My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 870

Vol 5 Chapter 870: Title: Heavenly God

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Chapter 870, Title: The Goddess Goes Down

Countless elders and disciples once suspected that they had heard it wrong!

The war emperor provoked the saints, and it was called Lao Shouxing to hang himself.

An old-fashioned five-robber warlord like Elder Gu Lin has no possibility of resistance in front of the palace master as a holy land!

It can be seen that there is a tremendous gap between the Holy Realm and the Royal Realm!

"Friend Lin Chen, no!"

The Lord of Bingxin Palace went to Lin Chen's side and was held by Leng Yueqi.

"Palace, believe him. He never acts recklessly. If we insist on going up, wouldn't we live up to his heart."

Leng Yueqi smiled, and the palace owner couldn't help but look dumbfounded. For the first time, she saw Leng Yueqi smiling!

"Hahaha, it's interesting, it's really interesting. For many years, the husband hasn't seen such an arrogant young man!"

"Even the genius at the top of the genius list must bow down obediently in front of the saint. What is your kid worth?"

The Dark Pavilion Shuangsheng was very angry, as if he saw the ants shouting at the dragon, and tried to pick four?

"Let's talk nonsense, my ancestor, I scrapped this kid's legs first and let him pay the price for my dead grandson!"

The ancestor of Chimei screamed angrily, tens of thousands of red flame tornadoes were rolled up in the void, and five fingers were slammed into the huge acres of flame.

The saint's shot, like the sky rage disaster, the devastating power brewed by the flame giant palm makes every disciple of Bingxin Palace despair!

"It's really cruel to shoot, but today, you will let the Four Saints retreat, and Bihai Chaosheng!"

[The host activates the blue-level intermediate nirvana. Bihai Chaosheng, has locked four hostile to the host.

Lin Chen suddenly launched a nirvana. From the vast space in front of him, there was no sign of the brush, and there was a sky of water, waves, water, mountains, and the sky rolled up a tens of thousands of waves, containing the extraordinary deep power. !

The waves pushed across the sky, smashing the four saints from all directions, and swallowing the giant fire palm alive, which surprised the four saints!

"With one hand, no wonder it is so arrogant, but this kind of attack can't stop me from waiting!"

The dark pavilion double sneers sneered, their bodies flashed, they were the holy realm killers, their body and concealed breath were their Xeon realm, they were planning to hit Lin Chen back and forth!

[The host consumes 3 billion rune energy and starts the slow rune.

Bang ~!

At this moment, the sun and the moon are sinking, the world is dark, a vast and domineering grey and white rune descends from the sky, suppressing the ages, and the world is blocked! The vast space becomes extremely frozen and slow!

The figure of the Four Saints is a meal, and the Dark Pavilion Double Saints finally shows a shocked look!

"What's the trick?"

"Can the Warlords seal the space?"

"No, my holy energy has also slowed down!"

Before waiting for the holy horrors of the Four Saints, the turbulent Bihai Chaosheng drowned the Four Saints in an instant, and the huge impact of destruction destroyed their bodies!

But this alone is not enough to threaten the Four Saints!

It was almost the moment when the "Bihai Chaosheng" flooded the Four Saints, and there was a chill in the world, as if everything had to be frozen and frozen!

[The host activates the blue-level advanced nirvana, the sky erosion.

With a sneer, the goose feather ice flowers danced the sky dome, and the space above the head of the Four Saints burst into a beam of ice and cold gloom, which suddenly shone!

All the disciples and elders of Bingxin Palace are full of shock and shock!

Their Bingxin Palace practice is the Bingxin mentality, which can be regarded as the type that is least afraid of the cold in the same level.

But at this time, the chilly air lingering on the heads of the Four Saints made them smell a chill of ice, which represented fear and permeated the deep cold of the brain.

This is still under the premise of the energy shield of the palace. If not, the cold energy alone can make countless disciples frozen into ice sculptures.

"He still has this hand?"

"This is the ultimate power of ice, which is enough to threaten the early stage of the Double Holy Realm.

As strong as the three elders of the Holy Realm, the elders also stunned in the void!

The ice storm beam suddenly penetrated the Four Saints, locked all their breath, and could not avoid it!

Boom~! Boom~! Bang~!

The sky is cold, the water is flooding the mountains, the ice is shaking the sky, and the sky is overcast!

The terrible ice-water energy explosion set off a wave of destruction!

Countless attributes of the light ball roll out like a wave, almost hundreds of thousands!

Some attributes of the light ball fell like raindrops near Lin Chen, and he was continuously charged.

[The host gains 4.5 billion points of mid-range combat spirit essence, 3.8 billion points of mid-range combat spirit essence, 29.5 million points of intermediate fire energy, 1 billion points of intermediate energy of qi and blood, 98.5 million points of merit, 49.95 million points of primary talent, 35 million primary sky value, 3.3 billion quintessence of fighting spirit, 17,866 enhanced points, 18440 blank attributes...]

[Congratulations to the host for breaking through the ninth midterm cultivation.

The moment these attribute light **** were taken away by Lin Chen, he saw his eyes shine!

In just a blink of an eye, he has harvested more than 800 billion points of the essence of mid-level fighting spirit, which can be described as a breakthrough through the mid-nine-level cultivation practice!

The speed of such perverted breakthroughs made Lin Chen unable to restrain the ecstasy and laughed in the sky!

"Ha ha ha ha, cool, really happy! It's so **** fun to fight the Holy Land!"

All the Bingxin Palace heard Lin Chen's laughter and felt his scalp numb!

Crazy, it must be crazy!

They have never seen a war emperor who can suppress the Holy Realm, which is counterintuitive!

The most important thing is that the Four Saints were dragged down by Lin Chen's slow runes in an instant!

Because of the accident, no one expected that a war emperor could freeze the void, not to mention that they had stagnated their warfare. This is completely subversive!

As a result, the Four Saints had no defense and ate two major nirvanas head-on, and were injured!

If placed in the ordinary, they can defend even if they cannot avoid the nirvana.

"Bihai Chaosheng" superimposes "Skyy Ice Erosion Storm", one water and one ice, and the double superposition of power, coupled with the instantaneous restraint won by the slow runes, resulting in a super attack effect of chain reaction!

"Enough is enough, a junior, dare to be so rampant! If you don't kill you, the old man vows not to be holy!"

"Dead! The old man must kill you!"

The anger and roar of the Four Saints came, and the Holy Spirit surged, the infinite Saint Majesty came out of the sheath like a sword, and fell into the sky. The Four Saints broke through the shackles of the slow runes!


At the moment of breaking through the shackles, the Four Saints teamed up to break the two killing moves from each offensive. The Four Saints showed a slightly embarrassed appearance.

Countless disciples took a breath of air!

Was the Four Saints actually injured?

Staring at Lin Chen's back with near worship and fanatical eyes!

At this moment, it is not an exaggeration to call it a witness to history!

The war emperor also wounded the other party to the Holy Realm. Looking at the history of the countless eras of the Holy Realm, only those demon saints who almost violated the heavenly path could do it!

However, Lin Chen did it too!

Although he is on the genius list, he is even better than the evil list!

And the most terrifying thing is that he still has the advantage of a dozen or four!

The gods go down, one emperor fights four holy ones


At this moment, Lin Chen's head reflected the glory and glory, and the genius list came up.

"84680 genius list; Lin Chen, affiliated forces: Black Horse Club (sectarian grade is undecided), repair: mid-nineth layer, title: heavenly gods."

Title: The gods go down!