My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 869

Vol 5 Chapter 869: Life And Death Bearish Do Not Accept

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Chapter 869

Lin Chen sighed in his mind at the thought of the change of mind, but he was not discouraged.

He has runes, talents, nirvana, enhanced functions, and many other cards. Even if there is no orange-level mentality, he can confront all talents!

What's more, he has even got his dream permanent orange rank talent, and hitting the top ranking of the genius list or even the demon list is no longer an illusory idea, but a real and necessary way in front of the eyes!

"Hurry up and get more training resources, and the strength is the foundation."

Lin Chen poured more Tianyi Shengshui into the "Dragon Tree" and "Qingyao Tree" in the Taoyuan planting sac...


Tianshuang Mountains, the atmosphere is dignified.

The master of Bingxin Palace personally appeared, and the atmosphere of the three elders wandered between the Tianshuang Mountains, the atmosphere seemed to be touched!

"Hey, Xue Nizi, you can't keep that kid. We only need that Lin Chen, if you insist on protecting him, Bingxin Palace will be reduced from the third grade to the second grade sect, or even destroyed!"

Twisting two ghosts in the darkness, a grinning smile.

Gong Dai Dai frowned, she did not doubt the strength of the other party.

Hidden Pavilion has a large number of top killers. If the Hidden Cabinet commanded the killers to target Bingxin Palace for a long time, just assassinating the true disciples in her palace would be enough to destroy one of the foundations of Bingxin Palace.

However, she is not irritating! She is very aware of Lin Chens potential and the others purpose. Leng Yueqi and Lin Chen have established a relationship. Lin Chens potential is worth her risk gamble!

"The Seven Pavilions of the Four Ranks sect entered the secret realm of the Third Rank sect. The actions of the Dark Pavilion really dare not be complimented. Today I am in town, unless you are the ancestors of the Dark Pavilion, you are not eligible to take any. A person!"

The palace master's attitude is tough, and the atmosphere on both sides is suddenly striking!

At this moment, a space beam came to Bingxin Palace, and four figures reached the Tianshuang Mountain Range!

Lin Chen is back!

He walked in the sky, and the three females set off against him like the stars, and his eyes hung like sun and moon, deep and bright.

Bang ~! The situation of the wind and clouds is like the sword front, pointing directly to the main hall of Bingxin Palace!

A pair of eyes from the saints projected on the silver robe boy!

He was calm and calm, the cloud was light and windy, and his mouth had a cynical, confident smile. Under the pressure of the saint's eyes, he did not waver!

"This son is Lin Chen?"

"It's very possible! The Cangyue secret realm is closed. Space teleportation will send people back in their original ways. None of the younger generations of the Bingxin Palace that was sent back before will be able to remain calm under our eyes! "

The Dark Pavilion Shuangsheng spied secretly, and had not yet spoken, a violent voice resounded through Bingxin Palace and flew into the air.

"Lin Chen! Didn't you kill Tianxie and Qingming, and also brought the Holy Realm to Bingxin Palace for me, I think you wanted to harm my Bingxin Palace, and today the old man will capture your little **** first!"

Ji Qingming's master, Elder Gu Lin!

He had difficulty accepting this fact at the beginning. Gu Tianxie was his nephew and Ji Qingming was his apprentice. He was very clear about the strength of the two. Even if he was not Lin Chens opponent, it was easy to escape, but he did not expect both of them to fall. !

It wasn't until he saw Lin Chen ascending to the name of the Dark Pavilion Master that he realized that Lin Chen might be a pig and a tiger!

Unexpectedly, someone took out his ears, it was an understatement, and he smiled carelessly.

"Sorry, the people who recently killed the genius list have killed a little, and they have forgotten whether they killed them."


Deathly silence...

The disciples present at the entire Bingxin Palace heard this statement, and the collective was completely stunned and their scalp numb!

The killing of the genius list is a bit smooth?

It's so sad!

Is this **** talking human?

That's the top genius that even saints may not be able to cultivate!

Ji Qingming's strength, all Bingxin Palace disciples see it in his eyes, and he has the strength to contend with the ordinary second robbery and battle emperor when he is young and cultivated in the late nineth layer!

The more the two realms fight, this is a level only on the genius list! The real people at the top of the pyramid of the sacred world of tens of thousands of heavenly arrogances, what does it mean to kill a little bit smoothly?

This is not a killing chicken! What is handy? grass! How do you make us who look up the genius list live!

Even the unspoken Dark Pavilion Shuangsheng couldn't help but twitch his mouth slightly, so **** arrogant this little bastard!

"you wanna die!"

Gu Linmu burst into tears and rushed past!

Tear ~! The space was torn apart, traversing Lin Chen's side, a snow robe fluttering, the frost and glamorous beauty stepped into Lin Chen's side, overlooking Elder Gu Lin.

"Elder, Xiaochen Lin is a distinguished guest in my palace, you are not qualified to touch him!"

Leng Yueqi stood up immediately, and Leng Chi warned-"Elder Gu Lin, in the Cangyue trial, Ji Qingming and his cousins Ji Wutian and Gu Tianxie attacked me and threatened me to eat Yin Yang Gu, want to murder fellow students!"

As soon as this remark came out, all the elders of the Bingxin Palace and even the Palace Master changed their faces!

Murdering fellow students is a felony, not to mention Leng Yueqi, a special true biography bearing the heavy responsibility of revitalizing Bingxin Palace!

This alone is enough to cause Ji Qingming to die!

Brush ~! An ice-light barrier enveloped Elder Gu Lin, and the master of the palace personally shot his seal into a seal with a cold tone--"Elder Gu, your relationship with Gu Tianxie is not ordinary. This palace now suspects that you are related to this matter. This is the case, you may have to explain it!"

Elder Gu Lin was pale!

Boom~! At this time, the pressure of the energy shield of the Bingxin Palace suddenly increased, and it was the two saints who shot!

Above the sky, two black robes appeared in the air, questioning coldly.

"You are Lin Chen, don't you have to pay to kill someone? Now you wait for me to return to the Dark Pavilion to hand over the ancient holy heritage. This is your only chance to survive!"

Double Saints questioned, the master of Bingxin Palace privately transmitted a voice to Lin Chen.

"Little fellow, the Dark Pavilion has been involved in a large part of their top power due to violations of sectarian regulations. There are only two holy realms coming today. This palace believes in your relationship with Yueqi. I will not force you to join Bingxin Palace, But if you choose Bingxin Palace today, I will try to keep you safe."

The palace master's voice seemed to be expected by the other party, and another dark pavilion holy realm said indifferently: "Mo Yao thought that only us came today. We have notified other denominations. At that time, you will only be killed by the group. Come here and give up your heritage, which is your only possibility."

Lin Chen teased with a smile: "I am so handsome that I have to invite me to dinner when I'm so handsome that the dark pavilion will kill me. If I kill it, I'll kill it. There's so much nonsense."

After that, a roar roared through the Tianshuang Mountains!

"Child Lin Chen, return my grandchildren!"

"Damn, dare to kill my disciple, but the old man will have to see what you have mastery!"

The roar of murderous intent is fierce, the glaciers are rolling, and the waves are fierce. There are thousands of visions from the south and north of the mountain range, and the holy light shines on the sky!

A red-browed ancestor stepped into flames, and the old man in white robe glowed with the magnificent divine power, and he came under the snow storm, like a hurricane!

The faces of the disciples at Bingxin Palace changed slightly, and two more saints came!

Lin Chen suddenly cold drink!

"Go and line up, shit, the holy realm to find Lao Tzu's revenge is more, the two of you are the oldest!"

Hearing this, all the elder disciples in Bingxin Palace twitched their mouths...

The two saints are looking for you, and the one who seeks revenge in the war emperor realm will return to his mother...

What's wrong with you...

This Lin Chen is so mad!

However, almost everyone's doubts have been dispelled. Perhaps that day the genius list fell to 30 geniuses, which he did personally, and he killed the strength of the Dark Pavilion Qijie!

Lin Chen looked directly at the Double Pavilion of the Dark Pavilion and stepped out. He took the palace master's snow-white catkins and pulled her behind him with a domineering side leak.

"For men, it's not time for women to intervene."

The palace master looked at the teenager's side face in amazement, and the eyebrows between the eyebrows were overbearing. The juvenile childish side face glowed with madness to challenge the world. It seemed that she saw a first love figure disappearing in the long river of memory...

I saw that Lin Chen stepped away from the vortex of dark robbery and rushed out of the energy shield of Bingxin Palace!

At this moment, the top of Bingxin Palace was shocked!

The Four Saints in the void around his fingers laughed wildly.

"The people in my dark horse club fight, never ask the number of people, cultivate the behavior. Just ask the time, location, life and death are bearish, do it if you don't accept! All the **** come up to Lao Tzu, I will give you absolute fairness, I am single enough to single out all of you!"

As soon as this remark came out, all the elders and disciples in Bingxin Palace looked horrified!

One emperor picks four saints?