My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 868

Vol 5 Chapter 868: A Comprehensive Upgrade Talent

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Chapter 868

Space channel, beam beam shuttle, Lin Chen and his team returned to Bingxin Palace at high speed.

Lin Chen, holding two pieces of alien crystals, fell silent.

"If I refining this thunder, two pieces of alien crystals, my strength will definitely rise by two grades, but I always have a bad hunch..."

Lin Chens hunch came from the ranking of the genius list, he killed too many people!

Once killing so many genius list geniuses, no one can guarantee whether he has been targeted by the saints in the outside world.

If the sage hits the door, he has very limited means of countering the sage, and there is only one blue-level advanced nirvana, sky shadow ice erosion storm!

Lin Chen turned on the system.

[Tiandao Picking System 6.0 Version

Host: Lin Chen

Cultivation: The early stage of the Nineth Battle Royal Realm-the essence of mid-level fighting spirit: 519.5 billion points.

Ultimate Strength: 1999 Wanlong Force-Intermediate Qi and Blood Energy: 647.1 billion points.

Intermediate level of mental strength: 160 million points

Intermediate skill essence: 2.5 billion points-Intermediate rune energy: 3.7 billion points.

Elementary Heavenly Path Value: 1.5 billion points-Elementary Talent Points: 2.1 billion points.

Blank attributes: 0 points-enhanced points: 48900 points.

Intermediate elemental energy: 17.85 million points in the fire system, 13.11 million points in the soil system, 12.366 million points in the wood system, 19.152 million points in the gold system, 94.4 million points in the water system, 28.8 million points in the thunder system, 16.809 million points in the wind system, and 15.2 million points in the light system The dark line is 166 million points.

Qigong Status Bar (Whether Open)-Blood Vessel Status Bar (Whether Open)

Passive talent bar (whether it is open)-nirvana bar (whether it is open)

Active Talents: (Blue Order) Omen of Thief, (Blue Order) Fatal Bloodthirst, (Purple Order) Super Dimensional Transmission, (Purple Order) Ultimate Moment, (Purple Order) Extreme Return, (Purple Order) King's Land (24) Days), (quasi-orange level) desperate life and death, (orange level) instant light splitting, (orange level one-time) God-killer fragments (1/3),

Characteristic rune column (whether it is open)-talent combination skills: Fatal Bloodthirsty-Super Dimensional Transmission-Junlin Tianxia-Fatal Life and Death.

"System, I'm going to break up the water system crystal fragments!"

Weighing again and again, Lin Chen first decomposed the water crystal fragments!

[Consume 11.5 million points of Heavenly Dao, decompose Amorphous Shards, and obtain special attribute values: 8 million points of Holy Wave Bishui, 4 million points of Holy Wave Bishui Attribute Value + 50 million Heavenly Dao. The power can kill any war emperor in seconds, and it also has an effect on the Holy Land.

Lin Chen chose to make two moves of the "Bihai Chaosheng" blue level nirvana, consuming all special attribute values and 100 million sky value. If this nirvana cooperates with his "Tianyin ice erosion storm", one water and one water Ice will have amazing effects! Add another hand to the Ace of Life!

He is not in a hurry to absorb the thunder crystal fragment. Although he lacks thunder energy at the moment, he has now determined that the decomposition of the crystal fragment can give him special attribute values to make a nirvana!

"Right, upgrade talent! How can I forget this!"

Lin Chen patted the thigh and immediately opened the talent bar. Most of his talents can be upgraded!

[Consumption of 11 million elementary talents, 39 million elementary talent points, upgrade talents stolen harbinger, advance to the purple order, purple order stolen harbinger talent, the host launches without touching the stolen object, it needs to be within 10 miles of the sight And, creatures that are higher than the host can initiate stealing attribute values.

[Consumption of 34 million primary talents, 99 million primary talent points, upgrade talents fatal bloodthirst, purple order talents fatal bloodthirst, can obtain 40 ~ 60% of the healing effect from the actual damage.

[Consumption of 40 million junior talent value, 130 million junior talent points, upgrade talents limit return, upgrade to purple rank advanced talents, limit return on the basis of the original recovery of fighting strength, mental strength, weak shell status, etc., increase Healing effects, depending on the host's condition, consume talent points. Note: The therapeutic effect is limited. If the host is too seriously injured, such as a ruptured heart or a broken source of combat gas, the treatment range is exceeded.

[Consumption of 70 million primary talents, 200 million primary talent points, upgrade talents Junlin world, upgrade to purple rank advanced talents, the cooling time of Junlin world talents has been greatly reduced, and the proportion of energy accumulation increased.

[Consumption of 100 million primary talent points, 370 million primary talent points, upgrade talents and ultimate moments, and upgrade to the purple rank top talents. Effect: The minimum cost of opening the ultimate moments is 10 million talent points, and the power of the power doubles unchanged. However, a temporary increase in pure power and mental power can be obtained.

[Upgrading the Fatal Life and Death Talent has failed. This talent has a higher level. At this stage, the system cannot upgrade this talent.

Eventually consuming 255 million primary talents and 468 million primary talent points, Lin Chen's talent status has been improved in all aspects!

"The ultimate return to injury can restore the injury, the cooling time of the king's world is reduced, the deadly bloodthirsty recovery effect is increased, and the temporary increase of pure power and mental power can also be increased at the last moment. Don't be too cool!"

Lin Chen was excited, and suddenly, new doubts appeared in his heart.

"System, although my mindwork is now +13, if I change my mindwork in the future, will it strengthen the level and invalidate it? Isn't all my accumulation in vain?"

[The system answers the host: If the host changes its mind, it cannot inherit the enhanced level. However, if the host changes the advanced mind method, for example, the creation of Jiujiao is replaced by Tai Yi Fu Tian Jue, all the strengthened foundations and attribute values will be blessed in the advanced mind method.


Lin Chen breathed heavily!

The system's answer can be said to have given Lin Chen a peace of mind.

If you practice advanced mindwork, the enhancement level of mindwork will not be inherited, and the enhancement effect will become the foundation of mindwork and be incorporated into the new advanced mindwork!

For example, if Lin Chen holds 1 billion elemental attribute value, +13 mentality increases 240%, which is 1 billion + 1 billion 240% = 3.4 billion element attribute value!

These 3.4 billion element attribute values will form a foundation and be transferred into the advanced mind method. Afterwards, the advanced mind method can continue to absorb the element attribute value improvement and can start strengthening from zero again!

In short: The higher the value of the elemental attributes Lin Chen has accumulated, the later the time to change the advanced mindwork, and the stronger his mindwork foundation will be!

At that time, the same orange-level heart method, perhaps within the same level, Lin Chen will throw away most of the orange-level heart method!

This still does not count the increase brought by the enhancement effect. While the extremely strong basic attribute value improves the orange-level heart method foundation, after the enhancement, the increase will be even more sky-deep!

"Tai Yi Fu Tian Jues remnants are divided into five volumes. I only have two volumes on hand. I need at least three volumes to practice. The only thing I know that may be the only one who is detained in the holy prison by the dean. Its all a holy place, I dont want to go in yet... It seems that I want to change my mind at least after I set foot in the holy place!"

Lin Chen sighed.