My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 867

Vol 5 Chapter 867: The Dark Pavilion Approaching

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Chapter 867

In Xiao Qing's view, Lin Chen's strength is completely up to 80,000 in the genius list, and the people around him are more than a monster, almost all inferior to the genius list of more than 85,000 geniuses!

Even the blood demon avatar that he was proud of had not concealed his eyes. This was to exhaust the blood of countless strong men and the coagulated avatar of his own blood, which was enough to replace his life as Xiao Qing died!

This is because of the creation of this stupid stunt, Xiao Qing became the strongest genius in the history of the dark cabinet, and even the cost of the death of the seven kills can be replaced by a stupid!

But even with so many hole cards, he couldn't shake Lin Chen!

This guy is so **** strong!

"Oh? Your secret, what secrets do you have? Kill you, your secret is mine!"

Lin Chen's smile became colder, and the blade wiped him beheaded!

A flick of fire, a ray of fire robbed the body to burn the void, leaving only two alien fragments!

A lot of attribute light **** fell, and this time Lin Chen was able to determine that this guy is the body.

The Dragon Emperor wandered, took away all the light spheres of the Seven Pavilions of the Dark Pavilion, and opened a dozen amethyst treasure chests.

In this battle, Lin Chen harvested a total of 2.7 billion points of the essence of mid-level fighting spirit, with three elemental attribute values skyrocketing more than 10 million points, and an orange crystal treasure chest dropped by Xiao Qing.

[The host opens the Orange Crystal Treasure Chest and obtains: Orange Rank One-Time Talent God Killer Talent Fragment (1/3).

Lin Chen's eyes lit up, and finally got the God-killer fragments again. If he had this talent, he would be eligible to compete with the Holy Realm!

Lin Chen accepted the Seven Rings of the Dark Pavilion. When he erased his spiritual imprint and his spiritual consciousness penetrated into Xiao Qings Ring, his heart jumped!

Among the many resources of the young patriarch, he immediately saw an extraordinary thing, carefully contained in a jade box, and turned into a lilac seed that broke into two halves!

"It's the cracked Qiyunling planting seeds!"

Lin Chen was shocked!

This turned out to be Qi Yunling planting seeds! Is this value comparable to his Qingyao tree?

"No, the seed is broken, but there is still a small part of the vitality, unless it is perfectly restored...but I do not have the ability to restore the seeds of Qi Yunling..."

Lin Chen recovered, frowning.

"System, can you repair this seed of luck?"

Lin Chen could not help the system.

[The system answers the host: the system does not have a repair function, but the host can try to use the fusion function, using Qiyunling planting seeds as the main material for fusion, there is a greater chance of new Qiyunling planting seeds, provided that a large number of days Caidibao and Elixir are the basic fusion materials, and there is only one chance. If the fusion fails, it will lead to the fusion of other non-qiyunling seeds.

"A lot of heaven and earth treasures?"

Lin Chen struggled in his heart, hesitated for a moment, and sneaked into Taoyuan to plant capsules.

At this time, the Qingyao tree had bred more than 10,000 kinds of natural materials, with different attributes, high branches and leaves, plus the previous surplus, Lin Chen had 20,000 seventh-order medicinal materials in hand and two eight-level sacred materials.

Lin Chen searched all the contents of the Seven Pavilions of the Dark Pavilion, plus Lin Chen held; 480 high-level seventh medicines and 245 top seven medicines!

"System, all integrated!"

[Consume 85 million days of Dao value, merge the broken Qiyunling planting seeds and designated medicinal materials and immortality...]

Lin Chen held his breath and had only one chance. If the fusion fails, he will consume the elixir and medicinal materials worth more than 200,000 silver holy yuan coins...

[The fusion is completed, the host obtains: Xiapinqiyunling planting seeds, Longqing tree species.

It's done!

"Good looks, good luck is really **** good! Hahaha!"

Lin Chen laughed excitedly and planted the new Dragon Tree Species into the Taoyuan capsule.

Unlike the situation when planting Qingyao tree species, with the presence of Taoyuan sacs, Lin Chen can give Longqing tree species the fastest growth rate and environment!

He filled up a pot of heavenly water, plus five gold holy yuan coins, and poured them beside the Longqing tree species. The tree species germinated quickly, and two-meter-long tender buds grew at an extremely fast growth rate!

"It takes less than three days to estimate that you have to enter the growth stage. It is really cool to have Qi Yun capsules. It is worthy of being a baby who is equivalent to the value of the orange-level exercises. It is expected that my Taoyuan capsules can hold two more Qi Yun Ling. plant!"

Lin Chen nodded with satisfaction. Although the space is very large now, the pinnacle of Qiyunling is a real behemoth with abundant resources. The Taoyuan capsules can only support four Qilianling.

"This stuff is too weird, seal it first."

Lin Chen put away the'Xuan De Qi Sha Mask' he had obtained. He couldn't understand this thing. After wearing this thing, Xiao Qing's strength skyrocketed a lot, but his temperament became unusually fierce and his consciousness was not complete. Try hastily.

With the lesson of the shadow egg before, Lin Chen placed the mask in a high-level satisfied ring by sealing it with war.

"Two pieces of alien crystals were obtained, this is the tenth!"

Lin Chen received two pieces of alien crystal.

[Consume 10.5 million rune energy, activate level 6 phantom rune.

Consumption of rune energy, Lin Chen's five avatars quickly returned to their original state.

The Dragon Emperor swallowed the body of the Seven Patriarchs in the Dark Pavilion, and turned back into a humanoid, refining its energy to heal the wounded body. Lin Chen turned to the gold list.

"Sure enough to be on the list!"

Lin Chen was pleasantly surprised. He just tried to record the breath of the doppelganger into the gold list, and try to see if this gold list has seen the "Thousand Illusions Human Skin Mask".

It turns out that the Thousand Fantasy Masks are seamless!

His avatar and strength are in the same vein as him, but the breath is completely different, equivalent to five other brand-new geniuses! Even the Dragon Emperor can top the genius list after wearing a thousand fantasy mask!

The Dark Horse Club is hereby established! Kill the genius list!

Lin Chen took out the'God of War Bracers', and after a little hesitation, let the avatar wear it.

The avatar wore God of War Bracers and nothing happened. Lin Chen's conjecture fell through, somewhat helpless.

"It seems that the God of War bracers can only be used by my body in order to have an effect. Unfortunately, if the avatar can be used, it will be a saint with one punch!"

Lin Chensi did not doubt the scene of wearing a Victory Bracers in the ancient temple, and the punch would surely have the possibility of slaughter!

Just a punch, you have to die. It is also planned to transfer this cost to the doppelganger, which currently seems unrealistic.

Lin Chen clenched his fists in the ancient temple and walked away.

A quarter of an hour later, Lin Chen and the daughters converged in the Shengqing Mountains.

"You and your people are really monsters...even the seven heroes of the Dark Pavilion have been killed!"

Qin Jueyan couldn't help but marvel at the meeting. She always paid attention to the changes in the list of geniuses. Lin Chen's changes caught her attention immediately.

"The Dark Pavilion is an extraordinary force, and I hope that Mr. Lin Chen will be careful."

Qin Miao'er, who had not recovered from the injury, instructed Lin Chen, he nodded and smiled-"It's okay, soldiers will block it, water will cover it."


At this time, a group of people turned a spiral storm-like space beam above their heads, freely condensing, and space suction exploded.

"This is the time limit!"

"It seems to be different, son Lin Chen, good-bye."

Sister Qin Miao'er said goodbye, and the space beam took them away.

Then, Lin Chen put the avatar and the Dragon Emperor into the body, and was transferred into the space channel together with Sister Su Lan and Leng Yueqi.


Bingxin PalaceTianshuang Mountains.

The main body of the Bingxin Palace is graceful and slender, and the snow robe is icy and cold, and the eyebrows are as majestic as the iceberg queen.

"Those of the Dark Pavilion, I don't know what you are doing today when you come to Bingxin Palace in person!"

When the palace master was cold, Bingxin Palace buzzed and started the guarding of the palace, all the vigilance was raised to the highest level!

The saint's war is enough to destroy one side of the world! If there is war here, it will be detrimental to the entire Bingxin Palace.

All the disciples of Bingxin Palace who are still in the palace are in a panic and fear, and what is the sacred place in the end, so that the palace owner has personally come forward!