My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 866

Vol 5 Chapter 866: Surging

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Chapter 866

"My child Xiao Qing! Lin Chen, the dark horse club! Dare to ruin my dark pavilion for thousands of years, we will never die!"

"Being him, no matter what the origin of this kid, he will definitely die!"

"I thought I was able to witness the rise of the Dark Cabinet, but I didn't expect to wait for such bad news!"

"Every generation of the Dark Pavilions seven masters has to be spent a lot of money. This dark horse club has such a heritage. Perhaps they have obtained the inheritance of the ancient holy, and they have pried out their secrets. Only by obtaining the inheritance secret of the ancient holy can we make up for our losses. !"

All the sages in the dark pavilion, at this moment, have been staring at Lin Chen! Acting at almost the same time, collecting Lin Chen's origin, information, and background!

As a killing force, the Dark Pavilion has an extremely rich intelligence network!


There was a burst of laughter from the Eight Wild Dragon Palace.

"It's not easy. At first I thought this was a leak picker. I didn't think he was a strong man with real skills!"

"Hahaha, wait to see a good show. Qiyu will not be calm during this time. More than thirty geniuses have been killed. The Dark Pavilion has lost the top seven contemporary heroes. The young power of this generation will take the hands of the dark horse club. They will not let go."

"Its not that simple to be targeted by those lunatics in the Dark Pavilion, unless its extremely powerful, its terrifying enough to be targeted by a holy land killer, and its even a practice to be stared at by a group of holy land killers. Not peaceful."

Bingxin Palace.

The elders of the Three Great Bingxin Palaces stand on top of the mountain, with an unprecedented dignity in their expressions!

This one, Lin Chen played too much! Even Bingxin Palace can't protect him!

The dark pavilion is a fourth-grade sect, and it is against the third-grade. If they provoke the Dark Pavilion, the future of their Bingxin Palace will be dark!

Because it is a place where killers gather!

Yin and Yang Palace, a male in a female robe, the Yin and Yang Palace owner tilted his orchid finger and frowned.

"What is the origin of this dark horse club? It is too deep! Seven genius list geniuses suddenly emerged. This is the foundation only for the four-grade sect. The Yin Qingyun in my temple is folded by the hand of Lin Chen, Do you really want to avenge the dark horse club..."

Everyone knows the rules of the Holy World. There is no genius in the cold, and there are no strong men in the lower levels.

Most geniuses are almost entirely linked to their background.

Lin Chen was able to kill the Dark Pavilion Master and six other geniuses. Was this dark horse club a simple generation?

Behind them, will there not be a powerful force? Who will believe it?

"The Lord of the Hall, why should he be afraid of him. Now that he offends the forces of many parties, and even the tiger in the dark pavilion is ahead, why don't we put pressure on other forces together!"

The two white-browed elders next to me asked for advice.

The Lord of the Temple flicked his orchid finger and shook his head-"I'm afraid it's not that simple. You have seen the situation of the Seven Pavilions of the Dark Pavilion gathering and fighting together at the same time."

The second elder looked at each other, revealing doubts.

The main tone of the hall is solemn.

"Cangyue secret realm is the secret realm of the second-grade and third-grade sects. According to the rules of the sect of the Holy Realm, it is forbidden to enter or interfere with the forces of more than four-grade sects. Has entered the secret realm of Cangyue!"

"And the Dark House acted blatantly this time, and clearly broke into the secret realm of Cangyue, proving that there is an interest they must seek to violate the sectarian rules. The only possibility is the ancient sacred heritage. The Dark House has always acted steadily, and they sent Dark House Seven Jay, it is bound to come up with the trump card of the famous shocking domain; seven kills!"

The master of the hall exhaled heavily, and the words have come to this point, and the two elders have understood their meaning!

"The Lord of the Hall, what you are worried about is that Lin Chen beheaded was not the normal state of Xiao Qing, but the Dark Pavilion and Seven Heroes in the Seven Kills Formation?"

The master nodded: "Yes, the seven kills are on, the life and death are the same, and the origins are mutually handed over. With the strength of the contemporary seven masters, it is enough to increase the strength of the seven masters by two or three grades. The strength of Xiao Qing alone may be It is comparable to the 80000th Eastern Promise, not to mention the other six..."

The two elders shivered. If so, wouldnt it be equivalent to Lin Chen and others in the Black Horse Club, beating a group of geniuses comparable to more than 80,000 ranks!

Seven geniuses ranked more than 80,000, what kind of forces can be cultivated...

Weighing again and again, Yin Yang Palace Master suddenly waved his hand!

"Submit the order and deal with Lin Chen's case for a while, so that the elders should not act rashly, the maximum penalty will be dealt with!"


Peerless gate, above the clouds.

A cynical young man lies in the cloud and plays with the gold list.

He frowned, Zhu Tong was like a knife, and there was a smile on the corner of his mouth that disdain all beings.

He closed his hands on the gold list and smiled-"This is the Lin Chen that Miss Bai Ruoyan once mentioned? But how can a **** from the genius list be comparable to me, a group of fans who are still at the bottom. Never mind."

"Master Ben can even step on his head on the ground, and find time to sweep away the garbage when he has time. Kind of rubbish."

The youth threw the gold list from the cloud and spread out a roll of green crystal list.

On the list, there are three big characters inscribed on it-the list of demon!


Before time returns to the Holy Realm, the mysterious territory of Cangyue.

Lin Chen killed the six heroes of the Dark Pavilion in the Seven Kills array. According to the principles of the formation method, Xiao Qing should have fallen here.

His corpse was suspended not far from Lin Chen at this moment, but he did not drop any attribute light balls!

Lin Chens doppelganger fell into a state of extreme weakness due to the outbreak of the'Fourth Form of Flying Shadow Blade.'

Lin Chens arm was repulsed and hurt by Azure Blue Moon, with scars all over and blood flowing. He still held the knife, and Zi Jintong glanced around the area quickly, and his spiritual power covered the entire sea!

When he urged the "magic shadow" alien crystal fragments in his body, the dark robbery was slightly agitated and felt.

"Sure enough, let me out!"

With a knife cut diagonally, the mirror of attack quickly cuts out like a rotating snow flake, a lingering swift remnant of the void is suddenly cut down, the arm is cut off, and the blood is like a column!

It is Xiao Qing who is ready to escape successfully!

Without saying anything, Lin Chen struck a slow rune of 90 million rune energy, and the moment he calmed him down, he swiftly stepped into the dark step, and a knife was caught on his neck and neck.

" did you find out!"

Xiao Qing's eyes broke, and Lin Chen sneered sneerly-"You guys who are well respected, I have known for a long time that you don't have fewer cards."

Lin Chen took a one-handed shot and snatched the "dark shuttle gossip" from his waist. This thing was a roulette, but it contained a bit of dark energy and shrunk the space. It could hide people in the shadow and then escape. Void.

"No, Lin Chen! Don't kill me, I can share my secrets with you. My father is a generation of saints. He is the lord of the dark pavilion. He is rich and powerful. You can satisfy you with any requirements! My life, I can also order the Dark Cabinet to kill your enemies for you!"

Xiao Qing went from anger to begging for mercy, and his killing intentions remained undiminished, but he was too frightened by Lin Chen's means!

Even the hidden treasure of the Dark Pavilion's "Mysterious Seven Masks" superimposed seven killing arrays can't beat this guy!

This guy is a special devil!