them, the thunder crystal fragment is Xiao Qing's final card. It was his father who helped him refine himself a month ago. The information on the genius list did not register him as a killer!

Lei borrowed the water potential, the water rose Lei Wei, the two large crystal fragments shone brightly, Xiao Qing's hands turned into crystal-like Panlong giant claws and slammed into the air, trying to smash all Lin Chen's attacks!

"Relax, I can't afford to see you. I still anticipate your hand."

The corners of Lin Chen's mouth rose slightly, and the origin of the Nine Tribulation in the body quickly decreased!

Brush ~! When Jingyueqi God's shocking moonlight flashed, did it actually change to five?

[Activate the Orange Order Talent, Instant Light Split, costing 18.5 million talent points.

Xiao Qing's eyes almost fell off, what a stern school this is? Even if it is comparable to the power of the orange rank combat skill, can it be divided into five moves?

The five moons fell across the sky, and the blood thunder was shattered and shattered.

The last Moon Mang still has the power to break through the wind and waves, and welcome Xiao Qing!

The five-handed flying knife flew away at once, and once in a thousand shots, Xiao Qing's seven-killing array was glowing brightly, and there were another dark six heroes appearing around him!

Six people, like the most loyal deceased, attacked and attacked defensively, and defended Lin Chen's offensive!

Boom! Boom! Boom!

Six heroes resisted Lin Chen's offensive. After taking turns, he was seriously injured and was crushed to death by 25% penetration characteristics! Turned into blood powder!

Lin Chen frowned. The Seven Judgments were not the same life and death. Did Xiao Qing's move not commit suicide?


Sure enough, the last Xiao Qing also exploded and set off a **** sky!

Strangely, all six heroes in the Dark Pavilion have attribute light balls, but Xiao Qing has not dropped any attribute values!

This scene immediately attracted Lin Chen's attention!


The Dark Pavilion Hall is located in a group of powerful figures!

They are the first-class killers of the Holy Realm, and some saints fell into their assassinations.

"What does the Patriarch think about the fall of this list of talents?"

The voice in the dark was hoarse.

"Oh, these geniuses are going to the ancient temple in the mysterious realm of the moon, and it is very likely that they will encounter unexpected events in the ancient temple."

Yun Danfengqing's laughter echoed.

"Pavilion Lord, if it was the ghost of the unknown junior Lin Chen..."

An old man hesitated.

"These people are going to the ancient temple. Although the ancient sage deliberately chooses his descendants, it does not mean that he will reduce the difficulty. If there is a big crisis in the ancient temple, this unknown Lin Chen just picks up the ready-made That's it. Secondly, Qing'er has personally taken the lead and led the contemporary six heroes of the Dark Pavilion in a seven-killing battle."

Middle-aged male voice is calm.

There was a lot of surprise in the hall.

"It turned out that the young pavilion leader personally went out! Or the seven pavilions of the dark pavilion gathered together. According to the entry situation of the Cangyue secret realm, no one is indeed his opponent!"

"Yes, Lord Lord, will this be wrong? We have violated the rules of the sect. Even if the young Lord Lord is invincible, he can slaughter all geniuses, but in the end, he can not get the inheritance of the ancient holy, then the significance cannot be compared with the loss. Alright!"

When the elder raised doubts, the patriarch laughed.

"Its time to tell you that the head of the cabinet had saved the life of Master Xingmeng 30,000 years ago. She owed the love of the head of the cabinet, which has been repaid from thousands of years ago. She spent a lot of money to deduce the heavenly machine, the ancient holy Inheritance will be in the hands of my son this time, and my dark pavilion will become a sect that will occupy the heavens in the future!"

"Getting the ancient saint's cultivation of the mysterious crystal secret technique is the day when my dark pavilion rises! Compared with the sectarian rules, what is it!"

As soon as this statement came out, the audience was shocked!

Xingmeng Shengma, the top holy grade arithmetic operator, her strength is undoubtedly, since ancient times, the mathematician has not been a god, and her heritage has been one of the top among holy world holy grade arithmeticians.

It's almost a fact that she is playing the game of heaven.

"Patriarch Sheng Ming!"

"The day when the dark pavilion rises is now!"

Surprise congratulations came and went, and the patriarch laughed confidently as if he were in control of the overall situation.

"Hahaha, Zhujun will wait for my son to return triumphantly. In order to ensure foolproofness, even the treasure of the dark pavilion's town pavilion, Xuan De Qi Qi, has been handed over to him, and he has refined the second crystal fragment for him. His strength is not inferior to that of the 80,000 geniuses on the genius list, and the position of the seven kills is enough to respond to any accident."

"As for Lin Chen, a nameless junior who missed the leak is not a cause for concern."

As soon as the laughter fell, Jin Hui flashed.

Everyone picked up the gold list, as expected. As expected by the strong players, Lin Chen's name quickly disappeared in his 92333 ranking position.

Not waiting for everyone to be happy, even the ranking of Fu Tuo, who lost the ranking of 84680, Xiao Qing's ranking also disappeared!


The needle became audible in the hall, deathly still...

A breath of murderous intent is frantically brewing in silence, the accumulation and the explosion of desire!

Then, a golden glow shined on the list of geniuses, majestic, and immediately airborne 84680, golden and brilliant.

"84680 Lin Chen in the list of geniuses. Title: None. Affiliation: Black Horse Club (the power grade is undecided)."

Then, a more shocking worldly scene appeared!

Lin Chen?

It turned out that he killed their dark pavilion master? how can that be!

On the genius list, a series of six names have disappeared!

It's the six heroes of the Dark Pavilion. They are all ranked around 94,000. At this time, all are replaced!

But see, on the list of geniuses, six shiny golden names appear!

"94150 in the list of geniuses, Zhende Chang, title: none, affiliated power: Dark Horse Club (the power grade is undecided)."

"94171 genius list Zhen Dejiu, title: none, affiliated power: Dark Horse Club (the power grade is undecided)."

"94125 in the list of geniuses, Zhen Deying, title: none, affiliated power: Black Horse Club (the power grade is undecided)."

"94122 in the Genius List Zhende Shuai, Title: None, Affiliated Forces: Dark Horse Club (the power grade is undecided)."

"94120 in Genius List Zhen Dexiu, Title: None, Belonging Power: Black Horse Club (the power grade is undecided)."

"94129 in Genius ListZhendepi, Title: None, Belonging Power: Black Horse Club (the power grade is not determined)."

At this moment, all the high-level members of the Dark Cabinet exploded in situ!


It's not just the dark pavilions that are being blasted, but there are countless forces and powerhouses who are paying attention to the genius list.

Every time the ranking of the genius list changes, the list will float golden, attracting the attention of countless powerful people.

And this time, seven names shining, which is even more shocking and unexpected!

"Huh? I'm sloppy, I'm not wrong, right? The Dark Pavilion Qijie all fell?"

"What happened, what happened, isn't the Dark Pavilion a big killer, even if you can't kill the target and want to retreat, it's not difficult!"

"Even Xiao Qing, who is even the young master, has fallen!"

The various families, many denominations, and the strong parties, rolled up a new storm!

"No, no, you see, someone is on the genius list!"

"It was Lin Chen the other day, he replaced Xiao Qing's ranking!"

"Hi! I am obedient, and there are six other heroes in the Dark Pavilion. Zhende Chang, Zhende Ying, Zhende Jiu, what are these ghost names!"

"Dark Horse Club? What kind of evil power is this! Seven genius list geniuses!"

Holy Realm, once again set off a big earthquake!

This great earthquake, centered on the strange domain, began to spread out violently to the thirty-six domain. At first glance, it seemed not as unexpected as the 30 geniuses at the moment of the last fall, but it was actually more shocking!

Because, a brand-new name, it seems to be the most powerful and unexpected attitude, airborne to the Holy World genius list!

A sect with no grade, there are seven more geniuses in the list.

The Dark Horse Club was born!